April 2 2015 - Housing activists pull down fences surrounding Aylesbury estate, London, England. Southwark council spent £140,000 building a massive ‘Berlin Wall-style’ metal-spiked fence around a housing estate in south London. The Council splashed £200 per metre on the 8ft-high, 700 metre-long eyesore surrounding four blocks on the Aylesbury Estate.Council bosses, who have been facing protests over the estate’s planned demolition, claimed the hoarding was put up for the safety of residents.But residents told the Standard they were furious about being penned in behind the wall and left with only one access point to their homes, manned by private security.

Residents at the Aylesbury Estate are losing their homes in a deal between the local authority and Notting Hill Housing (NHH). Southwark call it regeneration, the residents call it social cleansing. They claim they are being pressured into accepting below market rate and risk being priced out of the area. 

The gradual removal of social housing (and its residents) in favour of building more flats for offshore investors increasingly points toward eradicating the mixed communities London has always had. The most important question councils should be asking is who benefits from this regeneration? If the residents come pretty low down that list, surely a rethink is needed.



Double Exposure Portraits of City Council Members

Photojournalist Kyle Grantham of “The News Journal in Delaware” has recently completed a series of double exposure and black and white portraits of city Wilmington’s council members. Each bust is put in profile with in juxtaposition, on his back, the horizon of a place that the politic likes particularly.

I’ve seen so many posts today like:
“The church/conservatives force women to keep their fetuses, then treat the women like crap if they do!!!!!”

Within 20 miles of my home, there are THREE homes for teen moms, and TWO homes/support centers for women/single mothers, all of which provide care and council. ALL OF WHICH ARE OPERATED BY LOCAL CHURCHES, AND DONATIONS OF CHURCH AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS.

And what have local pro-choicers/liberal “women’s rights” activists done to support these women? Nothing to support them, that’s for sure. If anything, they use these women as abortion propaganda. They point and say “See this teenage girl who isn’t going to college because she’s raising a child? IF ONLY SHE’D HAD AN ABORTION.” Instead of supporting her choice to give birth, and supporting her as a woman.