Yongguk softened and touched your chin. “Hey, don’t be sad. I was kidding. Well, not really, I’m going to still die, but I didn’t mean to make you sad.” You shook your head and he looked at the single nurse who came in to check on him. He waved his hands, indicating that he was okay and she left. Yongguk sighed. “Let me do this one thing for both of us.” You looked at him and he removed the mask. "What are you doing?” You tried to force the mask out of his hand but he shook you off. Yongguk took a deep breath of his own and smiled. Then, still holding his breath, he leaned in and kissed you. His lips forced yours open and he slowly breathed in the precious air that he had taken in into you. You shook and when he was out of breath, he pulled away for more, and once more kissed you. © || D-5 to Yongguk's 24th