count frigost


3 hours of recovering my hand. Learned the cause of my problem was that I held my pen too hard and they go white + long 6 hour streaks with no break

“You have to love yourself, Harebourg.”

OVAbourg having a heart to heart conversation to his younger self in a dream.

And a Count Frigost camouflaged and hiding in OVAbourg’s cloak omg

Ankama headcanon that Count Frigost’s toy description doubles as a cute sellable and is saying Count Harebourg needs a hug really bad

“ After centuries spent stuck on his icy island, Count Frigost really needs a warm and loving new home. Who knows – maybe a little TLC is all it takes to melt the crazy Xelor’s frozen heart! “

Featuring: Sleepybourg, OVAbourg, Count Frigost (<3)

Made the mistake of listening to the Kingdom Hearts orchestra  in a 67°F room while it’s raining outside.

A more background composition study piece. I’ll need to work on Frigost architecture later (I’m poor at buildings in general); it’s substituted with a foggy city instead.