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Chocolate Drunk | Valentine

A/N:  Yuri on Ice!!! (Victuuri, lee Victor) -  20. “I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…?” // Valentine-ized.

Seeing this prompt and linking it to Valentine, I just couldn’t help making it sort of sequel-ish to my other drunk Yuuri fic: Chocolate DrunkHappy Valentine’s Day!

Summary: Yuuri and Victor are out on their romantic Valentine’s dinner date. Things turn out a lot different though, when a bunch of Victor’s fangirls show up and disturb their date… and Yuuri gets jealous. Oh, and drunk. Let’s not forget drunk.

Word Count: 2013

“Cheeers!” Pleasant background music, candlelights and clinking glasses. Yuuri couldn’t have been happier that both of them could take their hands off their busy training schedule for a romantic Valentine’s Date. 

“To the best Valentine’s Day ever,” Victor told him with that attractive smile, and Yuuri nodded with a blush and took a few sips from his wine. 

“Yes, the best!” he agreed. This was their first Valentine’s Day together as a couple, so of course he was happy. Before, Valentine’s Day didn’t really have much meaning to him. He didn’t date, he didn’t really love. But now with Victor in his life…. He sighed dreamily.

“So, what do you want to eat? I’m starving,” Yuuri said, and he took a look at the menu.

“Me too. Hmm, how about….hm?” Both of them looked up when the sound of squealing girls’ voices disturbed the peace.

“V-Victor Nikiforov? Kyaaaa!” Yuuri rolled his eyes with a smirk. It was quite a regular thing to have girls fangirl over his boyfriend. It was all fine.

“To meet you on Valentine’s Day. I’m like, the luckiest woman in the world!” Yuuri did an inner choking move. Alright, maybe he could get a bit salty about fangirls after all. They were just… gross. Victor was his boyfriend. But it was all fine, they’d go away soon.

“Right? Do you want a picture?” Yuuri’s eyes snapped open, and he glared at Victor. Was he in his right mind? Accepting picture offers was one thing but… Offering them by himself was something else. 

Yuuri frowned in annoyment. He sure was enjoying his moment of fame hm? Pouting, he returned his attention to the menu, doing his best to ignore the mess around his table of Instagramming and Snapchatting girls about their miraculous encounter with Russia’s famous dreamy figure skater.

“Sorry about that!” Victor finally said after numerous of private photo snaps, and Yuuri tried his best to hide his annoyment. It was fine, they were gone now.

“So. What do you wanna eat?” They finally ordered their first course, and Yuuri was starting to relax again. He wanted to treasure today’s Valentine’s Date with Victor. He just wanted–

“KYAaaa it’s true!” Oh no. Not only Yuuri but also other guests and restaurant staff looked up when an unwanted crowd of females entered the place. Shit, the damn curse of social media. Yuuri jolted in shock when a pile of heartshaped Valentine’s chocolate boxes ended up on their table, and Victor got dragged in another moment of fame. 

There were no big camera’s or media - thank God - but the current crowd sure did their job with:

“How are you enjoying your Valentine’s Day?” “Do you have a Valentine?” 

-while shoving phone camera’s in his face. Yes, right here, Yuuri thought as he munched on his food with a frustrated expression. Victor was very extravagant in his replies, but he didn’t mention he was on a romantic date with his student. He didn’t mention Yuuri was his Valentine..

Yuuri sighed and stared at the chocolate boxes. Fuck it, Victor. He angrily snatched away one of the boxes, opened it violently and ate the chocolates. Hmm yum. Not even anyone noticed. He was that important of a factor in here. It was all Victor this, Victor that. 

A sip of his wine, chocolates. More wine, more chocolates. Yuuri wanted Victor to notice him. To get frustrated as a coach or boyfriend or whatever - for going on an eating rampage, and eating the sweets that were meant for him. Ha. He’d see Yuuri didn’t like him being like this. 

He would definitely– Yuuri finished stuffing chocolate bonbons in his mouth from the third box like a pig, and with his cheeks round and filled like a hamster he suddenly smiled when the fangirls got finally successfully chased out of the restaurant by the waiters. 

Ahhh. Life was good. They were gone. Yuuri was surprised how much of a difference it made.

“Yuuri?” Victor asked him, and he nodded, swallowing the chocolates. He could vaguely register how one of the waiters cleaned up the pile of empty chocolate boxes and he ordered another wine. What a beautiful place to be. Was this what happiness felt like? Wait, what were they doing again?

Yuuri?” Yuuri smiled at Victor, feeling a little bit dizzy.

“Sorry Vitya. I may have had…hehe…just a bit too much to drink…? This is good stuff!” Holding up his wine glass, Yuuri licked his chocolate lips.

“Drink? That was only your first! Don’t tell me you seriously ate all those bonbons? Didn’t last Christmas teach you there’s alcohol in those as well?” Victor lectured as he looked at the pile of empty boxes in disbelief, and Yuuri lifted his head dreamily.

“Christma- bonbons? Wha?” he blurted out in confusion, and he took a thirsty sip from his new wine when it arrived at the table, yay!

“That’s it Yuuri. No more, geez. Why did you have to eat all the chocolates those girls brought?” Victor leaned over the table to take his wine and also reached out to wipe his mouth, but no.

Girls. Now he remembered why he was feelings so shitty. Triggered, Yuuri slammed the table with both hands- or well, his hand landed flat in his unfinished first course, and he hiccupped.

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Tell Me, Was I Dreaming

Author: @klaineanummel

Rating: M

Status: Completed in March 2013

Word Count: 8,232

Summary: Kurt spends the summer after he graduates high school in a haze of smoke and sex and a boy with blue hair that he can’t seem to get rid of.

Tropes/Genre: Skank!Kurt, Badboy!Blaine, alternate meeting, angst, romance

Lynne’s review: So beautifully written. Dripping in angst and pain, and thankfully, ultimately, love.

Read at: AO3


this is SO OLD uGH but Archie was asking me why I hadn’t posted any of my old art on here….(the reason being I don’t like a lot of my older stuff ahaha - i mean, it’s ok?? but i can see the flaws in it which is GOOD because it means I’ve developed but it also bugs me). Anyhow. I caved to The Fluff King. Here’s some old art of mine! Baby Taka art! This was the start of the time when I was starting to really get the hang of skies, and so I challenged myself. I’m still kinda proud of how it turned out? Especially the bottom half. 

It’s ALSO my icon! If anyone was wondering what that actually was ahaha. The character is my precious precious baby Clint from an Avengers AU that I did a while back called the Experiment!AU that I’m still quite proud of, even if I fell out of the Avengers fandom after the clintasha community got eradicated by aou I’m not bitter no not at all nope not me YES. SO. I hope you like it? If you’re curious about the AU in any way please do send me an ask. I had an awful lot of ideas for it that I…never really told anyone. Or if you’re interested on my position in the Avengers fandom and it’s phases and how it’s changed? I have a lot of feelings guys. A lot. BUT only if you’re curious ahahah OK BYE