The Department of Impossible Cuteness thinks you’ve all got cute fingers, but still wants to make sure you know they could be even cuter. A little concentrated kawaii goes a long way and these handmade Animal Cling Rings by Japanese artist Jiro Miura are each so awsomely adorable that they’re guaranteed to not only brighten your day, but also the day of anyone who comes within at least a 5 feet of your decorated digits.

Miura is a self-taught artist who painstakingly carves and paints each ring to look like a perfectly detailed miniature version of the animal that’s wrapping its feet/toes/feathers/flippers/paws/claws/tail around your finger. Some of them rest their heads and haunches on your other fingers too:

Miura sells his rings under the brand name Count Blue along with a range of other handmade accessories such as earrings, pins, pendants, and cellphone charms. Click here to view his entire product line.

You can also follow Jiro Miura right here on Tumblr at countblue.

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Mesmerizing Handmade Animal Rings by Jiro Miura

These Animal Cling Rings are by Japanese artist Jiro Miura, working under brand name Count Blue. Miura creates these exquisitely detailed animal rings as well as figurines; his designs have also been used to create mass produced phone plugs and rings. It’s a lucky artist who sees his work become so popular.


For RadPolyClay this week I have a Japanese artist who goes under the name Count Blue and I believe his name is Jiro Miura. Count Blue’s specialty is miniature animals usually as rings but sometimes as earrings and pendants. I had trouble believing these were all clay at first, I couldn’t wrap my mind around them! You can see some work in progress here and this level of skill just floors me. I’ve seen their designs used as the template for mass produced lines of phone plugs and rings. Which is fantastic for Count Blue but I just don’t think they capture the amazing detail of these handcrafted originals. 

Count Blue can be found here: Tumblr, Blog, Homepage
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Happy Pancake day again all!

- Excuse me while I post corny instagram style photos of the rad pancakes me and my mate got before work

(I didn’t manage to get a snap of my friend’s before they tucked in - oop XD)


It’s the site’s upcoming 8th anniversary update! \o/

I tend to have Capcom games featured every February (in lieu of the site’s Capcom BEU origins), but since I wanted to catch up on more NeoGeo games, I proceeded with SNK shrines instead.

  • BLUE’S JOURNEY: One of the SNK-ADK platformers I’m quite fond at. It has the colorful backgrounds and basic mechanics of Super Mario Bros 1-3, and its shop reminds of the Gnome Store in Capcom’s Willow arcade. Multi-path levels, secret passages and sidequest items give this game endless replayability. PS: “Raguy” reminds me of that pasta sauce.
  • TOP HUNTER: RODDY & CATHY: What happens if you put Fatal Fury’s two-plane system and Art of Fighting moves into a platformer? This game. It takes some discovery that you actually have various fighting moves in your arsenal, and this gives more depth to the game compared to SNK’s bland and stiff attempts in beat-em-ups. The choose-your-own-stages also reminds me of Rastan III where enemies may change depending on the order of stages done.
  • 3 COUNT BOUT: Hoo boy, and I thought King of the Monsters 2 has a really cheap AI. This game is KOTM2 with wresters (and the Great Muta). You are almost always at a disadvantage while the AI performs precise moves to clobber you. It’s possible to win via Time-Outs, but it’ll be next to impossible in higher levels (esp Tag Team) where pins and holds are the only way to win (doesn’t help that the AI can still recover to tag out even with 0 HP several times). As much as I have an ire for the game (like Burning Fight), the shrines for both ended up okay. :D

Enjoy the new shrines!


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06. distortion

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

Content: Park Jimin. The rocky unraveling of a high school mishap.

Request: High School AU (barely) w/ Jimin [for my smol bean @chimmyneutron]

Word Count: 2,279

Blue. Green. Orange. Blurred.

Jimin blinked once, twice, but his vision still lagged in fragmentary pieces. The laughs and shouts sounded like murmurs against his own breath as the pungency of sex and alcohol filled his nostrils.

Your laugh. He could’ve sworn he heard it. Jimin frantically looked around the turbulent atmosphere, but his sight wasn’t something he could depend on at the moment.

Hands. Warm and soft. He felt the lingering digits trail up and down his rib cage. They were familiar and foreign at the same time.

