counrty boy

From a country boy

This is from true country boy. I know a lot of you out there want the country boys see on TV magazines but those are the furthest thing from a country boy that you can get. Most of us are the hard-working beer drinking Rye whiskey hell of a good time but you won’t find this by looking for the stereotype. Well working sleepin doing a job real well. When we are town won’t see us I don’t like being made fun of we don’t like look in look that funny. We do everything we can to blend in be part of people and just keep our heads down. we are the country song but we don’t always like that sometimes we want to be just like you. Most of us don’t look like the best looking guys on the planet some of us are chunky well not the best looking but will treat you right like a woman should be treated and we won’t treat you like another toy like the city boys do that pretend cowboys country boys whatever but honestly if you want to find us in town look for the guy that moves out of the way for people and waves or says hi to people he doesn’t know… We’re the friendly guy that nobody is with. I know we’re not all in the south or not all on the prairies we are all over the place hiding plain sight hell you never guess where you’ll find us.
Just take a look at my blog. I’m from a small town in British Columbia, Canada but none of y'all could find it on a map