RF: Takot ako sa Clown

Hindi lang naman siguro ako ung taong takot sa clown no? tuwing nakakakita ako lalo na yung kapag may mga birthday parties na kami yung host, I always feel na baka mga holdapers or kidnapers or worst serial killers sila na biglang may dalang baril or something, tsaka nakakatakot talaga ung lagpas nilang make-up.

I hate when I tell people I have coulrophobia and they assume I just find clowns a ‘bit creepy’.

No, I’m acctually terrified. Images of them can give me nightmares for weeks. Masks and shit for costume stores can make me shake and hyperventilate. There was once a man dressed as one handing otu flyers and I went into a full blow panic attack. My friends have to warn me if we’re going to go past one/something resembling one and I have to close my eyes and really focus on anything but the fact there is one in my presence.

I can’t explain what terrifies me, they just do.

So yeah, they’re more than a 'little bit creepy’.