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title: a prayer for which no words exist

chapter count: 3/8

pairing: harry styles/louis tomlinson

rating: mature

genre: dystopia au

summary: “Louis is a few seconds away from blowing up a rather important section of the New York subway when he sees Harry for the first time.”

chapter 3

[FANACC] Baekhyun - 150716 Artium Fansign

Fan: What cake do you like?
Baekhyun: yes? me? *fans nodded*
Baekhyun: uhhmm..i like! *thinking* I like cakes that made by fans 
Fan: but there’s kind of cakes right!
Baekhyun: euhm..baekki? 
Fan: ??? Cake! Cake!
Baekhyun: cake? Euhm country mouse!
Baekhyun: I like Naruto!
Fan: ??????
Baekhyun: *with a timid expression* Character..?
Fan: A cake that we eat! Bread! Bread!
Baekhyun: Ah did you ask what cakes that I like?
Fan: Yes!
Baekhyun: I like cheese cake! Strawberry strawberry strawberry!

* Baekhyun mistaken “cake” with “character” *

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orgel - jongtae

Pairings: Jonghyun/Taemin, broken Jonghyun/Onew, implied Onew/Minho
Rating: R
Warnings: human/android relationship, non-explicit smut, character death
Final Word Count: ~33,000

This was my entry for shineebigbang this year, and, also, the winning entry. I am so incredibly floored and humbled and grateful; I would really, really just like to thank everyone who read/commented/voted on my fic, as well as a special shout-out to taketaemtoyourleader and rosesareredlike for their help in beta-reading. 

I’d also really just like to give a big round of applause to everyone who participated– writers and mods. All of the fics this year were so amazing, and everyone worked so very hard to make this event so much fun. Anyway, congrats to all the other participants and winners, and thank you again!

In a corruption-addled city under the sea, Jonghyun searches desperately for his own happy ending.

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this machine should exist everywhere

Hey guys! So since I’m like really bored I wanted to make a botm again hehe (After this one I could make tumblr awards. What do you think?)

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  • You can reblog as much as you want until 10th August 2015. 
  • I’ll hand pick 5 nominees! You can vote for favorite blog until 17th August 2015 [Promos are allowed this time!]
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ok ide k why i’m writing this, but i just wanted to get it out.  brown has always been the color i associate with sam.  that’s why i changed the psd to a brownish one, & why my theme is too now.  it just suits him.  his personality, his style, his w/e ; it’s all just very earthy & relaxed.  he just has that kinda tone to him y’know? (so green is another color tbh)

ugh idk, i know this makes no sense, but he’s just got this warm aura about him & brown will always be HIS color to me. ok by e

Im a Vegga…🙅🙊
Caitlyn Jenner is not a wom.. 🙅🙊
God hate…🙅🙊
Im a Femi…🙅🙊
Climate change is not rea…🙅🙊
illegals are ruining our coun…🙅🙊
Thats rasi…🙅🙊
Minio… 🙅🙊🔫

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More like: Terry: If youre not gonna drink, give me those. Finnick: Terry, you've had at least 10 drinks tonight, Stop. I'm actually worried for you. Terry: I'm perfectly fi- [gags and swallows barf] Finnick: [picks up Terry and starts dragging him towards the door] Terry: [yells and almost throws a tantrum] Finnick: THIS IS MY BIRTHDAY WISH. CALM. DOWN.

Finnick: Melody, your boyfriend is literally the worst person to go out with.

Melody: Should have seen him on New Year’s Eve.

Finnick: You mean when he got into the champagne and ripped off his tie and shirt on top of the coun-

Melody: Yep.