@mingna_wen : Flashback Friday.
#agentsofshield version of #Frozen….only it’s 80 degrees in LA & we’re in real parkas with fake snow.
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  • Me on a date:So, what do you think of Captain America?
  • Them:I dunno, he was kind of lame. Iron Man is way cooler.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:sorry but i have to-
  • Coulson, punching through wall:WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY
  • Steve:*in a crowd and can't find bucky*
  • Steve:*murmurs* Captain America sucks..
  • Bucky, jumps over the crowd pumping his metal fist into the air:FIGHT ME
  • Hawkeye, speaking with a mouthful of sandwich:hey..LANGUAGE!
  • Falcon, flies over the crowd:On your above, you ass.
  • Tony Stark, zooooms from the opposite direction of Falcon:DON'T INSULT SENIOR CITIZENS!
  • Black Widow, appears out of, literally nowhere:*looks visibly murderous*
  • Peggy Carter, rises out of her grave:I HEARD YOU TALKING SHIT ABOUT STEVE ROGERS lemme tell you---...
  • Agent Phil Coulson, jumps out of the helicarrier without a parachute:NAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FIIIIGHHHHTT MEEEE
  • Nick Fury:*pulls trigger on his gun*
  • Steve:what