But can you imagine if Phil and Steve actually got together?

Like, they’d probably start hanging out because Phil is patient and calm and probably understands what it’s like to come back from a war. He’d could explain all the ways that the future has changed and would always be willing and eager to help, and Steve wouldn’t feel like he was imposing, or like an idiot.

And Phil would slowly learn about the person behind Captain America, find out about how Steve says stuff like ‘swell’, is maybe a little afraid of the microwave, is more than a little headstrong and judge-y and preachy, all of his flaws and strengths. He’d come to learn about Steve instead of this ideal he had been striving for his whole life and that, yeah, Steve is worth striving for even more.

And Steve would come to know the fellow soldier who loves his job and never falters or wavers and believes with a fierce intensity, kind of like Steve. But unlike Steve, who believes in people, Phil believes in SHIELD, a real place that outlasts any building and any attack. I think that might make Phil’s belief a bit sturdier, so in those times when Steve is upset by the ever changing, hypocritical, and frustrating American populace, Phil could go, 'No, it’s real. It’s worth fighting for.’

And then neither of them would actually make a move, Phil still being hung up on the hero worship and Steve still the blushing 'fondue’ kid.

Steve would eventually decide to make the first move. Not flowers, you don’t give a guy flowers, but the only other thing Steve could think of would be the trading cards, and it’d be way too weird to try and court someone with cards with his face on them.

Finally he’ll think chocolates, dark because Phil has a thing for dark chocolate, and Steve will decide that a box set might be better suited for this kind of thing. Then he’d go to Phil’s office and just kind of thrust them out and start on the speech he prepared. Then he’d mess up and start stuttering and his already vivid blush would get worse until Phil had the decency to stop him.

“Really?” Phil would say, staring down at the chocolates.

“Is that not right? Nothing I found said otherwise, but if it’s wrong…”

“No. That’s not what I meant,” Phil would say, then he would look down at his desk and start straightening the already organized papers on his desk.

Steve would blink, then give a soft smile and then set the chocolates down on top of the papers. “Yeah,” he’d say. “Really.”

And Phil would place a hand on the chocolates, as if making sure they’re really there, and neither of them would say anything as their hands slowly made their way until the tips of their fingertips touched.