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Countdown to Miss Fisher Con (5) / Miss Fisher versus Vintage Art (45)

The secret of a glamorous aviatrix: reapplying makeup at every stop.

Vintage art source (via Pinterest): By Paul Stahr (1883-1953)


Heading to Vegas today for Miss Fisher Con. I get motion sickness easily, so flying will be my least favorite part of this trip. Under the influence of Dramamine, I know I won’t look nearly as fresh and fabulous as Miss Fisher does when I step off the plane, but I shall persevere because there is too much fun to be had in the next few days! May the Force be with me. 😋

(Posted 04-May-2017)

torn-and-frayed replied to your postcries actual tears because Phoenix Con is in 10…

My countdown clock says 11 days 17 hours 22 minutes and 4 seconds. I like your countdown better.

Okay if you want to get technical with everything it’s 11 days 17 hours and some odd minutes and seconds. But the weekend for me will start in 10 days when I drive down and do preregistration and all that fun stuff. (and then it’ll just be one sleep away and boom con weekend)

Strange Magic Soundtrack Tumblr Sing-A-Long! pt. 13

18 days until Strange Magic is out on DVD!  WE ARE WITHIN THE MONTH OF RELEASE PEOPLE!!!

Aw, yeahyeahyeah!  3 threads for ‘Straight On’, ALL got finished on time and our leads are exhausted:

But there’s no time to rest now, because the moment has finally arrived!

That song that gave this glorious jewel of a film its name!

The most romantic song on this soundtrack!

The ONE!  The ONLY!


Bog? Marianne? 

C’mon guys, it’s time for your love song!


That’s it!  Just look into each other’s eyes and think about awesome he/she is and-

Nonono!  Don’t be shy!  You guys were kicking all kinds of butt earlier!  You can do this!  Just listen your hearts and let it all-


That’s better!

Sorry for the delay folks!  Reblog and add lyrics!  SOUNDTRACK VERSION ONLY! Multiple threads are fine, just finish the song in less than 24 hours!


This is my personal favorite song on the list, so I will be doing a separate post of my own for it to make sure it gets done at least once.  

Let’s make a new record with THIS one, okay guys?  

Here we go Strange Magic fandom!


Waking meadows in my mind~

Making waves cross my time~

Oh no~

Oh no~

I gotta Strange Magic~

Alle 11.59 del 31 ti manderò un messaggio. Ti manderò il link di ”ink” dei Coldplay. Così capirai. Così ascolterai tutto. Come mio ultimo gesto dell’anno. Come mio ultimo atto patetico. Come mio ultimo respiro. Lascerò fare tutto a quella canzone,chiudendo il 2014 con quella melodia,con quelle parole. So che ascolterai perché i Coldplay ti piacciono. So che ascolterai perché sei curioso. So che ascolterai semplicemente per orgoglio. So che ascolterai e so che capirai. Perché tu sei bravo a capire.
So anche che non farai nulla. Il mio 2014 però finirà così.
Al countdown per il nuovo anno io sarò seduta,lontana da te,con il telefono in mano e i tacchi ai piedi.
A meno dieci aprirò la tua chat.
A meno nove la chiuderò.
A meno otto la riaprirò.
A meno sette incollerò il link della canzone.
A meno sei fisserò il link.
A meno cinque premerò invia.
A meno quattro piangerò.
A meno tre chiuderò la chat.
A meno due ti saluterò.
A meno uno mi bloccherò.
A mezzanotte saprò di amarti ancora.
Strange Magic Soundtrack Tumblr Sing-A-Long! pt. 7

24 days left until Strange Magic is on DVD!!!

Reblog and add the next few lines of lyrics.  The goal is to finish the song of the day within 24 hours.  Soundtrack version only!  Multiple threads are fine, just PLEASE do more than ‘like’!!!

Now THAT was fun!  We are on a roll!!! 

I wanna extend a special heartfelt thank you to silent-con and waitingxinxsilence for never once failing to reblog and add lyrics, as well as the-lady-princess-of-gallifrey for making sure these last few songs got DONE!  You guys are what makes this fandom so amazing!  Love you all!!!

Alright, enough of the mushy stuff, because NOW…

is the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for…

you KNOW him…

you LOVE him…

Here he is at last, ladies!


*Well, if he’s looking for trouble, he’s come to the right place*




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In 3 days, it’ll be one month until Strange Magic comes out on DVD!  I vote that starting Sunday, we just blow tumblr up with as much posts and reblogs about this beautiful movie as possible!  I’m talking, fanart, fics, drabbles, GIFs, AMVs, clips, discussions, smut, the works!  All as we count down the remaining days to the DVD release!  Let’s go CRAZY IN LOVE!!!