I love you not. (Jimin x Reader Series)

Prologue: Lilacs

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 3,457

Summary: “…you knew that you could never deny, despite how much you’d tried, that you’d always thought of Park Jimin as more than both he and you had labeled it all those years… Friends.”

Notes: This story was inspired by a prompt from a master prompt list and can be seen as the very first line here. Credit to that list, one of which I cannot re-find for God’s sake. This took me a while and was left in drafts for a while, but I’ve decided to finally post this. I haven’t been writing much and I’ve gone to shit due to the lack of practice :( Hope this one isn’t that shitty… So enjoy!

“Can I tell my parents that I’m at your house, just in case they get suspicious?”

“Isn’t that what you always do?”

Jimin’s laugh echoed loudly from the other end of the line. 

“True, true,” he admitted. “They trust you more than they trust me, Y/N-ah.”

“I can see why they would do that,” you sat leaned up against the window and watch as the sun cast its last golden rays before sinking into the skyline. 

“Are you saying I’m not trustworthy?”

“I’m not saying that you’re not not-trustworthy.”

“Well as the person that has kept all your secrets for as long as both of us can remember,” he breathed. “I am extremely offended.”

“Whatever, Jimin,” you sang into the receiver. “Just go have fun tonight.”

“Fine, fine,” he spoke with an exhale. “I will have fun, Miss ‘it’s-Friday-night-and-I’m-going-to-stay-in.” 

You let out a small chuckle, “That’s me.”

Jimin laughed as well, you could just imagine the grin he had plastered on his face that moment. Long seconds passed, comfortable silence filled the line, only the low static buzzing through the earpiece.

“Well,” Jimin began after a while. “I guess I’ll get going now. I’ll see you later.”


Love you, Y/N.”

Same here.”



You removed your phone from the side of your face, knowing well that Jimin had already hung up by then. You sat still in your spot for a while, staring off into the fading sky. Even if the call had ended a long time ago, you still very much felt your heart race as if you have just run a mile. 

Having felt the same damned feeling for seventeen years straight, you would think that you have come used to it by then. But as you had always proved yourself wrong, you knew that you could never deny, despite how much you’d tried, that you’d always thought of Park Jimin as more than both he and you had labeled it all those years.


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My SteveTony Fic Rec List

So I made a list of all my fave SteveTony fanfictions that are:

  • 10k+ (except for a few ones that are to good to not include)
  • have nothing to do with MCU Civil War

Its super long that’s why its under the cut.
Have fun reading.

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DAY 6: Road Trip

The two have been planning to go to the beach for a while now, and eventually they went, ate some snacks and just took in the view

anonymous asked:

HI! I was wondering what are ur favorites stony fics

Sorry to do this to your ask friend, but I’ve been meaning to create a Stony Masterlist for a while now so that’s what we get! I devided the fics by trope but if more than one trope applies to a fic I’ll pick the trope I feel most applies and just write down in it’s description the other tropes are in it. Okay? Let’s do this!

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meris-owo  asked:

Ok, it's very important question, hah!!! Have you ever kissed one of your brothers in cheek as kids do to their family members? (//∇//) it would be cute!

Shuu: Subaru did kiss me on the cheek when he was just a baby… *chuckles*

Subaru: HUUUUH?! Bullshit!

Laito: I did~ Fufu, but those were just silly childhood times!

Ayato: *cringes*

Kanato: Why did you remind me of that, you disgusting being.

Laito: Heee, meanie~!


Laito: Heee, I did to you too, Reiji?! Ugh.

Reiji: I should be the one reacting like that.

Azusa: I did it just once… after Karlheinz-sama saved us… because I was so glad… they were still alive…


Shin: … does licking in my wolf form coun-

Carla: Shin. Be quiet.

Shin: Ops.

Kino: … thank goodness I have no siblings…


Title: Mischief

 Summary: You and Kili get bored, so make a bet on who can get Fili to laugh first.  The fact that he is in a meeting with all of Thorin’s advisers doesn’t make a lick of difference.

 Warnings: Mischief.  Playful Banter.  Innuendos.  Slight Sexual Themes.

 Masterlist of FanFiction


Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

You leaned back in your comfy armchair as you sipped your tea, slowly feeling the life drain from you in boredom.  Normally, you would be out and about doing things, helping with some treaty writing, or helping Ori in the library…but no one needed your assistance today.  

And at first, you were ecstatic, because that meant you got the whole day to spend with your betrothed, you both could cuddle up in your bed or go for a ride and picnic…but that wasn’t the case since Fili was stuck in meetings all day with Thorin. You knew Fili had duties he had to take care of since he was crown prince, but at the same time, did you really have to check your schedule to get a good cuddle from your soon-to-be husband?!

