Mural on a council-block in Woolwich.

Seen this mural several times as I’ve passed this council-block in Woolwich, but never seemed to have a camera at hand. Don’t know who made it, or if it’s a group of people.

Births, deaths, loves and lives are all played out silently within my block of flats and the many others towering next to it. 

Sitting silently in my room, I hear evidence of my neighbours above me - children’s feet running across the floor and crying late at night at bedtime.

Time in my room feels endless - I can happily waste hours in there doing nothing aside from thinking about what lies beyond the confines of my flat walls. I exist alongside my neighbours, but in my own small world, in the eco-system that is the tower block.

Holy shit I just got SO lucky.

The council have blocked off the south end motorbike parks and not put in a replacement, so I had to park about 10mins walk from my physio appointment in a dodgy part of town because all the central motorbike parks were full.

Ran into a random on my may back who said he just stopped someone who was trying to steal my motorbike. 

» Crown Heights Readies for the 21st Annual Family Day Picnic | Sunday, June 21st | 11:30am via @theBKreader

The 71 Precinct, in partnership with the 71st Pct. Community Council presents its 21st Annual Family Day Picnic! Festivities are on Sunday, June 21, and will start with the traditional family day parade at Empire Blvd and New York Ave,11:30am, rain or shine. The parade will travel eastbound on Empire, turning south bound on Albany Avenue and then west on East New York Avenue.

When the parade arrives at Hamilton-Metz Park, the picnic will begin!

Come join the 71st Pct. family and residents for a day of fun, free entertainment, children’s ride and food!