countdown to you leaving me :(

hey cher @majeime + all your other blogs which i’m too lazy to tag,

listn i know you’re only gna be off for 2 months but i swear this is gna be the longest two months of my life i’m gna ?? miss you so much wth like icb we met like ? a year ago or more & we’ve drifted away & back so many times that i can’t even count them anymore, but i’m honestly so thankful that we got closer a few months ago. you’ve livened up my every single day since we’ve started txting daily, & i’ve always felt like i could do anything bc you’d be here for me ( tho anything is usually procrastinating or making more blogs, but you get my point ) . i jst wanna say i’m so incredibly proud of you for taking such a huge step toward finding what you want to do in life, & i know it’s not gna be easy considering how much we’ve bonded over how weak we are physically, but i believe in you !! you can do this make sure to come back buff & rdy to crush me pls thnk ?? we’ll hv tht fight abt who gets to proclaim eternal love over the other whn ur back promise ♥ 

My Prediction for S2
  • Shiro: * walks into the light * goodbye, Keith...
  • Keith: NO!! NO!!!! Shiro!! * bangs his fists on the floor * DONT LEAVE!! TAKE ME WITH YOU! * sobs *
  • Keith: * voice cracks * I just got you back.... Shiro.... Don't leave me again..

62 Days: Loss

What if Rumple succeeded and Killian’s heart got crushed right in front of Emma’s eyes… Emma flying up the staircase, falling to her knees, Pulling him close, Sobbing, “Please no, not again please, Killian, you promised”