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171109 M COUNTDOWN EP. 548 - SUPER JUNIOR COMEBACK STAGE [Black Suit + One More Chance]

Since I’ve just watched the member fancams for Black Suit on MCD, have my (completely uneducated) thoughts on the guys’ dance styles~

Eunhyuk: Our dancing machine as expected! Eunhyuk dancing is very sharp and powerful, and you can tell that he’s paying a lot of attention, and putting in effort for that power, while still making it look effortless. I’m pretty sure he can out dance most of his hoobaes.

Shindong: Shindong is seriously such a good dancer and it tells. His dancing is just as on point as Eunhyuk’s is, but more relaxed and smooth. Watching Shindong dance you can tell that he’s very comfortable, like he could do the dance in his sleep.

Donghae: Donghae also is very on point, and somewhere between Shindong and Eunhyuk in power. I’m not sure if this is just me, but it seems like he goes on autopilot for a some parts, and then suddenly releases that he’s performing? and like his movements have a sort of franticness? for a while before he gets back in the zone? idk its just something I saw.

 Leeteuk: Leeteuk dances like he’s focusing every single cell in his body on the moves. I don’t think he has the natural control over his body that Eunhyuk or Shindong do, and you can tell that he’s concentrating real hard. It makes his stare veeery strong when he’s performing. Of course he still nails every move.

Yesung: I don’t think Yesung is a natural dancer either, but he still somehow manages to look relaxed while dancing. Also nails every move. I also noticed that Yesung has this Aura while dancing. It might be something to do with his completely blank face until he does this small smirk and then goes blank again lol. He dances like a performer.

Heechul: Its probably not a surprise, but Heechul dances with determination. He makes up in energy what he doesn’t naturally have with dance skills. It shows less than when he does other groups dances, but especially with the faster parts, you can see he’s sort of throwing his limbs into the moves. He does every move like he’s got something to prove, which I guess he thinks he does. 


Super Junior performing “One More Chance” at M Countdown on the 9th November 2017.

Super Junior interprétant “One More Chance” à M Countdown le 9 Novembre 2017.


D-3 to Super Junior’s Comeback!

For a lifetime I’ll be by your side, I do

Loving you, I do

Cherishing you through the rain and snow, I do

I’ll protect you, my love