Request: Quite The Adventure

Request: Omg you write an amazing lead up to the birth of Dean and reader’s child, and you just leave us hanging?! How cruel. :P Part 2 please! <3

part 2 of count down please

please do part 2 of count down

Word Count: 2,267

By pretty popular request, here’s part two of CountDown. Thank you so much for the response. Welcome to the first year of being parents!:D


You’ve gone three days without sleep. Four, even five. But you’ve never been as tired as this.

The cries of your child fill the room as you collapse back onto the bed, Dean’s hand moving over your sweat-beaded forehead. You close your eyes for a short moment as the world spins.

“Well done. You did it. I love you.” Dean whispers, his face close to yours. “See that?” The woman is bundling up your child in a white blanket.

“Congratulations, both of you. You got yourselves a lovely little baby girl.” She smiles, offering you the warmly bundled, mewling baby. You take a breath, glance at Dean, and take her into your arms.

She’s gorgeous. From the long, dark lashes to the shape of her slightly puckered lips and the curve of her adorable little nose. You stare at her, utterly entranced.

“She’s- she’s perfect.” You hear Dean whisper, and you nod. Eventually, you turn to him, to see a tear falling down his cheek. You smile silently, wiping it away. He laughs, despite himself.

“God, I love you.” He presses his lips to yours as you adjust the bundle in your arms.

“I love you too. You want to hold her?”

“Wait- really?”

You laugh, “Of course, she’s yours too.” You hold her out in your arms. He accepts her carefully and sits down beside you on the bed.

“I- woah. You’re amazing.”

Month 1

Alice Mary, was what you finally decided on.

Bringing her back to the bunker had been a scary experience. It was all new territory for all of you, which made life easier. Having a newborn around freaked you all out, but you managed.

In the third week of parenthood, you’ve managed to establish a half decent routine. It’s not perfect, but it works.

“Morning, gorgeous.” Dean greets you as you walk into the kitchen with a sleeping baby in your arms. He kisses your forehead, then yours, “I still can’t figure out how I got so lucky.”

“Me neither.” You tease. “You making breakfast?”

“Might be.” He winks, though you can already smell the whatever-it-is-he’s-making.

“Good, I’m ravenous.” You take a seat at the table, watching him as he prepares the meal.

Month 2

She didn’t sleep so well through the night. Therefore, neither did you. When you wake in the morning after hardly an hour’s rest, she’s in your arms and you’re curled around her protectively.

Some people say that sharing a bed with your baby isn’t safe, but you trust yourself. You don’t ever wriggle in your sleep, and haven’t for a long time.

She coos quietly upon waking, her eyes opening and closing again, irritated by the morning light. You smile at her, placing one of your fingers into her hand. She grasps it tightly.

“Hey, you.” You whisper, “Welcome to lazy Sunday mornings. Best day of the week.”


You look up to see Dean in the doorway. You smile as he sits down beside you.

“She looks just like you.” He remarks. You laugh.

“I thought she looked more like you.”

“Definitely your lips.” He says firmly, “I know those lips better than anything.”

You laugh softly, “Yeah, but your eyes.”

“Your nose.”

“Nah, your nose. My face shape.” You shake your head. She wriggles slightly, curling into your warmth.

Month 3

You run a hand through your hair, yawning again. You’ve never had a worse night, it’s midafternoon and she’s not better. It isn’t wind, she’s not hungry, Cas says she’s not in pain or injured or ill, and she won’t sleep. You’re so confused and tired and frustrated.

“Come on, just give me ten minutes!” You mumble exasperatedly. “Please, Ali.”

She doesn’t quiet though. You move her from your shoulder, rocking her close to your chest.

Suddenly, it’s quiet. The silence reverberates around the room. Then she smiles.

Really smiles.

A wide smile.

All the frustration disappears, all of the stress and tears and tiredness. You swiftly walk into the library, where Dean’s helping Sam reorganize the books to keep anything lore-ish away from your daughter.

She’s still grinning, “Guys, look at this.”

They dash over to you and take in the smiling baby girl. Dean takes her from you, grinning like a loon.

