I’ve seen so many posts today like:
“The church/conservatives force women to keep their fetuses, then treat the women like crap if they do!!!!!”

Within 20 miles of my home, there are THREE homes for teen moms, and TWO homes/support centers for women/single mothers, all of which provide care and council. ALL OF WHICH ARE OPERATED BY LOCAL CHURCHES, AND DONATIONS OF CHURCH AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS.

And what have local pro-choicers/liberal “women’s rights” activists done to support these women? Nothing to support them, that’s for sure. If anything, they use these women as abortion propaganda. They point and say “See this teenage girl who isn’t going to college because she’s raising a child? IF ONLY SHE’D HAD AN ABORTION.” Instead of supporting her choice to give birth, and supporting her as a woman.


People hold it against the Council when they refuse to listen to Shepard about the Reapers, but if someone came to you claiming the world was going to be destroyed and you had only dreams and circumstantial evidence to prove it, you wouldn’t believe it either

Camberwell - SE5

I know I haven’t been posting in a while, that is because I have had little time to focus on what really matters to me, which is going out taking photographs. Hopefully this term will finish soon! 

This was somewhere in the mysterious inland Camberwell. There is a series of really interesting, bungalow looking council blocks that I would love to further explore. I have had a look around few of them and I was already fascinated. Some of them are almost derelict and extremely interesting. 

This is one of them, perhaps my favourite.

Confession 151: Does no one remember that Rick made the decision to banish Carol on his own seemingly to take back his place as leader then came back to the prison and backpedaled that very decision by trying to put off on the council that he was no longer the leader? Rick, honey, you cannot have it both ways. Or am I wrong? It’s not as simple as black and white for either portion of the above statement. Remember that Rick stepped down in season 3 because he didn’t want to control anyone’s life/death.



It’s Not Too Late - A protest in South London. Central London is undergoing a massive change. The inner core is growing and the influx of large businesses into Zone 1 London has pushed out the larger businesses into Zone 2 London and South London. This means that areas such as Elephant and Castle are now highly sort after.

However during the sixties and seventies, these areas were undesirable on the whole as a generation chose to leave the city for the suburbs. This meant that a high proportion of social housing was built to house the poorer residents who were left behind and the new immigrants to the city.

Now, however,London property and land is at it’s highest value. Councils realise that very profitable land is taken up by low revenue housing; social housing. Over the last few years, councils have made a point about giving usable Council Estates bad names, condemned them as unsafe and evicted tenants for demolition. The land then gets sold to private housing developers selling and letting houses at three times the rate of social housing. A small percentage of housing is given to “Affordable Housing” which often requires a salary of £30,000 to be eligible. “Affordable” is just a name.

Social Housing is very rarely being built. The huge acts of kindness started by the Victiorians and charities, and later by the GLC are not being repeated in our day and age. The awareness that it benefits us all to give everyone an equal opportunity is not currently in favour.

I write this as a political moderate. My views are not extreme in believing that we need more social housing stock, or at least to maintain what we have.

It just saddens me that one day, we may have a very mono cultural city if policies are not changed. The Heygate is gone. The Aylesbury is next.

Mass Effect

Shepard: The Reapers are coming.

Council: No. No they’re not. 

Mass Effect 2

Shepard: The Reapers are coming.

Council: This again? Yeah, still just no. 

Mass Effect 3

Council: Shepard! Help! The Reapers are here!

Shepard: Are you fucking … really? Now you want to believe me when a big ass Reaper is firing beams of death at people? But what about before?! Oh, nooo, Shepard. Reapers are extinct, Shepard. We don’t believe you, Shepard. Yeah, well fuck you! 

Council: Yes, we were wrong.

Shepard: Yeah you were! Now get me on my ship, so I can bail you’re asses out of yet another problem. Assholes.