You let out a sigh as you let the book plop down in your lap, you rolled your head back to look up at the ceiling, letting out a surprised shriek when you saw a smug face looking down at you.

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am i talking to myself?

“can anybody hear me?”

warnings: blood, murder, suicide

Jack didn’t know where he was. Well, physically he knew. He could see his office, the camera that had run out of battery, the ring light that was still flickering ominously, the screen of his monitor indicating that he he been recording for the last hour. The thing is, he couldn’t touch any of it. He couldn’t get up to see what was wrong with the light. He couldn’t go to the monitor to look back at the footage he had no recollection of recording. Was he dead? Had he finally snapped?

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loyalty | 01

☆ pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: angst, pining, jealousy, fluff, humor, future smut. producer au; reader is a model and a thotty lol

word count: 3k

summary: First impressions are always important, and Yoongi never thought he’d be falling head over heels for you and your promiscuity. The problem was, you didn’t Do dating, nor desired it, and neither did he, until he met you.

part 01. part 02.

a/n: this is for my black ‘n brown, not-skinny, curly-haired hoes cuz i’m tired of reading fics where the reader is described with white features and my black pussy can’t relate! :)) lmk what y’all think. also listen to loyalty by kendrick lamar ft. rihanna i think the song is fitting for this fic

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Canadian rock trio Rush thrilled Toronto's 'capybaby' triplets named after them

Members of the legendary Canadian rock trio Rush are thrilled at the news that the offspring of Toronto’s wandering capybaras will bear their names.

“We are thrilled to hear that 3 cute little furry creatures from South America now bear our names!” the band’s publicist Meghan Symsyk said on behalf of lead vocalist Geddy Lee.

“Thanks to all who voted to give us this special honour! By the way, which one is me? In the picture I saw none of them were wearing glasses." 

The so-called "capybabies” born in February to the famed escape artists Bonnie and Clyde will be named Alex, Geddy and Neil for the band’s members, said the High Park Zoo.

The elder capybaras, which resemble oversized tail-less beavers, became celebrities when they escaped last May and eluded zoo staff and animal detectives for weeks.

Their daring escape led to dozens of sightings. One capybara was eventually caught June 12 and the other remained free until June 28.

The zoo has said the couple credits their “long time apart” for kindling the passion that led to the birth of the three pups.

Coun. Sarah Doucette, whose ward includes High Park, says nearly 45,000 people voted in a contest held to determine the triplets’ names.

Runners-up included “Snap, Crackle and Pop”, and “Mocha, Chino and Latte.”

Doucette says the winning set of names received more than 30,000 votes.

Summer Stock

Summary: It’s the final day of the Gold family’s visit to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Belle doesn’t want to leave the corn maze.
Rating: T
Word Count: 2,300
A/N: My contribution to @rumbellesummervacation and my 50th Rumbelle fic! Yay! Enjoy the fluff, campers. Thanks to @magnoliatattoo for reading it over and @rowofstars for being awesome.

{On AO3}

“Isn’t this fun?” Belle asked cheerfully, blowing a curly tendril of hair out of her eyes.

His wife beamed like the sun, and Rumplestiltskin smothered a frustrated sigh. She was glowing with excitement and a fine sheen of sweat as she led him through the five-acre corn maze at Cherry Crest Adventure Farm in Ronks, Pennsylvania, located deep in the heart of the Amish countryside.

“Fun,” he agreed with a curt nod, angling his way through the rows of corn. Belle was having such a good time he didn’t have the heart to disagree, but two-year-old Gideon was a sweaty weight on his back, their sturdy toddler growing heavier with each step in the backpack baby carrier. The two-hour mark had come and gone and his three-hundred-year-old back was whining in complaint. Why were they wandering through a damn field, anyway? Fields were for working, not gallivanting, but after making Belle wait so long to see the world, he was loathe to spoil even an ounce of her enjoyment. He glanced at his watch and trudged onward.

Beneath their feet, the hard-packed dirt was strewn with hay and corn husks and a dusty smell mingled in the humid air. They wove through the twisting rows of corn, pulling random stalks to the side in tight spots. Before long, they came to another fork in the long, arduous path.

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anonymous asked:

Long fics with heavy plot?!

I actually just did a long fic rec here:

For extra on the plotty side, I’d add:

The Silence in Between by winterstar:  Steve Rogers put the Red Skull’s plane filled with bombs that could end civilization into the Arctic Ocean at the cost of his life. Over seventy years later, he wakes up imprisoned and under the control of the State, a tyrannical government based on the legacy of Johann Schmidt and Hydra. With a neural net implanted in his brain to control his every move, his every thought, Steve Rogers, once Captain America, is assigned as Primary Designate for one of the Ruling Families. His duties as Primary Designate include the protection of the sole remaining heir to Stark Industries, Tony Stark. As bodyguard, Steve learns that the world is a very different place; not all is as it seems, and no one can be trusted. His introduction to the 21st century has just begun but the war against Hydra is everlasting.

