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There is nothing the Skywalker and Organa-Solo families fear more that Artoo whistling innocently, because it means some one now has holo evidence of one of them doing something stupid, funny embarrassing or all three.

Worse than the innocent whistle is that menacingly jovial beep-chuckle he does.

Because that means it’s already too late, the information can no longer be contained.

(He made that sound when Mon Mothma related a story of a ten year old Leia freaking out and punching some poor clown at an Empire Day parade and by nightfall half the base knew. Of course, this meant Leia being jokingly proclaimed the patron saint of coulrophobics everywhere, but it also meant certain people in the Empire found out as well. Vader never says anything about it. He hates clowns too.)

Dear child from next door, 

I’m sure you’re a lovely kid, and of course I’ll help you get your ball back from my lawn. But if you ever knock on my door in a full clown costume again, we’re going to have problems. 


Your coulrophobic neighbour

RF: Takot ako sa Clown

Hindi lang naman siguro ako ung taong takot sa clown no? tuwing nakakakita ako lalo na yung kapag may mga birthday parties na kami yung host, I always feel na baka mga holdapers or kidnapers or worst serial killers sila na biglang may dalang baril or something, tsaka nakakatakot talaga ung lagpas nilang make-up.

I hate when I tell people I have coulrophobia and they assume I just find clowns a ‘bit creepy’.

No, I’m acctually terrified. Images of them can give me nightmares for weeks. Masks and shit for costume stores can make me shake and hyperventilate. There was once a man dressed as one handing otu flyers and I went into a full blow panic attack. My friends have to warn me if we’re going to go past one/something resembling one and I have to close my eyes and really focus on anything but the fact there is one in my presence.

I can’t explain what terrifies me, they just do.

So yeah, they’re more than a 'little bit creepy’.