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Laertes, even in young adulthood, liked hiding from Polonius.  He turned and looked at Ophelia with a mischievous grin.  The castle was winding and grand and even the councillor’s quarters felt like a maze.  The thunder and rain outside were lessened to a dim rumble and he leaned back against the closet door.

“And now we wait.” He mouthed.

July 7th, 2015: Loyalist Terror flags 'a concerted campaign of intimidation' in Northern Ireland

Image: UDA and Red Hand Commando flags fly on lamposts in Bangor’s Killcooley and Whitehill housing estates

Sinister paramilitary flags have been erected across north Down in a “concerted campaign of intimidation”.

Many parts of the constituency, including Bangor and Ballygowan, have been awash for several weeks with UDA and Red Hand Commando flags.

Despite complaints from furious residents, no action has been taken by the PSNI or the local council to remove the flags and pursue those responsible.

“Local people are very concerned about the prevalence of these flags, particularly in the Kilcooley and Whitehill housing estates in Bangor.

"Residents are feeling very intimidated by these flags. But the council has concerns about the safety of council officers should they go in to remove them,” said Independent councillor for the Bangor area Noelle Robinson.

“The flags are very prominent and it is the worst I have seen in many years,” she added.

A resident of the Kilcooley estate in the town said he believed there was a “concerted campaign of intimidation”.


“These flags promoting illegal paramilitary groups are being erected right across North Down and nobody is willing to do a thing about it,” he said.

The resident added: “We just keep being told that the police, the council and all these different agencies are working with local representatives to get them down. But how can you reason with people who put these type of flags up? I mean, its the Red Hand Commando flag. That says it all, really.”

The Red Hand Commando has been officially on ceasefire along with the main loyalist paramilitaries since October 1995. The group was involved in a number of murders and violent attacks during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

“We need clear agreement on how to deal with this issue at Stormont,” said Green Party MLA Steven Agnew.

“It is never acceptable to put up a flag of an illegal organisation. Residents are feeling intimidated,” he added.

PSNI Superintendent Brian Kee said that “until the ‘Joint Protocol in Relation to the Display of Flags in Public Areas’ is updated, police will continue to operate within the principles of the 2005 protocol.”

He added: “This requires agencies to engage with communities to try and resolve situations, but the PSNI will continue to act in accordance with the law.”

Meanwhile, in Coleraine a council chief has said he is too concerned for the safety of his staff to ask them to remove paramilitary flags from public areas.

Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council was asked by a member of the public to remove UDA flags recently erected in the town.

However, council chief executive David Jackson said that to do so could put his staff at risk.

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Hey guys! Yeah i know i am extremely sorry i have basically been gone for 5 weeks i really didnt mean to! I was getting no confessions in the inbox and lost motivation for the blog (i’m not good with themed blogs) I totally kept up with UHC i even watched it with popcorn. I don’t watch the cube server anymore. I also was on twitter the whole time the Tomahawk drama was going on.. That was fun.. Anyway i have been keeping up a bit with the cube because i will always love them.
I also had alot of personal things going on. Firstly i had to go to my councillor because of having anxiety attacks everyday. She helped me and i have them less often now. She also helped me figure out why i am self harming. (I am clean for 2 weeks yay!) And in all of that mess i also found my true sexuality. I thought i was bi a long time ago and just before i went to see her i figured out i was gay. I immediately wanted to tell everyone (i just wanted to be myself. I also live in a mostly accepting community) But my councillor said not to rush it because of my anxiety. So i have waited for weeks until i finally told a couple of my friends! Yay! I didn’t watch any cube videos for a while so when i finally went back on YouTube i binged watched alot of grasers challenges. They really helped distract me from my worries about coming out. I gess he saved me a bit from anxiety. So 5 weeks later i am here. I am still not completely out and i am going to try as hard as i can not to self harm for a while at least.

I need to know what to do with this blog now. I absolutely love everyone of my 300+ followers and i also love the cube so i don’t think i could give this blog away.. But i am getting very few confessions and i can’t go on as much anymore. I have a personal blog you can follow: im–invisibe I am often blogging on there. So if you can send in any fresh or new ideas for the future of this blog then PLEASE send them in. I’ve missed the Cube Fandom.

I love youuuuuu xxx *random weird noises graser does all the time*

Are the Greens divided in Lewes

Its a simple enough question, with a lead Green Councillor: Matt Kent leaving the Green Party fold to become an independent.  We have to ask why he felt the need to leave after being committed to the green cause.  What would so put him off, what would divide the Greens.  In Lewes they seem to have a habit of losing councillors or people leaving.

Perhaps they will offer some transparency on these matters?

Matt has his own web site that seems to promote many of things Labour has been campaigning on in and around Malling, lets hope he continues to push our agenda.

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Scotch In The Dock

Here we see Councillor Derek Milligan, the leader of Midlothian Council, who has been making it known that he did not punch a man in the face.

Councillor Milligan admits to having a heated debate with a chap outside Bonnyrigg Rose Social Club, shortly before the man received a head injury.

But the councillor has denied claims that he punched him in the face. He has explained that the man was a “drunken idiot” who fell over after an all-day drinking session

The police are investigating into the incident.