“She’s got your smile! Oh, who’s perfect? You’re prefect!” He touches his nose to hers, nearly delirious.

You share a look with Sam. Maybe this whole thing is worth it.

Month 4

It’s slowly getting easier, you feel. You’re sat on the floor, playing with Alice. Dangling a toy above her head, you grin as she reaches for it, cooing happily. Dean, who’s say beside you, laughs.

“She’s adorable. I didn’t think I could like a kid so much.” He wraps an arm around your shoulders, and kisses your temple, “You’re so good with her.”

“Motherly instinct, obviously.” You roll your eyes. He chuckles.

“Hey, there’s got to be something in there. I always knew you’d make an amazing mother.”

“Of course you did, dear.”

“Did you just practice a mom line on me?”

“Watch out, your face might freeze like that.”

“WHYYYYYYYY?” He groans. You grin.

“Because I said so.”

Month 5

She coos again, holding up her arms to you. You laugh, picking her up and setting her on your lap. You’d spent the morning sleeping, for a change. It’s been so relaxed, so far from the early days of screaming until three in the morning.

Dean’s sat next to you, and you lean into him.

“Hey, baby girl.” He smiles, running a finger over her cheek. She smiles widely, recognizing his voice.

You tickle her tummy and she smiles widely, letting out a sound of contentment. She’s generally a happy kid.

“You guys are officially the cutest family I’ve ever seen.” Sam says, sitting on your other side.

“Hey, you’re a part of it, too.” Not giving him time to protest, you sit Alice on his lap, “See? She loves you!”

She grabs onto his shirt, and Sam chuckles.

“Hey, there, baby.” He’s done his fair share of holding her, sure, but he never ceases to be amazed at her reactions and quick growth. “Aren’t you getting big?”

She smiles up at him, and he laughs.

Month 6

Neither guy has left your side all day. The four of you are practically attached at the hip. The first time they’ve had the weapons and salt out since before Alice was born.

Naturally, on her first-half birthday, marking six months since she was born, they’re nervously paranoid. They were awake before midnight, and plan on staying awake into tomorrow morning. You’ve tried to keep their panic levels down but not a second goes by when one of them is scouting around for danger.

They’re really not taking any risks at all.

“Get some sleep.” Dean says, around four in the afternoon, “We’re watching you.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.” You sigh, “Nothing’s going to happen.”

“You don’t know that.”

“It’s been dead for what, ten years?”

“Six. Seven. Ish.”

You nod, “A long time.”

“Y/N, I love you both far too much to take any risks at all. If there’s the slimmest possible chance that anything’s going to bother either of you, then I’m going to eliminate it.” He says determinedly. You place your spare hand on his shoulder.

“I’m fine. She’s fine. Nothing is going to happen. We’re entirely safe here.” You reassure him for the hundredth time. He nods.

“I hope so. Feel free to take a nap.”

Month 7

It’s crazy how fast Alice is growing up. She’s already sitting up, and you recently tried her on OJ. Didn’t work, but it was funny.

She’s currently playing with a rattle. You’d find it irritating if it was anyone else.

She babbles, too. Making sounds that almost sound like words.




Dean loves it when she does that. She doesn’t know what she’s doing but she’s realised that he likes it, and as soon as he comes into the room, that’s what she does. He grins widely every time, scooping her up and informing her how amazing and perfect she is.

She drops the toy and it rolls away. She stares after it forlornly, then looks at you expectantly.

It’s the exact same expression you see on Dean when he wants something.

“Go on, I know you can get it.” She’s taken to scooting across the floor on her butt and belly recently. Her eyes, identical to Dean’s, merely stare you down. “No, not happening! Don’t be lazy.” You chuckle.

Then, she frowns and reaches for the rattle. Unsuccessful, she whines.

“Oh, fine. Just this once.” You hand her the toy. The little girl claps with delight and starts shaking it enthusiastically.

“You’ve got every one of us under your little finger, you little monkey.”

Month 8

“Ali, don’t touch that!” You only just get to her in time to stop her from grabbing a knife from the table. Who the hell left that there? You scoop her up safely into your arms, checking her hands for cuts.

