So.  Anyone that follows me knows that I am a pretty big fan of the show Community, and by big fan I mean I AM A GREENDALE HUMAN BEEING!!! Community is by far the funniest sitcom currently on television, and it could quite possibly be one of the most creative shows of all time.  Having said that, I have decided to do a little project.

 This project is mix of a few things I have been thinking of recently.  I have noticed that there is a lack of Community themed facebook cover photos out there, and I am counting the days until my favorite show in the world returns!

So why not combine the two?

For the next 25 days I will be creating a Community facebook cover photo counting down until the season 4 premier. I will then post a regular cover photo, as well as a cover photo with ((# of) DAYS UNTIL COMMUNITY) on my tumblr… around midnight… ish.

Join Me in spreading the word!!!

I will be making 8 cover photos from each season with a special cover photo for the day of the premier.

Ok.  It’s 11:57 p.m.  I am going to go make the cover photo for tomorrow.
#countdown to community 

Ldr things

Seeing the countdown to your next visit getting a little closer every day, and feeling your excitement slowly build as the day draws nearer 😄😄

He is comiiiiing

He will be coming to meet my family on December!

We thought that we would not be able to see eachother yet, but we found cheap ticket (as cheap as it can be in Transatlantic flights), sooooo we are making it possible! I cannot wait to see him again, and feel his arms around me! Te amo mi vida <3