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Catchy up-tempo dub mix of “Son of a Preacherman” combined with colorful animation. It’s hard not to smile at this! 

Count Skylarkin & Harvey K-Tel: Dub of a Preacherman (by Rumpus Animation)

Dub Of A Preacherman
Dub Of A Preacherman

Count Skylarkin and Harvey K-Tel - Dub of a Preacherman

As far as I’m concerned, Dusty Springfield’s Son of a Preacher Man is one of the greatest records ever made. There no point in anyone doing a straightforward cover of Son of a Preacher Man as it is bound to sound rubbish compared to Dusty’s version. Instead, you have to follow the example of this week’s Saturday Morning Skank Spot and have a really good play around with it. I like this dubbed-up Preacherman a lot but I don’t get to play it much as JaneR finds it very annoying.


So happy for my dear friend and dapper DJ, Aidan ‘Count Skylarkin’ Larkin, and so honoured that he should ask me to make his wedding suit. It was the best wedding I’ve been to, such a lovely bunch of people and a great laugh with Earl Gateshead, Natty Bo and Count Sizzle all on the decks!

He went for a classic three piece suit from a beautiful charcoal grey worsted woven in Huddersfield and he looked tip top!

Huge congratulations and the best of luck to you both, Natalie & Aidan x