Countdown to series 3 memeOne place.

"We really loved the scenes that we filmed in the Baker Street studio. I loved the design of it, and I loved the cosiness of it. It looks beautiful and you instantly feel like it’s a place with history. You feel like you’re … ’cause it’s been so well done, it’s been so well dressed, so well designed that it’s like you are going into a flat that’s been there for a hundred and fifty years. It’s really good."
- Martin Freeman


Countdown to series 3 memeFavourite deduction.

"There’s a margin for error but I’m pretty sure there’s a Seven Forty-Seven leaving Heathrow tomorrow at six thirty in the evening for Baltimore. Apparently it’s going to save the world. Not sure how that can be true but give me a moment; I’ve only been on the case for eight seconds."