count the number of ships

Has anyone tried counting the number of ships in the ML fandom? Adrinette/LadyNior/Ladrien/MariChat, Chlonette, Chlobrina, Aylanette, Ayla x Nino/DJWifi, Nino x Adrien, Nathanette, Adrien x Nathanael, Adrien x Chloe, Chloe x Nathanael, JuleRose, Juleka x Nathanael, Nathanael x Rose, Nathanael x Stormy Weather Girl, Ayla x Chloe, Marinette’s Parents, THERE ARE MORE GUYS SO MANY MORE LIKE WE SHIP EVERYONE TOGETHER INCLUDING VOLPINA AND PRINCE ALI WHO HAVE NOT EVEN APPEARED IN THE SHOW OFFICIALLY. Someone help us.

I give up on actually drawing backgrounds lol. Anyways I beat Tales of  Zestiria for the eighth time today. 

Because they sent me a message to welcome me into the fandom I dedicate this to @looveel-realm (looks a little different than the sketch did at first huh? lol!

Anyways thanks fir being awesome and sending me those messages I’m glad to be contributing to the fandom!

A Sight to Behold

A short 700 word drabble based on @jiyeong‘s art of KanaDia Pirate!AU. I hope this wasn’t too bad and that you enjoy it even a little!

Kanan had seen many things. She had been traveling for as long as she remembered. She lost count of the number of times her ship landed in a foreign town, and how many seas she sailed. As a result of her numerous adventures, Kanan had also seen all sorts of people.

There were others like her, pirates who roamed the sea, most of whom were greedy savages. Then there were some like her trusted crewmates, although Yoshiko was always an odd one, always in her own seemingly delusional world, yet ever so reliable when it came to battles. Equally as strange was Hanamaru. The slightly younger teen had a knack for navigating their ship, but Kanan would be lying if she said she didn’t worry about Maru often.

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