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Framework Theory

Okay, I’ll explain my theory as I explained it on Twitter. The Framework from 4x15 of Agents of Shield showed some gnarly things for our agents, and some of which people don’t understand, so let me break it down in a way that I processed it via characters.

The framework works in the way that it resorts people to not their “happy” places but a state of their “ideal” places. Where things are simplified to a fault and nothing is at all causing them “pain” because it’s baseline stuff. As we know, any relationship causes pain on any level. None is completely perfect. The framework doesn’t cut pain from the emotions, it just puts them somewhere it won’t have a chance to exist, meaning this: Shield does not exist in the framework because it is the source of their strife.

Now, to explain.

Daisy Johnson: Skye was founded by Shield, only because she was part of the rising tide, a hacker group that was commuted to uncovering the secrets of Shield. Since Shield doesn’t exist here, it means that Hydra was the one Skye hacked into. In the same way she joined Shield, Ward recruited her into Hydra. And because of that, Skye never felt the pain of Ward’s betrayal. He never had to change to Hydra because he always was. The world was simplified for her, cutting out the middle man and /that/ is why she’s with Ward and not Lincoln, someone who made her genuinely happy. Ward never hurt her, so she remained happy with him.

Phil Coulson: Coulson has told us before that he got recruited into Shield because in College, as a history major, he started to uncover just how much history was made by Shield. Since Shield doesn’t exist, Coulson never found any of that out, leaving no recruitment into Shield and having him choose the path of School Teacher instead. He teaches people to fear inhumans because without Shield he didn’t have the experience with them, or Daisy in general, that led him to know they aren’t bad guys.

Alphonso Mackenzie: His story is relatively simple. He recently explained to us, or Yoyo, that he lost a child before. In this framework, his life was already fine before. So it just cut out that pain for him. He has his ex wife and a daughter that grew up with him this time. Without any Shield to get entranced by and no reason to turn to Hydra, he lives a peaceful Suburban life.

Melinda May: May’s mother was a spy, something we knew from before and we’re led to believe she followed her mother’s footsteps. Since most of their before-mentioned stories stated the same, I have no real reason to believe May’s changed at all, other than instead of joining Shield’s spy organization, she turned to Hydra since Shield doesn’t exist. She never meets Coulson and lives a stoic life as a Hydra agent.

Fitz&Simmons: To do this separately, I must first do them together and say this. Without Shield, these two never got recruited into the academy and never met. As much as all of us Fitzsimmons fans hate to admit, Fitz and Jemma really cause each other a lot of pain. Even so, we understand that life’s relationships should be that way. Uphill battles for large payouts with people we love. The framework, it doesn’t compute that.

Jemma Simmons: I have many reasons to believe that framework Jemma isn’t dead. For one, she located her avatar. It was explained to us that the only reason so many people could exist in the framework was because of the Darkhold which was able to help obtain all of that information. But when Jemma explains that if you die in the framework, you die in the real world it’s because the collective consciousness that was delivered into the framework ceases to exist. If Jemma was able to locate her avatar it means that her AI consciousness was able to keep her place, which means she still lives. Her death could’ve been staged for many reasons, but that’s up to speculation.

Leopold Fitz: Fitz lives in a world now where he’s literally on top of it. He was told as a child by his father he wasn’t smart enough and wouldn’t be anything. Now, Fitz is everything. He never meets Jemma Simmons, never falls for her, and never goes through any emotional trauma to get her back or live on. He’s content with his life as it is then.

I honestly believe this is what’s going on, and I really don’t think that Hydra and Shield “swapped places” or that Shield had fallen. If that were the case, May and Daisy would’ve stayed loyal to Shield and Coulson wouldn’t very well be alive.

So fear not, my fellow agents.


And we could be enough
That would be enough

Y’know what I would love, in terms of “waking F(r*)itz up”…

He points the gun at Jemma - or at someone else, but she probably steps in the way, because if anyone can get to him, she can,

and he’s about to lose his shit because seriously who ARE you and WHY won’t anyone tell me what is going on and WHO THE HELL ARE YOU

and Jemma contemplates an impassioned plea for him to remember her because they love each other across time and the cosmos can suck it or whatever, but then she thinks about it…

because the others, May and Coulson and Mack if they get him by that point… they’re not remembering who they actually literally are, they haven’t really remembered their actual lives (although Coulson has a bit), it’s more like they’ve remembered their true natures and how they would really make decisions, and they’re using that nature to resist the confines in which they’ve been put

so when Fritz says “Who are you?”

Jemma says

“It doesn’t matter. Forget about me, forget about what I said before, forget what anyone has told you that you are. What do you think? What do you feel?”

and he has always been told ‘don’t think that’ ‘don’t feel that’ so this is probably a weird sensation for him but he can’t help but wonder

and he looks down the barrel of the gun at this woman, pleading for his soul, pleading for the lives of her friends, showing loyalty and compassion and selflessness that he’s always been raised to believe are weak. he could shoot her. he could kill her. yet she is standing there. is that weakness? is it foolishness? or is it strength?

and he hears that voice, not his father’s voice, not Ophelia’s, but his own. ‘what if I didn’t have to do that?’ and all the other questions he’s ever asked, especially those he asked last time he was in this situation, last time he took the killing path

because he already knows this is wrong

and maybe it takes Jemma to highlight that

it’s not about her and it’s not about them

but she gives him space to act out his true nature in a world of people who have been trying to control him and even though our Fitz, real-world Fitz, doesn’t come through (because that’s not what’s been happening) his soul does and his heart does

and Fritz lowers the gun


It seems that the Sorting Hat tends to place students based on qualities they value rather than qualities they exhibit..

