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In Earthen Vessels ~ by lazulisong [2,200 words]

He must doze off sitting up, because the next thing he knows there’s a big hand cupping his face with gentle care and Steve’s voice crooning, “Bucky, Bucky, hey, Buck.”

He blinks once, twice, and Steve’s face resolves itself in front of him. Even his face is different.

“Stevie, what did you do to yourself?” he says.

“It’s a long story,” says Steve.
3:34 A.M.

Summary: When Eren had gone to the bar that night, it had been to get drunk, not to fall for some stranger that just so happened to have recently saved his ass, followed by running off with him to have a conversation at three in the morning that would lead to a little more than he had expected.

Also known as: Eren’s attempts at being romantic repeatedly being shot down by Levi’s deadpan sarcastic remarks.
Maybe We're Just Sleepwalking by Exaggerated_Specificity

Author:  brotherslovershunters
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Castiel/Sam Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Additional Tags: Sastiel, Suit Porn, Suit Kink, Suit Sex, In Public, Public Sex, Bathroom Sex, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Oral Sex, Snowballing, Comeplay, Dirty Talk, Tie Kink


“Hello, Agent.”

This is kind of a coda to “Holy Terror” - you know the part at the beginning where it’s awesome instead of tragic!? This was my first time ever writing Cas and my first time writing Sam with anyone other than Dean but I think it turned out okay. The title comes from ‘Sleepwalking’ by The Chain Gang of 1974.

Blue eyes and wandering lips
True lies with fingertips
Hidden tales of forbidden love…

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i could never find the words, by stilinski

Stiles scoops up the food before Scott can get any ideas. “I talked to Derek for almost six hours straight this morning,” he says. “I’m having an internal crisis.”

There’s a pause, and then: “Finally gonna admit you want to tap that?”

Rating: Teen and Up

Warnings: Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-Con

Chapters: 1/1

Words: 2821

Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Tags: Canon Compliant, Future Fic, Texting, Getting Together, Succubus, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski Friendship, First Kiss           

i love this, its so short and tooth rottenly fluffy and ive read it so many times but i still love it just as much each time i read it.
I Have a Girlfriend in Canada, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

When you’re at a bar and you tell people you have a girlfriend in Canada, it feels like a trope. And a little bit of a lie. And you hate everything except your job and you miss her, but she’s not really your girlfriend, is she?