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Countdown to the APMAS day 14: Best Vocalist of 2014

Nominees for Best Vocalist of 2014:

Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides

Vic Fuentes, Pierce the Veil

Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens

Hayley Williams, Paramore 

Winner of the 2014 Best Vocalist presented by Victory Records:

Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco

Tomorrow, day 13: Best Vocalist of 2015 and 2016. 

Wednesday, day 12: Best Vocalist Nominees for 2017. 

Day 11-9(July 6th-8th): Best Live Band Presented by Vans Warped Tour(2014), Macbeth(2015), Audio-Technia(2016)*

*Edit: added the years and who presented them. Some of this years sections do not have who is presenting the awards yet. I will add them after the show and once information is released. 

“Promise me you’ll save him”

Hannibal literally massacred the people in his way on Muscrat Farm to get to Will. We don’t get to see it, but he must have come into the operating theatre just as Cordell made that first cut… We see Will’s pupils dilate with the pain, in panic… and then.

Hannibal must have stopped Cordell. Will’s eyes were open at that point, Will was conscious. What did Hannibal do to Cordell at that point? With that hammer. When he took Cordell’s face to put it on Mason?

Did Hannibal… say anything? Did he say something to Will, after? When he dressed him? How did Will feel then, when he witnessed Hannibal’s rage and revenge on his behalf? When he felt Hannibal handle him, pick him up? It must have played into his behavior at Wolftrap, must have colored his perception of Hannibal, even if he did not dare to name the feeling.

Was Will conscious when Hannibal carried him through the snow? On that car trip to Wolftrap? When Hannibal re-dressed him for bed? 

How did that make Will feel, how did it influence him later? 

He dresses still very differently to the clothing style he wore in Season 1, never once returning after dressing “up” in Season 2, the warm pullovers he wore with Molly dropping away again for shirts when he goes to visit Hannibal again.

How does it play into seeing the house Hannibal made for him and Abigail back then, shortly before the fight with the Dragon?

How…. does all of this influence Will’s becoming?

Show us your vision :)

                           ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN TO

Next Wednesday is all about the ladies! In a Leverage take on “Woman Crush Wednesday”, we want to celebrate and appreciate all of the fantastic female characters that have appeared on the show, whether they’re in a single episode or a dozen, or any number in between! Through art, fic, gifs, edits, vids, meta, or mixes, — everything’s fair game! — we want to hear all about your fav female characters & the headcanons they’ve spawned! Use the hashtag #characterappreciationweek in the first five tags on your post and we’ll reblog it. Feel free to use the prompts as inspiration or to discard them entirely if you already have a female-character-centric idea, and don’t forget to keep sending in your fav ladies/moments!

Fairy Tail has become my NEW obssesion

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moviebuff19  asked:

After reading your book, I'm curious...what are the other books you recommend to learn how to write for comics? And writing for artists? I also tend to write stories as if there going to be ongoings, it's a bad habit because I know I need to learn how to come up with short stories, I just have trouble finding ideas that are small enough but are also complete stories. I was hoping you could recommend some books to help me with this. It would honestly mean the world. Thank you. :)

comics and sequential art by will eisner

understanding comics by Scott Mccloud

on writing by steven king

story by robert mckee 

countdown to wednesday video