count you lucky stars records

across the border into canada,
rock out with john k. in winnipeg.
or maybe take the train to montreal,
or just watch the sun fall down in our backyard. getting wasted with our friends in a basement with some bands that we don’t even know from tennesse with a backpack full of beer.
i just want to be here with all of you.

- Amateur Cartography


Foxing- Rory (Space Jam Sessions)


Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers- You Get Weary (Space Jam Sessions)

Features: Bill of The Early November & Keith of Empire! Empire!

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Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Keep What You Have Built Up Here

[So excited to see how their Sophomore LP (You Will Eventually Be Forgotten) turns out. Great crew from Michigan.]

Oh no! I thought you’d changed; take back all the things you said. 

I remember thinking this evidence you left was damning enough 

but you took all the words from my mouth and pulled them out. 

How could I not see you for what you are? 

But you turned all the words from my mouth into doubt. 

And I wish I could tear your heart out! 

Break meter and release, and still the voice it keeps 

and I wish that your lungs would give out, 

And finally give air to breathe 

but I know better now. No words could weed you out 

when your back’s against the wall, you’ll be crying out, 

“I’ll take all the words from your mouth and leave them out.” 

And your hands are shaking. 

Finally, call out! 

And the silence breaks your heart, finally. 

Oh, I almost pity you now (I almost pity you now). 

Finally, call out! 

Oh, I almost pity you now. 

And I wish I could tear your heart out! 

Break meter and release, and still the voice it keeps 

and I wish for your lungs to give out, finally.

Second set of lyrics for the LP!

It’s time for our second set of lyrics! The next set will go up on Monday at 1 PM EST.

“I Was Somewhere Cold, Dark… and Lonely”

I almost died at twenty-one 

In January, driving northbound on Abbott Rd
the car in front of us slammed their brakes down hard
and slid off onto the right-hand shoulder

We were probably following too close,
but I honestly can’t remember

We swerved into the turn lane
and lost control when we hit a patch of black ice
that would carry us right into the unavoidable path
of a Saturn barreling south in the opposite direction

My life did not flash before my eyes

I was trying to steer the van anywhere else
as time ground to a halt and froze 

Then exploded violently
as metal collapsed into metal
at a horrific speed

There is always enough time to do the things you love
(until it’s gone)