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Prohibition era AU: Clint works at a sketchy speakeasy called The Circus and he has a few secret talents of his own besides pouring hooch for all the patrons. 

Little does he know there’s an agent who’s been casing his joint, who may be a little stuck on the dashing Mr. Clint Barton.

(Photos taken from The Case Files of Phillip J Coulson, circa 1925)

cheek to cheek - phlint one shot

Clint has a hearing problem.

It isn’t anything he really hid; it wasn’t some huge secret. Anyone who read his file would know the whole story and he wouldn’t hesitate to answer whomever asked. His hearing aids were just as part of him as a hand or a leg, so sometimes it slipped his mind that they were even there. A newbie agent with a sharp eye would stare too long and Clint would laugh at how quickly they looked away when he caught them. Its no big deal, he would say. Just forget they’re even there. I do.

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someday I will stop drawing Clint in princess dresses
that day is not today

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