SPN10 countdown challenge | 11 days to go | S08E11

↳ Look, we have both had a rough go over these past couple of weeks. And, uh… I know what you gave up wasn’t easy. Maybe we ought to take the night off – go see a flick, hit a bar or two, have some fun. You remember fun, don’t you, Sammy?

Dean needed this brotherly fun, he asked for it at the beginning of this case, but he felt it wasn’t in place for Sam, so when the day ended, he swallowed his wishes, his desire for some good fun with his brother whom he’d missed so much, and he apologized for suggesting it. But Sam knows his brother, and he knows that even if he doesn’t feel like it right now, it’s something Dean needs, it’s something they both need. ’Shall we?‘ Sam asks, and you need only to look at Dean’s face and see the relief and the trace of the happy smile to realize how much he needed this. They both did. 


My LDR recent pics. Our 1st yr Anniversary photo shoot and a pic of us together posting to Tumblr ;-) Love to have my woman here w me. To those who followed our LDR encounters as i posted them thank you for your support. i always try to post to provide a lil inspiration to couples going through hard times apart. believe me when i say, when it finally comes all together the wait is worth every minute.. Keep love over distance.