counter clockwise in reverse

Hey all,
I’ve got an actual cocktail recipe for you today centered around the summer solstice/Litha on June 21st!

This is an original recipe.
Sun Seeker Cocktail
2 oz bourbon
1 tbslp honey
3 oz ginger beer (refrigerated)
Cinnamon stick
Grater or microplane
Sprig of rosemary

In a mixing glass pour bourbon and add honey. Stir until honey is dissolved and fully incorporated. Add ice and shake to chill. In a copper mug or lowball glass, pour ginger beer and strain bourbon honey mix into glass. Grate cinnamon over the top. Press rosemary to release oils, and rub around rim of glass (counter clockwise to reverse negativity) and place sprig in glass for garnish. Sip and feel the refreshing warmth deep through you and enjoy!

Whiskey for fire, rosemary for the sun, cinnamon for the warmth of summer, ginger for its healing and deep roots.

Tomorrow I’ll post the recipe to use the rose vodka ;)

Spice up your typical pull-up bar workout…
2-3 sets of the following:
- Typewriter: left & right
- Around the World: clockwise & counter clockwise
- Zig Zag: Typewriter movement during slow pull-up. Reverse.

Keep a wide grip for larger range of motion. Its important to keep a slow controlled movement through each pull-up and lower.
I feel my lock off game has improved because of these sets! 

Try it out for yourself and let me know!

[Natalie Duran.]

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Request: to an OT7 moment where they all play a board game and... you know what happens when friends play uno/monopoly :)

“Yes!” Mark cheered as he brought in the package that was delivered to their door. The other members were in the living room and looked at Mark as he walking with the box. “It finally came!”

“Hyung, what is it?” Yoogyeom asked. The box was actually pretty big in width, but small in height.

“Jinyoung, could you get the scissors for me?” Mark asked as Jinyoung got up and went over to his room to get them. “Oh, it’s stuff I asked my parents to ship over.”

“Oooooh,” they all said in curiosity.

“So… is it only in America?” Youngjae asked as Mark was trying to open the box with his bare hands.

Mark shook his head. “They have it all over the world, but I just wanted my set since I’ve had it since I was a kid.”

Jinyoung came back with the scissors and handed it to Mark. Mark thanked him as he cut the tape off of the box and opened it, sighing in delight. “Is that UNO??” Jackson gasped. Mark nodded as he took out his UNO box full of cards along with a load of other board games.

“Oh, man, Monopoly!” Bam Bam cheered as he grabbed the box on the floor and pulled it closer to him.

“Wow, these look old,” Jaebum snickered as he knelt down from the couch to be on the same level as everyone else.

“We should play this first!” Jackson said excitedly as he lifted the UNO cards in the air. All the members looked at each other before giving a ‘oh-sure-why-not’ nod.

“Hyung,” Yoogyeom whispered to Mark as he sat next to him in the circle they created. “I’m not so sure how to play this game.”

“I’ll explain it,” Mark whispered back with a smile, “don’t worry.” As soon as he handed out seven cards to all of the members, Mark told everyone to pick up their cards.

“Haha,” Youngjae chuckled. “Seven cards… seven members… It’s like we have our own cards.”

“This one is leader,” Jinyoung said as he bent one card. “This one is me, this one is Mark,” he continued as he bent the other cards over. Everyone laughed at their group mother’s quick-witted joke.

“Alright, so does everyone have seven cards?” Mark asked. Everyone answered with a unanimous yes. “So… who wants to start first?” He looked over and pointed to Jaebum. “Leader! Start us off! Put down any coloured card.”

Jaebum looked at his hand before deciding what to put down. He selected a card and put down a red number two. “Boom!” he exclaimed.

“Okay,” Mark began, “so we can go in a clockwise circle. Bam Bam, you can either put another red card down or a number two card.”

“Yah, hyung, I already know how to play,” Bam Bam grinned. He looked through his deck and quickly looked up at the members. “Okay, so let’s say I have neither of those cards…”

Everyone laughed. “If that’s the case,” Mark said, “you can put down a wild card, which are those black cards, or take a card from the deck next to the card Jaebum put down and we’ll move onto the next person.”

“So wait,” Bam Bam said rummaging through his cards. “Can I put this card down?” He put up a draw four wild card and showed it to Mark. Mark nodded in approval as Bam Bam smiled and put it down. “Now what?”

“Now you state a colour and a number and Jackson has to pick up four cards,” Mark replied.

“Hold up!” Jackson said, raising his hands in the air. “I have to pick up four cards?” Mark nodded as Jackson sighed and took four from the deck. He glared at Bam Bam who was cheekily smiling at him. “State your colour and number already,” he muttered under his breath.

“Um… blue… four…”

“Ha!” Jackson declared as he put down a blue skip card down. “We’re skipping Jinyoung!”

“Yah!” Jinyoung said swatting Jackson. “I didn’t do anything yet!”

“Yoogyeom, it’s your turn now,” Mark said as he tapped the maknae’s shoulder. “You could either put down another blue card or another skip–”

Mark stopped talking as Yoogyeom put down a green skip card, skipping Mark and going straight to Youngjae. Youngjae cheered as Yoogyeom and him high-fived, making the hyung in the middle speechless.

“Sorry hyung,” Yoogyeom apologized with a giggle.

“Wait, what’s the point of this game?” Jaebum asked. “How do you win?”

