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Who do you personally think is Green Arrow's archenemy?

The Man, or at least himself. Or maybe whoever the hell decided they’d do a Very Special Episode of his TV show about gun control - one where he, the guy whose defining character trait is that he’s an overtly political leftie, is the mayor - and pull a prissy “All sides have valid points!” ending. I’d already gotten the impression it was the comics character on that show in name only, but at that point, why are they even bothering with a show about Oliver Queen at all?*

Or maybe Count Vertigo. His costume’s pretty snazzy.

* The answer, beyond even the slightest room for question or debate, is because they want to make a Batman show. If Superman coming to Supergirl really does indicate internal restrictions on character use might be loosening (though at this point I wouldn’t bet on it anymore), Arrow is dead the fucking minute they think they might be able to just make the Batman show they want to instead.


That’s my hc about how he got the idea for the tire bomb

I could have finished this sooner if I hadn’t procrastinated so much, i’m so sorry;;

The three episodes following Oliver’s seeming death “are among the best we’ve ever done. They’re incredibly compelling,” EP Marc Guggenheim promises. The fallout at home not only “makes it necessary” for Laurel to don the Canary costume, but also brings together characters that previously haven’t shared a lot of screentime. “There’s a lot of Thea and Felicity,” and “[Felicity will] have some pretty big moments with Laurel as well.” Diggle gets “emotional” in the first hour back, shares David Ramsey, who also hints that the H.I.V.E. storyline will be revisited. Viewers also haven’t seen the last of another elite group. “We’re definitely going to bring back the Suicide Squad,” EP Andrew Kreisberg confirms. And though Sara’s killer has been unmasked, Sin will play “a pivotal part” in that storyline in Episode 12, while Sara (Caity Lotz) and Vertigo (Peter Stormare) both appear in Episode 13. Not to be outdone, big bad Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) returns the following week.
RETURN DATE: Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 8/7c (The CW)
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