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I give up on actually drawing backgrounds lol. Anyways I beat Tales of  Zestiria for the eighth time today. 

Because they sent me a message to welcome me into the fandom I dedicate this to @looveel-realm (looks a little different than the sketch did at first huh? lol!

Anyways thanks fir being awesome and sending me those messages I’m glad to be contributing to the fandom!

Has anyone tried counting the number of ships in the ML fandom? Adrinette/LadyNior/Ladrien/MariChat, Chlonette, Chlobrina, Aylanette, Ayla x Nino/DJWifi, Nino x Adrien, Nathanette, Adrien x Nathanael, Adrien x Chloe, Chloe x Nathanael, JuleRose, Juleka x Nathanael, Nathanael x Rose, Nathanael x Stormy Weather Girl, Ayla x Chloe, Marinette’s Parents, THERE ARE MORE GUYS SO MANY MORE LIKE WE SHIP EVERYONE TOGETHER INCLUDING VOLPINA AND PRINCE ALI WHO HAVE NOT EVEN APPEARED IN THE SHOW OFFICIALLY. Someone help us.

A Sight to Behold

A short 700 word drabble based on @jiyeong‘s art of KanaDia Pirate!AU. I hope this wasn’t too bad and that you enjoy it even a little!

Kanan had seen many things. She had been traveling for as long as she remembered. She lost count of the number of times her ship landed in a foreign town, and how many seas she sailed. As a result of her numerous adventures, Kanan had also seen all sorts of people.

There were others like her, pirates who roamed the sea, most of whom were greedy savages. Then there were some like her trusted crewmates, although Yoshiko was always an odd one, always in her own seemingly delusional world, yet ever so reliable when it came to battles. Equally as strange was Hanamaru. The slightly younger teen had a knack for navigating their ship, but Kanan would be lying if she said she didn’t worry about Maru often.

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If you're doing the writing challenge maybe some oisuga with B2 ? I love your writing and the new fic you're starting is perfectionnnnn ❤️❤️❤️

AAAHHHH OISUGA!!! Thank you very much! This pairing is my guilty pleasure. I love it so much. Oh and I’m glad you like the new fic! c:

B2- You’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “I’ll go” I feel like we might as well be married

Title- Alone
Rating- Teen
Pairing- OiSuga
Word Count- 2,011

Put a number and ship in my ask box and I’ll write it!

“Thank you again for letting me crash here,” Oikawa says as he sets his suitcase just inside the door to the spare bedroom to deal with later. “I really owe you one, Suga.”

“Oh shush,” Suga smiles, adjusting the baby more comfortably on his hip. Shouyou has his eyes glued to Oikawa as he sucks on his pacifier, has since Oikawa stepped foot inside the house. Usually he goes crazy when he sees Oikawa. Well, it is long past his bedtime so he probably just doesn’t have the energy left to get overly excited about Oikawa’s visit. “It’s no problem, I told you that. Also, since you work from home, I’m getting free babysitting out of this.”

Oikawa turns his attention to the baby that is still staring at him. “Hear that, little booger? You get to spend time with Uncle Oikawa all day. We’re going to have so much fun.”

Shouyou just continues to stare at Oikawa. Suga knows that once he wakes up in the morning, he’ll be all over Oikawa and driving the both of them crazy. Suga just hopes that Oikawa doesn’t change his mind about watching Shouyou while Suga is at work. He’s watched Shouyou before, but never all day, and never for weeks at a time.

Suga has known Oikawa since high school. The two were on rival volleyball teams, and they ended up on the same college team. They went from being rivals to best friends so quickly it nearly made Suga’s head spin. But he’s glad for that sudden change. Suga’s never had a problem making friends, but Oikawa quickly grew to be his closest friend. A little too close, Suga realized his last year of college. He was developing feeling for Oikawa that went far beyond that of mere friends, feelings that he was certain Oikawa would never return. But Suga did a great job of burying those feelings and even after they both graduated, they stayed very close.

Oikawa was there when Suga decided that he was done waiting to find Mr. Right- he had already found him, and didn’t think anyone else would ever be enough- before adopting a child like he’s always wanted to. Oikawa held Suga’s hand through the long, grueling process of filling out the endless paperwork, all the evaluations, and waiting months for approval. Oikawa was there when he went to the orphanage to pick up his baby. He was there every time Suga freaked out about being a new parent, about not being enough for Shouyou, about not knowing what he was doing or how to raise a child, and every time he would assure Suga that Shouyou is the luckiest baby on earth to have ended up with Suga.

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Can I have a number 3 with phan please ? 😘

Title: Stressed Out

Summary: Phil is stressed out about school work and getting little sleep, so Dan wants to do something with Phil to take his mind off of it. teacher!phil, student!dan.

Word Count: 885



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Fangirl's "1001 Types of Ships"

So I came across giringnijimura and found this particular post hilarious. xD

I’ve received her permission to translate it into English and repost it in my blog so everyone can also enjoy her creatively amusing idea.

Note: It’s not exactly “1001”, but, well… You get the idea… xD

Also, none of these are my personal idea. I’m simply translating it from Indonesian to English so everyone can understand. :)

Ocean: This is the Fandom. It’s not a ship, but very crucial, nonetheless. You can’t sail any ship without a fandom, right?

