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my gift for Levi’s birthday and Christmas!!!   (✿✪‿✪。)ノ

I did it with @Vitamin-诗  together~my mikasa said “happy birthday”  to her levi and her mikasa to my levi~it’s so sweet.  We talk about the idea in September and finally we complete!

@Vitamin-诗 has a lot of wonderful rivamika fanarts, welcome to visit here:

especially the 30 days countdown in 2014 impressed me deeply!

Merry Christmas and enjoy holidays!!! :)

So my favorite Japanese band, the very reason why I got into Jrock in the first place, is turning 25 next year. They’re barely even a band these past few years lbr, so to have evaded official disbandment all this while, all hiatuses considered, is really quite something. 

12 albums, 41 singles, 30+ live DVDs. Silver l'anniversary. A great cause for celebration. Which brings me to the point of this post – this little project of mine where I’ll be sharing every other week or so my 25 favorite songs/live performances from their long and prolific career so far. Here’s to hoping they’ll release some l'anniversary live news before I complete this thing.

What better way to kick this off than with the song that started it all for me some 14 years ago (thanks to the Rurouni Kenshin anime) and their most recent performance of it. So without further ado:

Lyn’s Countdown to Laruku’s 25th (1/25)
LIVE 2014 AT NATIONAL STADIUM - The Fourth Avenue Cafe

WWE: 14 Things to Leave in 2014

1. Rosa Mendes

2. Short Diva Matches

3. Cameron’s Botch Pin

4. Naomi’s Entrance Music and Race Car Attire

5. Part Timers

6. Old Timers (That Have Cut The Same Promo since the 80s)

7. Jerry Lawler

8. Bella Twins Feud Promos

9. CM Punk Drama

10. John Cena Title Reigns

11. Guest Host Who Aren’t Fans (The Honor The Troops Thang)

12. Eva Marie Matches

13. Pushing People Away From the Brass Ring

14. Giving Out Antibiotics for Staph Infections

Alle 11.59 del 31 ti manderò un messaggio. Ti manderò il link di ”ink” dei Coldplay. Così capirai. Così ascolterai tutto. Come mio ultimo gesto dell’anno. Come mio ultimo atto patetico. Come mio ultimo respiro. Lascerò fare tutto a quella canzone,chiudendo il 2014 con quella melodia,con quelle parole. So che ascolterai perché i Coldplay ti piacciono. So che ascolterai perché sei curioso. So che ascolterai semplicemente per orgoglio. So che ascolterai e so che capirai. Perché tu sei bravo a capire.
So anche che non farai nulla. Il mio 2014 però finirà così.
Al countdown per il nuovo anno io sarò seduta,lontana da te,con il telefono in mano e i tacchi ai piedi.
A meno dieci aprirò la tua chat.
A meno nove la chiuderò.
A meno otto la riaprirò.
A meno sette incollerò il link della canzone.
A meno sei fisserò il link.
A meno cinque premerò invia.
A meno quattro piangerò.
A meno tre chiuderò la chat.
A meno due ti saluterò.
A meno uno mi bloccherò.
A mezzanotte saprò di amarti ancora.
December 2014, D-3 (ft. Lay)

A/N: Soundtrack to this drabble: ♩♪♪♩♬♫ ♩ ♩

It wasn’t often that you got to go out with your friends. After all, you were settled and happy in your relationship. But you didn’t want to be that friend. The one that mysteriously disappears once she gets a boyfriend.

So when your friends suggests going out to a bar to support your friend through her recent breakup and to celebrate the day before New Year’s Eve, you couldn’t say no. Except one bar turned into two, three and the next thing you know, the bar hopping was a trip to a club.

And five shots in, you remembered exactly why you hated clubbing.

The music was irritatingly loud and practically nothing but beats pounding through your head over and over. The club was overwhelmingly crowded, giving you limited space for movement or air to breathe. And the place was teeming with guys giving you leering smiles and inappropriate remarks. As if.

You were dating Zhang Yixing. You didn’t have any interest in these sleezeballs. 

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