Note#1: Steve is NOT a Hufflepuff. He will NEVER BE a Hufflepuff. Is he loyal hardworking etc? absolutely. But I think what really and fundamentally represents him is his Bravery, his nerve and his chilvary.

Note#2: Tony Stark. he is such a complex character. the best descripion I’ve seen of him is A Ravenclaw, with Slytherin like personality, that tries to be a Gryffindor. And I know that a lot of you think he’s a Gryffindor and I kind of agree.But seriously. His super power is his mind.  He designed his superpower (the suit, which is RED AND GOLD and it’s what he thinks makes him a superhero. It represents the Gryffindor side of him).He discovered a new element and when asked he says he is “a genious billionaire blah blah blah” So. Ravenclaw.


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what would be 3-5 of your headcanons for a "suburban dad raising their daughter skye with melinda while periodically adopting everyone" life au

     ➥   i .

phil  takes  family  days  /  date  nights  with  melinda  very  seriously  .  he  makes  sure  himself  ,  melinda  ,  and  skye  have  at  least  one  day  of  the  week  (  usually saturday  )  where  they’re  all  together  as  a  family  .  same  thing  goes  for  phil  and  melinda’s  date  nights  together  .  if  they’re  unable  to  get  a  babysitter  for  skye  ?  they  just  drag  her  along  with  them  ,  whether  it’s  to  a  fancy  restaurant  ,  or  a  simple  burger  joint  .  problem  is  ,  skye  hates  date  night  .  the  food  is  always  great  ,  but  she  knows  what  always  follows  as  soon  as  they  all  return  home  ;  she’s  forced  to  watch  mom  and  dad  all  hearteyes  and  kissy  face  with  one  another  while  she’s  trying  to  watch  her  cartoons  .

     ➥   ii .

PHILLIP  J.  COULSON  IS  A  GIANT  DORK  .  this  one  certainly  shouldn’t  come  as  a  shock  .  phil  is  that  dorky  father  and  husband  that  you  see  in  every  movie  .  i’m  talking  skye  and  melinda  covering  their  face  (  but  always  having  those  smiles  phil  loves  so  much  directly  behind  )  to  hide  the  red  cheeks  type  dorky  .  he’s  always  cracking  terrible  jokes  and  being  that  nerd  that  melinda  fell  so  hard  in  love  with  .  phil  has  literally  made  it  his  goal  to  ensure  skye  laughs  at  one  of  his  dad  jokes  before  she  leaves  every morning  for  school  .  (  hey  ,  skye              what  do  you  get  when  you  cross  a  cow  and  a  duck  ?  milk  and  quackers  !  )  and  with  may  ?  oh  ,  boy  ,  you  guessed  it  ,  he’s  the  type  of  husband  who’s  going  to  sit  at  the  table  in  the  crowded  restaurant  shoving breadsticks  under  his  lip  saying  he’s  a  walrus  .

     ➥   iii .

while  both  phil  and  melinda  have  busy  jobs  ,  they  make  sure  to  make  it  home  in  time  to  make  dinner  together  .  melinda  usually  does  the  vegetable  chopping  ,  while  phil  works  either  the  stove  or  the  grill .  and  you  can  bet  your  ass  there’s  random  kisses  thrown  in  when  they  end  up  running  into  each  other  in  their  cramped  kitchen  .  then  of  course  you  have  skye  making  barfing  noises  off  to  the  side  demanding  that  they  not  get  cooties  in  her  dinner  .

     ➥   iv .

as  for  the  adopting  everyone  point  ,  i  can  definitely  see  phil  bugging  for  more  kids  .  and  while  melinda  is  totally  on  board  with  the  idea  of  having  another  baby  ,  same  with  skye  ,  because  every  girl  needs  a  little  brother  to   play  dress  up  and  tea  party  with  ,  right  ?  skye  just  doesn’t  understand  that  mommy  and  daddy  need  alone  time  in  order  to  give  her  a  baby  brother  or  sister  .  phil  and  melinda  have  stopped  scheduling  their  attempts  at  having  another  baby  ,  they  figure  if  it  happens  ?  it  happens  .  if  not  ?  they’re  both  perfectly  happy  with  their  family  right  now  .

       v .

listen  up  ,  the  most  important  was  saved  for  last  !  melinda  and  skye  have  phil  wrapped  around  their  fingers  !  because  whatever  his  girls  want  ?  he’ll  go  through  hell  and  high  water  to  make  it  happen  .  now  ,  melinda’s  requests  are  easier  to  fulfill  .  you  know  ,  breakfast  in  bed  ,  seeing  that  new  chick  flick  that  just  came  out  ,  phil  doing  that  thing  she  loves  so  much  .  but  skye  ?  her  requests  more  than  not  get  him  in  trouble  with  his  wife  .  skye  wants  a  puppy  ?  done  .  skye  wants  ice-cream  for  dinner  ?  done  .  skye  wants  a  cellphone  ?  it’s  at  the  top  of  his  to  do  list  the  second  she  turns  16  .  there’s  no  doubt  about  it  that  skye  has  her  daddy  wrapped  around  her  wee  ,  little  finger  .  which  is  exactly  why  the  coulson  family  now  has  three cats  ,  two  dogs  ,  and  an  overweight  hamster  named  rhino  ,  because  of  course  skye  wanted  it  to  look  like  the  one  from  her  favorite  movie  ,  bolt  .  (  melinda  and  phil  only  found  out  her  plan  after  skye  went  away  to  camp  for  the  weekend  and  mom  and  dad  had  to  keep  care  of  it  .  they  were  not  impressed  .  rhino  is  now  on  a  strict  diet  .  )

Coulson and Bucky get into a heated argument about some random trivia about Steve that nearly comes to blows because







Steve really really wants to intervene, but he didn’t even know he had a birthmark on his butt.


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