Cruise Ship: A ship with lots of shippers and an abundance of fan-girling materials. It’s so blissful as if you were in a marvelous honeymoon.

Titanic: The sinking ship. Usually accompanied by the laments of fangirls with “My Heart will Go On” or “I will Always Love You” sung in the background.

Emergency Boat: When your ship seems to be sinking, you escape here to find sanctuary.

Submarine: A ship you secretly ride on. No one knows that you’re on this ship a.k.a. Closet Shipper.

Kayak: An unusual or rare ship. Not everyone ships it. After all, you can only ride a Kayak alone or just with a few people. The ocean seems to be extreme, too, so you have to be tough to survive with this ship.

Raft: You can even count the number of shippers with your fingers. It looks shabby and pathetic, but at least it’s still better than the Paper Boat.

Paper Boat: You might be the only shipper. It’s frail and the sinking rate is high, too. It’s the saddest ship on earth, but you still ship it anyway despite the loneliness.

Pirate Ship: A ship filled with rioters that often sabotage other ships to gain more followers.

Torpedo Boat: The provocateur of ship wars.

Battle Ships: Participants of ship wars.

Banana Boat: You ship this just for the fun of it.

Steam Boat: Used to be a Primadona, but now sadly forgotten. It’s your old ship, but you might’ve forgotten about it and moved on to newer ships.

Rescue Ship: Saves you from various kind of troubles. When you’re feeling down, you run to this ship to ease your heart.

Garbage Scow: Ship with a lot of shippers that litter everywhere. (Note: This probably mean a fandom where the shippers often fights, post useless arguments, etc. In any case, it’s annoying and won’t make you happy).

Gondola: Looks cool and filled with prestigious shippers, but actually there’s nothing really special about it. (Note: Might refer to over-rated fandom/ship).

Noah’s Ark:  A ship that provide sanctuary to all fans. You simply cannot hate this ship.

Dragon Boat: Since it’s a type of sport, you can think of it as a ship from sport fandoms with lots of shippers. (Note: At this point, the original author confessed that she ran out of idea).

Shipping: When two ships encounter each other. Calling it skinship might be legit, too.

Kapal Api (Fire Boat): An Indonesian coffee brand.

…………Okay, this one’s a joke. Pardon the pun.

Ferry Boat: Lots of shippers, but only during peak season.

Dredger: Few shippers. Appears only when the season is right since you can’t plow any materials in the wrong season.

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For the writing AU list -- 6D kurodai !

Thank you!!

D6-  You can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk

Title- Appointment
Rating- Teen
Pairing- KuroDai
Word Count- 1,967

Put a number and ship in my ask box and I’ll write it!

The tinkling of the bell above the door has Daichi looking up from where he’s sterilizing his tools. It’s almost closing, and Daichi was really hoping that he wouldn’t get any more customers tonight, but he’s never been one to turn a customer away, even if it means a little overtime.

Well, except he might be turning this customer away.

Two men stand in the doorway, both with equally ridiculous hair and matching rosy cheeks. And judging by the way they’re swaying on their feet and gripping each other’s arms for support, their cheeks aren’t rosy from the cold night air. The taller one looks like he’s about to fall over any minute, but despite his obvious lack of balance, he makes his way over to the front desk. Daichi lowers his tattoo gun onto the tray with the rest of his tools and makes his way over to greet the incredibly intoxicated duo.

“Can I help you?” Daichi asks them. It’s just at this time that Suga sticks his head out of the back room, most likely curious to see who is here so close to closing. But when he notices the state of the two visitors, a smile inches across his face and he takes a seat at Daichi’s tattooing station to watch what is inevitably going to be a show.

“Yes you can…,” the dark haired man starts, leaning forward to try and get a better look at the name on the business cards sitting on the desk. “Yes you can Sawamura Daichi.”

“Would you like to make an appointment?” Daichi hints, hoping the two will say yes. He can’t tattoo them now, not when they’re like this. It’s against his policy. And his morals.

“No~,” the white haired one whines, slumping forward in defeat. Daichi is truly afraid that one- or both- of them are about to fall over. Maybe he should have them sit down, but then they might pass out and Daichi really doesn’t want to have to deal with that. “We wanted to get a tattoo now!”

“I’m sorry, but-” Daichi starts to argue, but is promptly cut off by the taller, dark haired customer.

“Please? I just want a name,” he pleads. “It’ll be really quick, like two seconds.”

“First of all, no tattoo is ‘quick’, even smaller ones,” Daichi tells him. “And second, it’s against store policy to give tattoos to drunk patrons.”

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could i please have phan with 46? love your writing by the way :)

Title: Part Of The Family

Summary: After being divorced, Phil quickly hired a nanny to help watch over his two twins while he worked. After working for Phil for a year, both Dan and Phil realized that they really needed each other.

Word Count: 766



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umm nozomi maki pirate au?

It was the perfect weather for a battle. Clouds drifted lazily across the sky, casting shadows onto the blue green water. The ocean was still, the air charged with anticipation. Maki stood at the helm of the ship,watching her enemy approach. She had been waiting for this for years, the day she would finally be able to capture her arch nemesis.

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