What do you guys think?

Some People are Less than Human

It has happened again, and it will keep happening, because some of us are monsters. 

And some of these monsters feed on fame.

After midnight, in a crowded movie theater in Aurora, CO a beast walked in and opened fire.  It killed as few as 12 people, as time goes by, that number may shift. 

Like all tragedies, this is an unimaginable destruction of the lives of the family members of the victims.  Their loved ones leave for an evening of Hollywood fantasy, never to return to them, taken from them by a monster.  The wounds will never fully heal.  The survivors can never be made whole.

I firmly believe that we need to know WHY this creature decided to execute these people.  We need to know its psyche, its motive, its genesis.  We need to know these things so we can stop future animals, so we can save the lives of other fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers.

What we cannot know, what must be stricken from history, is its face and its name.

Beasts like this crave attention and fame.  This tragedy took place less than 50 miles from the worst school massacre in American history, Columbine.  An event that has immortalized the two monsters that murdered 13 people, and then so cowardly engraved their own names in history by killing themselves at the end. They knew that if they survived they may be forgotten, they may have faded, but in death they could be immortal.  They knew the media would raise them above all else, that years later we would all know their names, and see them as the faces of evil, and they were right. 

They knew the media was and is a simple creature, one that feeds on sensationalism and fear.

They knew that if they controlled their own end that they would never be forgotten.

It has already happened in this new tragedy.  The new monsters name has been released by ABC news, all other outlets will follow, because they believe that they MUST, that we MUST know its name. 

But we do not, no one needs to know its name, we need to know what created this animal, we need to stop future people from devolving into something like this.  We already know one cause for this animal’s creation, fame.

We must deny it the fame it seeks.

We must forget its name.

We must never see its face.

… but we will remember it,  we will see it, and one of us that looks into its eyes will smile inside, and say “yeah, I can be famous to”

And it will happen again.