couldyoubemyerik asked:

Share five facts about yourself and send this to ten of your favourite followers!


  1. I have a little Marimo pet from my beloved friend on my desk and his name is Jim. Because I was watching Star Trek at the time and stuff.
  2. I have a little “David’s head in the bag” sticker on my laptop and I love it. 
  3. If I knew I wouldn’t die of heart failure, I probably could eat cheeseburgers and fries everyday for the rest of my life.
  4. Mint is my favorite color to end all colors.
  5. I made Law Review this year and I’m super excited even though I’m gonna be super busy and asdlfkj. 

couldyoubemyerik asked:

Share five facts about yourself and send this to ten of your favourite followers!

JUST KIDDING.  I love all of my followers; you guys are amazing! <3 (I’m so sorry that it took this long to reply!)

1) I’m a high school senior. Usually school is really easy for me, but this year some of classes are a bit intimidating… AP Calculus BC, AP Economics, AP English 12/Literature. Meep.

2) I’m starting a club-ish! With the help of my Advanced Media Production teacher and a classmate :o) I have a huge passion for video production, so I’m hoping with this club, we can produce some short films or maybe a miniseries or two this year. Still trying to decide what our first project should be. Should I start making a short or a miniseries? What should it be about? (Suggestions/advice greatly appreciated!!)

3) I love Philly cheesesteaks, pasta, and squid. (Not together.)

4) I’m excited to see The Maze Runner and Divergent on the big screen. Both series were enjoyable to read, and I’m always curious to see book-to-movie adaptations.

5) I don’t get porn? I don’t know how else to explain it. It doesn’t really hold any appeal to me whatsoever. Well, it’s better if it’s any of my ships, but I try to stay away from it in general, lol.

They’ve been sitting at the restaurant for quite a while now, chatting and catching up with each other’s thoughts about the past few weeks. Their schedules having been quite busy lately, they didn’t have much time to share with one another. 
So Charles is talking about some mutant that he was able to locate through Cerebro. Erik would indeed like to listen carefully and take mental notes about said new discovered mutant’s special ability and all, but he can’t find himself to pay attention to it. For the past couple of minutes, he’s found himself unable to pay attention to anything else than the telepath’s cherry red lips, which have been slightly tainted by the glass of wine the man’s been sipping during diner. 
Staring at this constant motion of his friend’s mouth, the German’s imagined all sort of things in the past related to these both in his dreams or fantasies. He’s seen himself kiss the younger man, get kissed back by this perfect piece of flesh that are Charles’s lips, said fantasies sometimes going as far as having those wrapped around his cock. Gott, Lensherr. Stop thinking about that in a public place. 
The metal-kine was finally intended in listening to the current conversation that the other man was having with himself when he noticed something odd in the ambiance; the Briton had stopped talking. Glancing up at his friend’s brilliant eyes, the older mutant didn’t miss the confusion in those as he probably was asking himself if Erik had been listening. Oh geez, what to do now..? 

couldyoubemyerik asked:

Share five facts about yourself and send this to ten of your favourite followers! ( <3! )

Erm.. Let’s see.. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do it as Erik or not, but anyhow, I’ll make one for both then ;D So here we go for the most interesting part: M. Lehnsherr.

1. I absolutely hate sweets. They remind me of a happy childhood that I’ve lost so easily in the hands of Schmidt although Chocolate is the sweet that I despise the most. You probably already all know why.

2. I never thought about having bonds with people before I met Charles. Never even thought about love itself. This man had changed me greatly. Much more than I would ever care to admit.

3. I’m 5’11”. Not that tall, yet a little taller than the average men height. 

4. I speak fluent German, English, French and Spanish. I learned all of these languages by travelling a lot to survive as a kid and then find Shaw after I became stronger.

5. I love Charles Xavier unconditionally. One may not even lay eyes on this piece of perfection to wish for a painful death. 


Anyhow, there’s the other part; me! :D 

1. I’m currently studying in a double program: Language and History. Said thing is pretty harsh on end of terms. I sometimes wonder why I chose such a big program, but I won’t quit because I love it. Yet I’m still not sure about what I wish to do in the future on the career side.

2. I might be one of Michael Fassbender’s biggest fans. And one of my biggest regrets this Summer is not being able to meet him in person. The whole X-men crew being in Montreal, I’ve only saw them on action a little bit, but didn’t meet any of them. :[  Oh. And I also simply looooove Jensen Ackles! ~

3. I absolutely hate to show any kind of emotions that isn’t joy in front of my friends or acquaintances. I have way too much of a big pride to admit being weak and extremely rarely cry in front of people. 

4. I love travelling! I already have plans to visit Germany, England, Ireland and much more! I also have a passion with languages. I’m currently learning German and starting Spanish soon, already speaking French and English. After College, though, I want to learn Italian, Swedish, Russian and maybe some other languages. It’s my passion! 

5. I’m much more of a lone wolf than anything else. I really like to be on my own most of the time although I really like seeing friends. Anyhow, it makes me question if I ever should have a roommate when I move out of here. Answer that will most probably be no. 

So anyway~ Here you go~ That was… 5 facts about Erik and me~ Hope you enjoyed! 

The Better Man

Soft and wet, your eyes,and bleeding.
Furrows on your forehead deepening.
Are you trying to talk to me,
to touch my mind?
You won’t have me here;
you can’t hear my mind.
I’m protected from your probing.
You’ve melted into me before;
why do you want it again?

“Everything”, you said,
so you must know how I hurt.
You can’t heal me, and I can’t heal you.
We’re even, you and I; the same.
Equal now, and opposites.

I was a fool to think I could have you;
you were a fool to think I could be tamed.
I can’t.
I wanted to kill him
more than I wanted you.
And that, I know, hurts worse than your wound.
You cry out from more than one kind of pain.

Touch the other minds;
they’ll take you.
Anyone in the world would take you, Charles.
So why do you want me?
I would have be wasted on you.
I wanted you, but not enough
to keep myself from murder.
You are the better man, my friend, my love.
You always were.

I’ve known all along
it was only hope
that made you see
the better man in me.



Beautiful Poem by on 
“The Better Man: a Charles & Erik poetry collection”