Blue Lips, Blue Veins by romanoff:  Tony Stark is Iron Man.Before that, he was an man with bigger heart than brain. Before that, he was an asshole with a bigger mouth than sense. And before that, he was was a scared little boy. Not that it matters. Stark’s always have had iron in their backbone.

To the Victor by @thegraytigress:  Nightmares are real. Tony is living one. It’s awful, unending, torturous. It’s driving him mad. It’s killing him. He just wants to wake up and go back to his life with Steve, a life filled with love and happiness. Yet every day the hell of reality presses down, because Steve went on a mission. Steve made the ultimate sacrifice. Steve is never coming home.And Tony can’t let himself believe it.

Counterpart by sara_holmes: coun•ter•part [koun-ter-pahrt] [noun] 1. a person or thing closely resembling another, especially in function. 2. a copy; duplicate. 3. one of two parts that fit, complete, or complement one another.Just because Hydra used the DNA of a Captain America from another dimension to create a lab-grown, six-year-old super-soldier, it doesn’t mean that said six-year old super-soldier is biologically Steve’s, right?(Where Steve wants to ban Clint from bringing things home from alternative dimensions, until he doesn’t.)

Deep in the Heart of Me by finely-honed: There were days when the realization that he was someone’s father made Steve’s head hurt, but mostly he was grateful that he could trust his instincts, because apparently Peter was what had been missing from his life. Yes, he still had lingering, unresolved issues from his time in the Army, and sure, he had what Bucky annoyingly referred to as a criminally untapped ass, and no life outside of work and Peter, but Steve was okay with how his life had turned out because of trusting his instincts.Unfortunately, those same instincts had straight up betrayed him by going absolutely haywire upon being exposed to Tony Stark.Veteran single dad Steve runs a tattoo shop. For his 40th birthday, Pepper arranges for Tony to get that tattoo he always wanted, and he winds up with the mother of all crushes instead. Jumping out of airplanes is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely. Steve struggles with the idea of actually letting someone into his life. Tony is left trying to keep his heart from being broken while Steve figures things out.

Data is King by @everybodyilovedies (Amuly): In a cyberpunk dystopia, all the wealth is concentrated in New Versailles and the majority live in impoverished ghettos outside. Prosthetics are strictly prohibited, though many of the poor have body modifications to help them live. Steve Rogers is an idealistic young man who raids the storerooms of New Versailles with his best friend Bucky Barnes, to bring food and medicine to the poor. But when tragedy strikes, Steve is inspired by Dr. Erskine to go seek out the notorious slumlord/black market trader Tony Stark. Rumor has it that Tony used to be a member of New Versailles, but left to make his fortune off the backs of the working man… or was he kicked out? Although they don’t hit it off at first, Steve and Tony must work together.They have some help. The Three Fates are women who control information. Steve’s friends from his old life are good people on the fringes of society because of their prosthetic enhancements. And there’s Tony’s network of resources and connections, not to mention his brilliant engineering mind that helped him build his empire.But when Steve and Tony finally manage to put their differences aside and rise up against New Versailles… not everything is as simple as it seemed.

and of course, 

Resurrection Verse by elspethdixon and seanchai:  Doom brings Steve back from the dead. Hijinks ensue, some of which might vaguely be considered plot.


Originally posted by jae-hyuun

pairing: taehyung x reader
description: tae’s hearbroken and you’re the only one he knows he can talk to.
genre: angst
word count: 3.2k 

gd — untitled, 2014
rm, v — 4 o’clock
kard — rumor
seventeen — my i
blackpink — stay
bts — butterfly (prologue mix)
bts — let me know
agust d feat. suran — so far away
2ne1 — come back home
bts — what am i to you

notes: listen this is sad and angsty and i wanted to cry like 7 times after writing it. it’s my first one-shot like ever and it’s a mess of feelings and sadness, really. i wanted it to be with tae cause he’s bae and bias numero uno and, uhh, please give it a chance.

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Steve/Tony Fic Recs - Personal Favorites

(because the relationship between captain america and iron man stretches across the multiverse, because the fandom has some of the absolute most talented writers out there, and because i’m so proud to be part of the superhusbands community, here are a list of my personal favorite stony fics. ^u^)

**updated 5.16.2016

The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation by scifigrl47 [M, 85k]

When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father’s creation, and became a creating force in his own right.

That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.

All the Time in the World (Will Never Be Enough) by Crematosis [M, 26k]

The first time Steve is sent into the timestream to save Tony, the mission is a complete disaster. Tony isn’t an easy person to protect. But Steve is up for the challenge.

Because sometimes, even time-traveling, badass supersoldiers need saving.

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