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Of dogs and Disobedience

Title: Of Dogs and Disobedience
Words: 2870
Summary: The five times they tried to have rules for their dog, and the one time they gave up.

Authors Note: Today has been a great day and I hyped about the tour and possibly seeing it with my pals. So, to @ineverhadmyinternetphase and @charlottekath who inspired me to write this by talking about much domestic dnp n dogs in the group chat. I am weak and I caved and now this exists. No regrets!

Also, though I never really intended them to be linked, I’ve kind of got a series of dog fics now. ‘Of dogs and something’ fics. They could all be the same universe if you like. Established fan and dogs! Read the others here: 

Of Dogs and Solutions

Of Dogs and Bathtimes

[AO3 link for this fic]

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they're going to have fucking obsidian counters for the aesthetic

phil: spills cereal

dan: oh my god phil you could have ruined the high gloss obsidian countertops do you have any idea how much we paid for those

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Maria doesn't like Aliens. I do. What's your opinion?

They’re kinda fun aesthetically but I always thought the play style was boring and kinda difficult. You either played a control-based deck using hypno and a-counter spreading or you went for some kind of beatdown strategy. Both of which are kinda outdated.
I mean, I’d love a decent archetype based around counter spreading. And the aesthetic is pretty cool. It would be neat if we got a new archetype inspired by aliens but at this point I think they’re beyond saving

Are we not gonna talk about my cascading waterfall of hair and red lips or

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Headcannon that Hannibal cannot stand the crappy graphic design of most basic brandname goods so he puts things like Nyquil in glass vials so his bathroom counter has aesthetic. Until one day he gets sick and because he threw out the label and is feverish he drinks REALLY too much medicine for his own good and calls Will high on Nyquil to kill him a mythical black chicken and make him some god-damned soup.

will walks in and finds hannibal sitting on the floor in his underwear with a knit scarf around his neck scooping vick’s vapo rub out of the jar with homemade pita chips and eating it

“hannibal, you probably shouldn’t eat-”