Imagine there’s a war going between Asgard and Muspelheim and all the soldiers in Asgard have to fight. You are a formidable strategist who works with the council because of your skill. But the things seem to be too good for Asgard so you are required to fight alongside Thor, Loki, the Warriors Three and Lady Sif. You all know each other and you have such a huge respect for each other.

At the dawn of what will be the final battle, you are all getting ready and Loki goes to your tent. The truth is that he had admired your work at the palace and finds remarkable that you will fight though it’s not your speciality. He asks you to be near him in the battle, swearing he will protect you no matter what, something that surprises you because you are not close. Before going back to his own tent, he cups of your face and kisses you. At the beginning with desperation, but once you reciprocate, with sweetness. When you both pull apart and before he leaves, he whispers:

“It was now or never.”

Think of it as plastic memory, this force within you which trends you and your fellows toward tribal forms. This plastic memory seeks to return to its ancient shape, the tribal society. It is all around you—the feudatory, the diocese, the corporation, the platoon, the sports club, the dance troupes, the rebel cell, the planning council, the prayer group … each with its master and servants, its host and parasites. And the swarms of alienating devices (including these very words!) tend eventually to be enlisted in the argument for a return to “those better times.” I despair of teaching you other ways. You have square thoughts which resist circles.
—  Frank Herbert, God Emperor of Dune

Camberwell - SE5

I know I haven’t been posting in a while, that is because I have had little time to focus on what really matters to me, which is going out taking photographs. Hopefully this term will finish soon! 

This was somewhere in the mysterious inland Camberwell. There is a series of really interesting, bungalow looking council blocks that I would love to further explore. I have had a look around few of them and I was already fascinated. Some of them are almost derelict and extremely interesting. 

This is one of them, perhaps my favourite.

I’ve seen so many posts today like:
“The church/conservatives force women to keep their fetuses, then treat the women like crap if they do!!!!!”

Within 20 miles of my home, there are THREE homes for teen moms, and TWO homes/support centers for women/single mothers, all of which provide care and council. ALL OF WHICH ARE OPERATED BY LOCAL CHURCHES, AND DONATIONS OF CHURCH AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS.

And what have local pro-choicers/liberal “women’s rights” activists done to support these women? Nothing to support them, that’s for sure. If anything, they use these women as abortion propaganda. They point and say “See this teenage girl who isn’t going to college because she’s raising a child? IF ONLY SHE’D HAD AN ABORTION.” Instead of supporting her choice to give birth, and supporting her as a woman.

Mass Effect

Shepard: The Reapers are coming.

Council: No. No they’re not. 

Mass Effect 2

Shepard: The Reapers are coming.

Council: This again? Yeah, still just no. 

Mass Effect 3

Council: Shepard! Help! The Reapers are here!

Shepard: Are you fucking … really? Now you want to believe me when a big ass Reaper is firing beams of death at people? But what about before?! Oh, nooo, Shepard. Reapers are extinct, Shepard. We don’t believe you, Shepard. Yeah, well fuck you! 

Council: Yes, we were wrong.

Shepard: Yeah you were! Now get me on my ship, so I can bail you’re asses out of yet another problem. Assholes.