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commissions! i’m putting money aside for a trip this summer to canada with my partner :]

things i won’t draw

  • nsfw (nudity doesn’t count)
  • complicated mechas! :[ i’ll draw robots but anything with an excessive amount of detail necessary are a no-go

i ask that you provide me with a reference of your character if it’s an OC! dollmaker references are acceptable of course along with a detailed written description

contact me via the tumblr messaging system, or through my inbox
my paypal is

Ah, I guess this means Ruby is not in military prison right now.

So… what’s right in front of them? Does Ironwood even know about the whole Roman/Cinder/White Fang thing or is he attributing the break-in to something completely different?


Did Ruby recognize Cinder? That would help narrow it down, if only because she was fighting Roman that time and Glynda was there.

Roman, Cinder and… ?

Ah, maybe she’s counting both Roman fights (book shop and docks). But she has fought Roman three times if we count the Mecha one. Uhm.

And… they are not impressed at all.


UPDATED ART EXAMPLES! so commissions are open again!! also, i accept money only through paypal and then venmo app, sorry!!

i DONT draw:

realistic animals (pokemon and anthros are fine)

explicit smut (we can talk about what counts as explicit)


if youre interested you can message me here on tumblr or email me at to negotiate prices! and if youre not interested maybe you can just reblog this post for others to see!!! thank you!!!


Leijiverse 30 Day Challenge Day 7 - Favorite Villain/Foe

I can’t believe no one else picked Count “mounts your mom’s naked corpse on my wall” Mecha yet. I’m disappointed in all of you. 

I am a strong believer in the idea that villains with no redeeming qualities are way more fun. Count Mecha is such an asshole. It’s amazing. I even love his snooty outfit and dub voice. Five stars.