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Ficlet “Clarification”

Note: Prompted by  @grgiapeach‘s post here.

Summary: Post “Knots Untie.”  It bothers the F outta me that we don’t get to see Michonne and Carl together.  But I do think there will be a flashback of somekind in the season finale.  In short, here’s a fill in the blank.  Rick and Michonne bring boxes of groceries into their house…

“Carl,” Rick greeted with a nod of his head.  “Where’s Judith?” he asked, setting a box down on the counter.  Michonne placed an identical one next to his, and began to unpack jarred goods.

“She’s taking a nap,” Carl replied, watching both of them carefully.  “We have groceries now?”

“Yep.  Vegetables, seeds, and even a cow.  Well, the cow’s coming,” Rick explained.  Michonne took a jar from his hand, giving him a small smile.

“Rick, why don’t you go upstairs to shower and change.”

“What?”  Rick looked down to where her eyes had traveled–there were still blood stains on his shirt and coat.  “Oh yeah.  I’ll be back in a bit.”  He gave her hand a squeeze, smiling at her, lingering for a bit, then headed out of the kitchen and up the stairs, leaving Michonne alone with Carl.

“You gonna help me with these groceries or not?” Michonne asked, turning her back to him, resuming what she was doing.  Though he didn’t answer, Carl walked over next to her, taking items out of the box.

“So…you’re not avoiding me,” he said, putting a big jar of pickles in the cupboard.

“Why would I do that?” Michonne replied, though she didn’t make any eye contact with him.

Carl sighed.  “Michonne, you haven’t looked at me once since this morning in the hallway.”

Slowly, Michonne turned to him, and looked at him straight on, unwavering, chin held high.  Then she wavered, looking away again, leaning heavily against the back counter.  “I just…That wasn’t the plan.”

“What was the plan?” he asked, a joking tone coloring his voice.

Michonne shrugged.  “I don’t know what the plan was, but it wasn’t that.”

“It’s okay.”


“No, really.  When I asked Jesus what he was doing, he said he was waiting for my mom and dad to get dressed.”

Michonne, visibly embarrassed, turned away from him.  Carl stepped in front of her, making her look at him.

“It didn’t jar me–not him referring to you as my mom. The getting dressed thing was confusing, but only for like five seconds.  Honestly, I thought, ‘About time.’”

Michonne looked at him, curious.  “You did?”

“Well, yeah.  You guys have always…I don’t know.  I just wasn’t surprised.  And, it felt right.  I mean, this is…it’s not temporary, right?” he asked quietly.

“No,” Michonne said, shaking her head.  “I…we…I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good,” Carl said with a nod, satisfied, resuming putting the items away.  Then he added, “Took you long enough to figure it out.”

“Oh?” Michonne said lightly.  “Figure out what?”

Carl gave a casual shrug.  “That you’re a Grimes, too.”


Magic: the Gathering - Dragons of Tarkir PreRelease

The Dragons of Tarkir Prerelease Pack gives players their first opportunity to play with Dragons of Tarkir cards at your Prerelease events. Players choose from one of five different Prerelease Packs.

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•1 seeded booster pack
•1 Activity insert
•1 Clan information card
•1 Spindown Life Counter
•1 clan identity button

Choose Your Dragon Clan

Dromoka: A fiercely defiant clan that embodies endurance. The Dromoka clan favors white and green mana.

Ojutai: The patient and wise clan that embodies cunning. The Ojutai clan favors white and blue mana.

Silumgar: A conceited and prideful clan that embodies ruthlessness. The Silumgar clan favors blue and black mana.

Kolaghan: The swift and unpredictable clan that embodies speed. The Kolaghan clan favors black and red mana.

Atarka: A ferociously strong clan that embodies savagery. The Atarka clan favors red and green mana.

At your local Gamery Shoppe, there may be selfie-props with dragon breath on a stick as well as the incredibly lame bowling for humans dice game.


Don’t know why but I’m hooked to both the op and the song..