“Ooh, someone’s going to get it.” You head for the library, “You guys? Who left a knife on the table?”

They look at each other, then at you.

“I didn’t do it.” They say in unison.

“Is she hurt?” Dean asks hurriedly. You shake your head.

“She’s fine. Don’t worry. But seriously, if it happens again…” You bite your lip for a second, “You’re on nappy duty for a month.”

You hear them gulp as you turn.

Being a mom is fun.

Month 9


There’s a little hand wound into your hair, grasping tightly. Someone really doesn’t want a nap.

“Oh, come one, little one. It’ll just be an hour, give momma some peace.”

She never wants to leave your side at the moment- you, Dean, and Sam. Occasionally Cas. That’s it. Being in the stroller is a great big steaming nope on a plate. She’s incredibly clingy. And with the brothers out on a supply run, you’re left with the world’s most demanding child.

“Alright, alright.” You soothe her carefully, rubbing her back, “I’ll stay. Looks like we’re napping together.”

When the brothers return, they find you curled up on the couch, her hand still in your hair.

Month 10



It’s all you’ve heard for the past hour. Alice has been learning to speak a bit, meaning she never shuts up. Not that you’re exactly complaining.

“Come on, you. Up you get.” You say, lifting her onto your hip. Experimenting with her hands, she manages to smack you right in the boob. “Ow, mommy abuse?”

She only giggles, burying her face in your shoulder. You roll your eyes, kissing the top of her head.

“You’re too cute to be annoying.”

She only looks up when she hears someone come into the room, and then she looks over your shoulder.

“Sammy!” She exclaims. You turn around- it is, actually, Sam. You stare at him for a moment, then look at Alice.

“Did she just-?”

“I think she did. Ali? Do that again!” You encourage. “Who’s that?” You point at Sam.

“SAMMY!” She says, louder. You grin and so does he.

“Did I just hear-?” Dean comes flying into the room, looking around, “Was that her first word?”

You nod, “That I’ve heard. Well done!” You praise your daughter, grinning. Sam’s laughing, grinning like a loon.

“Dammit, I was hoping her first word could be something good.

You smack Dean’s shoulder playfully, “Anything you regard good is not something I ever want to hear coming out of our daughter’s mouth, thank you very much.”

Month 11

“You can do it!” You encourage, holding out your arms. It’s only three steps.

She’s been trying to walk for nearly a week, making it half a step before landing on her butt. It’s been a teary, frustrating road, but finally, she takes one step, then two, then a third, and lands in your arms.

You cheer, as do the three guys sat on the couch.

“Yay! Gosh, when did my little girl get so grown up?” You smile, kissing her forehead lovingly. “Before I know it, you’ll be sixteen and wanting to date boys. Or girls. Whatever you’re into or decide to be, we don’t care. Just as long as you’re happy.”

“Sixteen? More like twenty five.” Sam jokes.

“Thirty.” Dean threatens.

You roll your eyes, “We’ll keep it our secret, ‘kay?” You smile, supporting her as she toddles along to the couch where she’s picked up by her dad.

Seriously, the past eleven months has flown by.

One Year(!!!)

“Ready?” You laugh, handing the single-candled cake to Dean, who places it on the table before your daughter. You skillfully swoop in and extinguish the flame before she dives in without regard, covering herself in brightly coloured icing.

You only laugh, feeling Dean’s arm wrap itself around your waist.

“Can you believe it’s been a whole year?” He murmurs into your ear. You shake your head.

“Not in the slightest. When did our baby girl get so big?”

He shrugs, “I don’t know. I’m going to need a big stick to beat all of the snotty little boys off before long.”

“A stick?”

“Not worth bullets.”

You laugh, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“What an adventure, huh?” You remark.

“You feel like another adventure?” He asks. You look at him and raise an eyebrow.

“I think one’s enough for the moment. I’m still savouring having my figure back, thanks.”

He only laughs, kissing your cheek, “I was kidding. Our family is perfect.”

“It really is.”