People hold it against the Council when they refuse to listen to Shepard about the Reapers, but if someone came to you claiming the world was going to be destroyed and you had only dreams and circumstantial evidence to prove it, you wouldn’t believe it either

Camberwell - SE5

I know I haven’t been posting in a while, that is because I have had little time to focus on what really matters to me, which is going out taking photographs. Hopefully this term will finish soon! 

This was somewhere in the mysterious inland Camberwell. There is a series of really interesting, bungalow looking council blocks that I would love to further explore. I have had a look around few of them and I was already fascinated. Some of them are almost derelict and extremely interesting. 

This is one of them, perhaps my favourite.

LEGO  Rick and Morty

“Rick an morty” is such an awesome series! you should definetly watch it on “adultswim”    

I made this pixelart , because this awesome show will start its second season today !  :D      I´m so hyped !  :D

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so the street light outside our house has been on the fritz for years and somebody from the council finally came down to fix it and i was secretly watching them from my bedroom window and all he did was slap it