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**Srsly’s Vault Multicolored Counters **

I have made for you 24 retextures of the base game ‘VAULT Modular Counters’, with a new metal finish and butcher block counter top. Hope you enjoy! 

If you would like any other colors feel free to message me the HTML color code and I will add them.

Base Game Compatible

Found under: Surfaces > Counters
Cost:  §300

This is a standalone item, and will not override any other items.

.::Download Rules::.

Do not re-upload
Do not claim as your own
No pay sites
Recolors not allowed
Do not alter without my permission
Tag SrslySims if you use, I would love to see them in your game.

24 colors included!

Download Individual
Download Merged 

No issues found, play tested. If you have an issue let me know and I will look into it.

Made with: Sims 4 Studio

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