countdown to series 6


Nobunaga birthday countdown D-6~!(๑´ω`๑)♡

You can see another series here :3 –> D-7 || D-6 || D-5 || D-4|| D-3 || D-2 || D-1 || D-Day

FINISHED..!! HAPPY LATE NO.6 DAY 2014…!! (I’m a day late)

I absolutely love drawing NezuShi, and I love  the world of No.6 so much// may everyone always remember this beautifully written series… 

I also did a small countdown on twitter →

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We got wheels
That makes us better
Why judge each other
When we can judge everybody else together?

This was pretty rushed so it isn’t as good as the others coz I was outside lmao anyway day/song 4 to the Buddy System Countdown/Series! :D:D:D

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Moffat Appreciation Day Countdown: Day 6, favourite thing(s) about series 8 + Day 7,  favourite theme(s)

Fear makes companions of us all.

Love is not an emotion. Love is a promise.