DAY 10, Entry #1 "Mabel's Guide to Colors" ✂ - feyofnumbers
"Alright, we're about to unleash the power of the 
"Roy-G-Biv-A-Tron" into Stan's office!"
"Nothing brightens the dark room like a light from a window! 
It's time to open the window...
OH NO!! Why!!! Why is this happening!!?"
Entry #2 "Mabel's Guide to Art"
"I give you...  the Cat-icature! 
Just compare this amazing likeness to Dipper!"
"That doesn't look anything like me-"
"You're right it does look exactly like you!"
“19-20-1-14 23-1-19 1 2-1-2-25 13-15-4-5-12 ”

On the 2nd day of July, Bill Cipher came to me:

Two sets of Pines twins

And a long, long hiatus from TV


HxH Week 2015 → July 5th to July 11th → 2 days left

These are the prompts for each day:

  • July 5 - Day 1: Whale x Island
  • July 6 - Day 2: Kukuroo x Mountain
  • July 7 - Day 3: Heavens x Arena
  • July 8 - Day 4: Yorknew x City
  • July 9 - Day 5: Greed x Island
  • July 10 - Day 6: Meteor x City
  • July 11 - Day 7: Republic x of x East x Gorteau

We’ll be tracking #hxhweek2015 and #fyhxh tags, so please make sure to have them within the first 5 tags so we can see your posts. Also, don’t forget to check our rules and prompts for more information of how to participate. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us!

PS.: July 7th is Killua’s birthday, so on that day you can also share your creations made especially for his birthday with us!


countdown to charles challenge

9. favorite episode: season 1, episode 9 “The Perfect Storm”

“I went back to that memorial to say I was sorry. There were horrible things in that letter and I didn’t mean them. And suddenly–she was gone. I loved her as more than a friend. I just never had the chance to tell her, in the right way.”