council foreign relations


none dare call it conspiracy (1972 ed.)

a fine example of what you might call respectable bircherism: “i mean, sure, the international conspiracy of bankers, communists, and the council on foreign relations to steal our precious bodily fluids may be run by jews, but it’s not, and let me be clear here, an actual jewish conspiracy.”

the author in fact argues that claims of a secret jewish conspiracy to run the world are used as a broad brush to discredit all those loyal americans who seek to defend our teeth from fluoride, etc

of course the joke’s on us, because this mentalité just got elected president


The hard science is this. RH (relative humidity) aka dew point must be AT LEAST 100% for any legit water vapor condensation trail to form and last a few minutes.
The thing is, RH at 100% at cruising altitude (33k feet, where you might expect to see a contrail every now and again) is extremely rare.

And the higher the altitude, the lower the RH gets. For example on flight radar/tracker 24, you’ll see sky vehicles spraying at 50k feet- the RH there is usually 1%, maybe 2% -very low.
This leads us to make certain conclusions that the trails are #artificiallynucleated and not water vapor.
Then when we look at the NATO weather modification treaties, the #rainwatertests, hair, blood samples, #PublicLaw94490, the proponents of Geoengineering in the scientific community, the CIA director coming clean recently, the council on foreign relations admitting they’ve “spent millions deceiving the public when it comes to Geoengineering”… well, this is reality folks, most of you know this already but for those that don’t.

And DO NOT take this as fear mongering- that’s YOUR reaction to it, not my intention.
This is information to go research yourself.
We have the solutions.
#LetsOrgonizeEarth ••• RP from
@truth_society - “Those are just contrails because the government said so” -Fluoridated Sheeple #wakeup #chemtrails #truthbomb #thirdeye

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Questionable sources

In this undated photograph, freelance counterintelligence operator Georgios “The Ghost Hunter” Stirotikos poses with his “spook gun” somewhere in the South Pacific. Stirotikos, who won fame as a brutal breaker of German intelligence operations with the Greek resistance during World War Two, moved into the mercenary world after the cessation of hostilities.

In 1954, a janitor at a Masonic Hall in Carson City, Nevada, inadvertently discovered several crates of mysterious documents. The documents, slated for destruction, linked Stirotikos and his group to a series of mysterious deaths of intelligence agents on both sides of the Cold War. They also implied that the Masons were at the forefront of a secret war for control of the Earth, fighting various factions such as the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Zionist Occupational Government, or ZOG.

While the veracity of these documents has never been proven, the One World Government’s recent official language change to Hebrew seems to prove that ZOG ניצח.