Y/N?” His words were slurred and indecipherable. Your expression, sultry and dark, flashed in Jimin’s mind causing a uneven sigh to escape from his lungs.

Lips. Plush and smooth. Jimin eagerly moaned into the kiss. He had waited so long, so goddamn fucking long for this moment, for you. The taste of sour beer never tasted so good against his lips as he deepened the kiss.

“Jiminie?” Your innocent voice called from far away and Jimin knitted his eyebrows together in confusion. He could’ve sworn it was just a drunken hallucination, but at the same time he wanted to be sure.

His hands lingered on the prickly bangs pressed against his forehead. You didn’t have bangs. His fingers slowly traveled down the gaunt cheeks, the sharp jawline, then the prominent jugular. This…this wasn’t you at all.

“Hyung, don’t…don’t stop.” 

That voice. 

Jeon Jungkook.

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ok but I remember being in high school and having to write up art essays and tiny lenle with her pigtails and 500 words on fairy art would never in a million years have imagined herself writing a dissertation let alone one with a section on toilets she’d be so pr… no, actually wait, she’d be as utterly horrified and as ashamed of her own life choices as I am of hers, never mind…

anonymous asked:

Awww (still waiting patiently for Baby's Breathe to update). I wish you luck on your interviews! If you're still taking asks, do you play Pokemon? Because if you do, what Pokemon do you think would suit the AC protagonists?

Aww thanks! I’ve been meaning to answer this but I keep changing answers so :)) (and yes, I do play – am a generation II baby) 

And to answer your question: YES. I GOT THE INTERNSHIP :> (one step towards art restoration goals) 

Anyway, here are a few ideas: 

Desmond: Mew 

  • From Y’s Pokedex entry: Its DNA is said to contain the genetic codes of all Pokémon, so it can use all kinds of techniques.

Altair: Gible (eventually a Garchomp)

  • (Gible) From the Gen V Pokedex: It attacks using its huge mouth. While its attacks are powerful, it hurts itself out of clumsiness, too.
  • (Garchomp) From Alpha Sapphire: It flies at speeds equal to a jet fighter plane. It never allows its prey to escape.

Ezio: Gallade (probably had it as a Ralts first)

  • From Gen V’s Pokedex: When protecting someone, it extends its elbows as if they were swords and fights savagely.
  • From Ruby’s Pokedex: Ralts senses the emotions of people using the horns on its head. This Pokémon rarely appears before people. But when it does, it draws closer if it senses that the person has a positive disposition.

Connor: Togepi (eventually evolves into a Togekiss)

  • (Togepi) From Diamond/Pearl’s Pokedex entry: Its shell is said to be stuffed with happiness that it shares with kindhearted people.
  • (Togekiss) From Gen V’s Pokedex: It shares many blessings with people who respect one another’s rights and avoid needless strife*.
    • The keyword here is needless :)) I feel like Togepi’s evolution line and the pokemon itself would be very good for Connor //side eyes Ubisoft 

Edward: Mukrow

  • From Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Murkrow was feared and loathed as the alleged bearer of ill fortune. This Pokémon shows strong interest in anything that sparkles or glitters. It will even try to steal rings from women.

Shay: Absol

  • Ruby’s Pokedex: Every time Absol appears before people, it is followed by a disaster such as an earthquake or a tidal wave. As a result, it came to be known as the disaster Pokémon.

Arno:  Metagross (probably came across it as a Beldum at first) 

  • X’s Pokedex: With four linked brains, it’s more intelligent than a supercomputer, and it uses calculations to analyze foes. 

Evie: Scyther (eventually Scizor) 

  • (Scyther) From Silver’s Pokedex: When it moves, it leaves only a blur. If it hides in grass, its protective colors make it invisible.
  • From Emerald’s Pokedex: A Scizor has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. It flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.

Jacob: Charizard

  • Red/Blue’s Pokedex: Spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. Known to cause forest fires unintentionally.

k i get why there wasn’t a dark type gym in gen ii, they had a gym for every type that hadn’t had a gym in gen i, but cause 17 types dark drew the short straw and got left with just the elite four Karen

but then we should’ve had a dark type gym in gen iii???? and it’s gen SIX and we still have?? no dark gym???

Forty-eight gyms (49 if you count Blue’s as a new gym) and no dark gym!!!! FORTY EIGHT!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS NINTENDO!!!!