counted embroidery


*curses cross-stitch embroidery for existing in the first place, since I apparently lack the basic skills necessary to actually put it down once I’ve gotten started on a new project* 

Alt. caption: Dimensions Crafts make the most incredible cross-stitch designs and I’ve spent the last two years (on and off) slowly but surely progressing on this monster of a motif (Indian Peacock in Counted Cross-Stitch). I definitely didn’t start another one of theirs within a week of finishing this one.


I can’t believe it!! After 18 months and 300+ work hours, I am finally FINALLY done with the cross stitch portion of my “American Horror Story” bag!!! I am absolutely ECSTATIC and so so proud with how of project is turning out! In total, I used around 40 skeins of DMC embroidery floss, which is more than 1,000 feet of thread. I estimate that there are roughly 33,000-35,000 stitches in the 12" x 14" design. I’ll post better pictures on facebook and instagram as I continue to work on the actual construction! ❤️👹

Fish that swim illusion cross stitch pattern - Sarah Cookland Designs

I have strategically placed each stitch to give the illusion that that the fish are swimming in a circle. You can purchase the pattern here: