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Vancouver Considers Ban On Plastic Bags, Coffee Cups
This is neat.

The City of Vancouver is floating a ban on disposable, hard-to-recycle items as part of its mission to become the greenest city in the world by 2020.

Staff were urged to consider restricting or banning the use of plastic bags, coffee cups, and other wasteful products in a city council meeting on Tuesday.

Coun. Andrea Reimer said it’s a potential move that’s been years in the making.

“We’ve spent a long time trying to work with the province on the possibility of doing a province-wide ban,” she told The Huffington Post B.C. on Friday.

“The reason for this coming forward now is that, in six years [of talks], we’ve decided that maybe they won’t be moving and it would be good for us to look at what we can do.”

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Tune Up

Characters:  Dean X Reader

Summary:  Dean discovers that you know how to tune your car, it’s a major turn on for him.  

Word Count:  2224

Warnings:  SMUT, swearing, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration, unprotected sex (it’s a fic, wrap it up at home, folks)

This is my contribution to the SMUT APOCALYSE.  

Tags:  @spnfanficpond  If you’d like to check out my stories, see the masterlist in my bio.  Would love feedback.  Thanks all!

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“(Y/N), you in here?” Dean’s voice echoed through the bunker’s cavernous garage.

“Yeah, over here!” you called back.

The tread of Dean’s footfalls against the concrete floor grew steadily louder as he approached your car. His boots appeared in your line of sight, next to the front tire, followed by his face as he bent over to look under the car.

“(Y/N), what are you doing under there?” Dean questioned, his jade eyes lit with amusement.

“It’s called an oil change, genius,” you replied, giving the oil filter one last twist with the wrench, securing it into place.  After inserting the drain plug, you grabbed the drain pan full of used oil and tugged it along as you shimmied out from under the car.

“Obviously it’s an oil change,” Dean chuckled.  “I mean, why are you changing the oil?  You could have just asked me if you needed help.”

“Does it look like I need help?” you countered, your voice dripping with sarcasm.  “You think just ‘cause I’m a girl I can’t work on cars?”

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Toronto police 'not above the law,' councillor warns
String of high-profile incidents eroding public confidence in police, says Coun. Michael Thompson

Toronto’s mayor still has confidence in the city’s police force, but at least two councillors are speaking out about police accountability in the wake of several high profile incidents.

On Monday, Const. James Forcillo was found guilty of attempted murder in Sammy Yatim’s 2013 shooting death aboard a TTC streetcar. On Wednesday, police announced an officer had been charged under the Police Services Act for firing 15 bullets into a stopped car during an arrest. And earlier Thursday, four officers were charged with perjury and obstructing justice in connection with a drug investigation that was thrown out by a judge.

CBC News has learned that in total,14 Toronto officers are currently suspended with pay. At city hall, Coun. Michael Thompson told reporters these incidents are eroding public faith in police.

“They are not above the law. They must abide by the rules,” Thompson said.

“People have to have confidence that if they are pulled over by the police that they are going to be treated fairly.”

Before these latest findings and incidents, Toronto police also faced criticism for their reliance on carding and how officers deal with people in crisis, which was the focus of two major reports.

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The Stars Are Calling Me- Phanfiction

Title: The Stars Are Calling Me

Author: Phan-phanwho

Pairing: Phan- Dan and Phil// kickthecrabstickz- PJ and Chris (eventually)

Genre: AU

Chapter: 1

Word Count: 1729

Prompt: Dan is in the hospital after attempting suicide; Phil is his therapist. 

Summary: The only thing Dan has ever wanted was to sleep with the stars; and one day he tried. It didn’t work and he ended up stuck in a hospital, with a therapist, Phil Lester, constantly on his case. Dan tries to fight the urge to live, or more die, with the stars, and Phil tries to convince Dan that stars walk the earth.

Warnings: Trigger Warnings: suicide// self harm// Hospitals. Swearing. Drugs. 

A/N: Heya! This is my first ever chaptered fic, which is kind of unnerving. I want to say thanks to @llamasandhouseplants, Lucy, for being my beta and checking it for me! She’s been very helpful, so, yeah. Oh! I hope you guys like it, and I would really appreciate some constructive criticism or feedback! Thanks!

“a lulling sensation that made him feel like he was in the sky; sitting on a cloud, watching the world go by beneath him. He felt like he had eaten the stars and a light was coursing inside of him, bleaching him. Making him pure again.”

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