Aftershocks Part 1

Pairings: Non yet, but eventual Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: Torture, confinement 

Word Count: 1112

Summary: You are trapped for information in a hydra base when two super soldiers come to your rescue 

Authors Note: Hokey, this is my first crack at fanfiction/smut so I hope you guys enjoy it! This is going to develop into a series of at least 6 parts so the fluff and a shit ton of smut is coming, but let’s start with a little back story. 

Aftershocks: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 8bPart 9Part 10Part 10bPart 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15, Post Credit Scene

You scream as another shock of the electric current rips through your body tearing your lips apart with the blood curdling sound.  

“I’m done playing this game Y/N. I know you were working on the Stratford files with Coulson, just tell me where they are”

“I told you” you spat back trying hard to disguise your ragged breathing as you bite back whimpers of pain, “I don’t know. Coulson never told me where they were kept”

“Liar” Ward hisses back, suddenly catapulting forward to grab your jaw, forcing your head to stay in place as he presses his lips against your ear. “Did you forget sweetheart? I trained you, I know every inch of you, I know when you’re lying to me” his harsh breath in your ear elicits an eruption of goose bumps over your skin as you thrash to relieve yourself of his grip. 

“Now,” he says with faintly veiled frustration painting his tone, “are you going to keep lying or are you going to save yourself another day of pain and just TELL ME WHERE THE FILES ARE!” Ward screams in your face, sweat and spit splattering your skin as you try to break his bruising grip on your jaw. 

He stares at you expectantly, eyes dark as he assesses your response. You stare back, silent and defiant, unwilling to give him what he wants. “Fine” Ward growls, removing his hand from your face,

 “Again” he snarls, nodding to the hydra agent by the sparking car battery, his eyes trained on you as the metal makes contact with your hands forcing your lips apart in another blood curdling scream as your body beats against its ties trying desperately to disperse the unmanageable electric current being forced through you. 

Ward finally motions for the power to be cut only to find you unconscious on the board, your limp body straining against your bonds as a trickle of blood from your left nostril slides down your pale and cracked lips. 

He growls at your lifeless form, disappointed that his playtime had ended early once again “Take her back to her cell,” he barks, “we’ll start again in a few hours.”


You wake, hours later, feeling a faint buzz in your ears as your tongue tingles with the remains of the electric shock. You begin to move around your cell, wondering how long you’d have before your torture would resume again. 

You hear the banging of steel doors and realize that this was the sound that woke you; you begin to breath more heavily, fearing the return of your captors for another round of Ward’s playtime. Listening to the scuffing of multiple foot steps, you shrink back into the dark dirty corner of your cell, trying to make yourself appear as small as possible, willing yourself to be missed or forgotten. 

“Are you sure this is where they would keep her” you listen to the harsh whisper of a man “I feel like we took a wrong turn, all these are empty” “Sure Steve, I was only held here for 30 years, but yeah you probably know best” another man shot back, chortling slightly, “if she’s at this base, she’ll be in here” he finishes in a gruff whisper. 

A few moments of silence follow the men’s debate then suddenly the first man breaks the silence “Confirmed Stark, get the files and get out of here, we will follow shortly. Any chance those plans you found have a direct…” “Steve” the second man interrupts as his flashlight baths you in light through the bars of your cell. 

The man named Steve hurries over to your cell and kneels down in front of the bars “Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” You nod hesitantly; gently moving out of your curled position and leaning towards the bars “Y/N I’m Captain America, we’re here to rescue you” the other man interrupts impatiently “Steve, we have to go, now. We’re running out of time” “Right” the Captain replies, rising from his knees and placing both hands on the gated door to your cell. 

The steel begins to whine as the Captain bends the bars and, with a loud cracking sound, he removes it from its hinges. The Captain enters the small dark room, extending hands to you and helping you rise to your unsteady and agonizingly stiff legs. Holding onto the Captain’s arm for support, they quickly usher you out of the room and up the hallway. 

The other man leads the way hastily, dressed in all black, except for the gleaming silver of his left arm. Your eyes are drawn to his metal arm every so often as it sends cracks of light dancing as he sweeps through the area, training his gun for potential threats. 

You travel down a maze of hallways for some time before you hear shouts from behind. Shielded between the two men, you are urged onwards into an all out sprint, moving at full speed down a hallway into a sharp turn, you meet a closed door which the metal armed man quickly breaks open revealing a staircase. You hurriedly scurry down the stairs while the brunette in front of you jumps the whole flight; just as you reach the bottom of the stairs you hear shots being fired from above quickly followed by shouting voices and the stampede of feet.

 “Get her to the quinjet, I’ll take care of it” the Captain falls back beginning to take on gunfire from your assailants. You stumble slightly looking back to see the fighting that begins to break out as the Captain makes contact. “Come on” The large brunette, grabs your arm roughly, his metal grasp shocking you with the coolness of the steel against your heated skin. He yanks you forward back into a heart-pounding sprint. 

You both finally break through a black door, your bare feet making contact with the freezing snow as you continue to run beside the man, your lungs burning. Your eyes start to blur and you feel as if your heart has moved into your head, slamming against your skull with each pump. 

You slow up and sway on your feet as the man turns behind to look at your halted body. “What the hell are you doing,” he begins, turning round to make eye contact with your widening gaze “Shit” he hisses as he quickly dives forward catching your crumbling body as you lose consciousness. 

The last thing you feel is the pulsing feeling of fire and ice as his two forearms press into your exposed skin, catching you before you hit the ground and sweeping you up into a cradled position. Then everything goes black.