counter intuitive results

ask-majesty-incarnate  asked:

What made you want to start CoE?

I saved this question for last thinking I was going to have a really nice, thought-out reflection on where I’ve come the past two years.

The short version is that I’ve always enjoyed the idea of telling a story involving species swaps, and Fluttershyder just happened to be on the mind in late 2014. It was a transformational moment when I caught myself thinking “Man, why can’t I draw a story with her? … holy crap, what is literally stopping me from trying to?”

I had a lot of free time as a result of being unemployed, and I went into CoE telling myself not to worry about drawing “on model” because doing so would keep me from exploring ways to improve my drawing. So if you’re out there somewhere, with a story in your head but uncertain of whether you can do it well enough, well, I have a secret for you:

You’re not ready.

I wasn’t. And I never will be.

And I used that. My starting date suddenly changed from two-years-off to right that very moment, because I discarded all requirements of where I needed to be before I began. It might be counter-intuitive, and *results not guaranteed, but anything I’ve drawn since then is infinitely better than having never done them at all.