“I can answer this one!” Jackson proclaimed as he raised his hand. “You have to get rid of all of your cards. If you have one card left, you have to state ‘UNO,’ otherwise, you have to pick up another card.”

“Seems pretty easy,” Jinyoung nodded.

“Oh, but it gets brutal,” Mark snickered.

“Hyung,” Youngjae nudged Mark. “We can put this down, right?” Youngjae showed Mark his draw two card. Mark looked at Jaebum who looked clueless and nodded in approval. “Sorry leader,” Youngjae smiled as he placed his card down.

“I’m not that mad,” Jaebum replied, shocking everyone. “Because,” he trailed off as he placed a yellow draw two card, “I don’t need to draw anything.”

“What the heck is this!” Bam Bam screamed.

“You can either draw four, since it adds on with every draw two, or you can put another draw two card.”

Bam Bam looked at his deck and then looked over at Jackson beside him. “Hyung… you know I love you.”

“Bam Bam, don’t you dare…” Jackson said with wide eyes.

“I love you with all my heart hyung…”

“Don’t do it!”

“You’re the best hyung,” Bam Bam continued as he put down his red draw two card.

Jackson yelled in defeat as everyone started to laugh. Seeing that he had no draw two cards in his deck, he drew out six cards as it was now Jinyoung’s turn to play. “Hyung,” Jinyoung called over to Mark. “What does reverse mean?”

“It means instead of going clockwise, we’ll go counter-clockwise. Meaning, instead of it being Yoogyeom after you, it’ll reverse and go back to Jackson, then Bam Bam, etc.”

Jinyoung nodded as Jackson scooted closer to Jinyoung. “Moooom,” Jackson cooed as he nuzzled his head on Jinyoung’s shoulder.

“Oh my gosh,” Jinyoung laughed. Everyone else laughed along as well as Jackson continued to act sweet and cute towards the group’s mother. “Yah, yah, I’ll put the card down, just stop it already!” Jackson nodded and went back to his spot as Jinyoung put down the reverse card.

“Alright!” Jackson said with an evil laugh. “Vengeance is mine!” he declared as he put down a wild draw four card. “In your face, Bam Bam!” Bam Bam scrunched his nose up as he took four cards from the pile. “Um… Red…seven.”

Immediately after saying that, Bam Bam put down a red seven. “Ha!” he stuck his tongue out at Jackson.

Jaebum looked through his deck and put down a red draw two card. “Sorry, Youngjae.”

“Hyung, how could you!” Youngjae pouted as he took two cards from the pile. “I get the hugging pillow tonight then!”

“Maknae,” Mark said as he held a card between his fingers. “This is for skipping me earlier. He put down a reverse card, making Yoogyeom whine.

“Yah, hyung!” Yoogyeom said with a pout. Mark winked at the maknae teasingly as it went back to Youngjae.

With a bit of a confused expression, Youngjae put down a green reverse card down. “Alright!” Mark shouted as he slung his shoulder around Youngjae. “That’s our main vocalist!” Youngjae giggled as the two high-fived. “And just because you did me the favour, I’ll return it again once more!” Another reverse card was put down and Youngjae practically jumped onto Mark in excitement.

“Yah,” Jinyoung scoffed, “at this rate, either Mark hyung, Youngjae, or Jaebum are gonna win…”

“We need to stop this!” Jackson declared.

“Oh hush, hyung,” Bam Bam interrupted, “you’re the one with thirteen cards!” Jaebum put down blue number five, making it Bam Bam’s turn. “I think we should make Jackson have the most cards,” he said.

“What!” Jackson said in shock.

“I like this idea!” Jinyoung agreed with a nod.

“Hold on!” Jackson said trying to get someone to side with him. However, it seems that everyone agreed with Bam Bam’s idea already.

“Sorry hyung,” Bam Bam apologize yet again as he put down another wild draw four card down.

“How many of those do you have?” Jackson asked in disbelief.

“Plently,” Bam Bam giggled. “Blue six!”

“Leader just put a blue card down already!”

“Doesn’t matter, I can still pick the colour!” Bam Bam teased.

Jackson looked at his deck and, out of all the cards in his hand, he didn’t have any blue cards. He didn’t even have a number six card. Just his luck, he thought. He sighed and reached over for the pile to pick up another card which, to his luck, was a blue number six. He rejoiced as he put down the card. “In your face!” he said, pointing to Bam Bam.

And that’s how the group went on for the rest of the night. The first winner of the first game was Jaebum followed by Youngjae. The second round was Mark and Jinyoung. They kept playing until Jackson won one round since he begged them to keep playing until he won. They reached up to six games before Jackson won. 

By that time, it was way past the time they usually sleep. It was a fun game, which brought back a lot of memories for Mark, but as they cleaned up, the members glared at each other.

Jaebum said that, as first winner, he gets to shower first. Youngjae said it was fine since he gets the extra pillow and the blanket tonight. Jinyoung said it was fine as well since Jaebum would be paying for their lunch tomorrow, and Jaebum knows just how much food the members eat.

Jaebum said that was fine because Yoogyeom and Mark are cleaning the dishes tomorrow after they return home from practice. The two seemed a bit irritated but they brushed it off, knowing that Jackson has sweeping and vaccuming duty all week this week because he was the last one to win the game.

“You guys are too much,” the grumpy Jackson said as the members kept showering him with hugs and teasing remarks. “Y’know, next time we play a game, let’s play something else, like Monopoly.”