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animated sailor moon manga caps:
                > Haruka x Michiru doujinshi - Bleu de Ciel by Studio Canopus


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“Has one indoor and one outdoor pair of boat shoes. Because he’s a bro, but he’s not a barbarian.”

my dudes,,, my friends,,, kevin day, abuse survivor, very anxious boy who needs courage and someone at his back to remind him he’s strong, uses alcohol as a crutch? him and aaron minyard, abuse survivor, angry boy who needs someone to listen to him, to really see him, who used drugs as a crutch until it was killing him and now uses alcohol to take the edge off? they’re Good together,, they’d take care of each other, they can relate to each other and support each other and man. bro. that’s so good. they deserve that. they deserve each other because they deserve someone who can handle the pricklier parts and can be trusted with the softer parts. its 4am and im emo but yea i just. wanted to let everyone know. they’re in love and theyre out there supporting and loving each other and they have a three legged dog named Leggy bc they couldnt think of a better name and it was too late the dog knew his name and responded to it,, aaron’s in med school being smart and wonderful, kevin his playing pro and kicking ass and life is good and they’re happy thank you n goodnight

Inuyasha Western AU southern gothic playlist

okay, 8tracks hates me, so I’m gonna have to make this harder for everybody and link each song separately. But anyways, here we go!

Barton Hollow- I think it can go either Narkik or Inukag, depending on the mood.

Birds of a Feather- Narkik all the way. Like, there is no doubt.

Blood of Angels- I get a Naraku vibe. Maybe a Sesshomaru depending on his place in the AU. Also just a good overall.

Bottom of the River- Kikyo, possibly? That’s what I get out of it.

Come Away to the Water- Kagome. It really couldn’t be anything else. Unless you wanted to throw Kohaku in there, maybe.

Devil’s Backbone- At first I thought Narkik, but I think ultimately it would be Inukag.

Dust Bowl Dance- Pretty much Inuyasha’s theme song for this whole damn plot.

End of Time- I like to think of it as Souta referring to Kagome.

Fingers to the Bone- I think I like this for Miroku.

Kingdom Come- Just a good overall AU song.


Wouldn’t Change a Thing- Mirsan and Inukag it literally always makes me want to cry. Not really southern gothic but im throwing it in there.

Rocks and Water- I feel Sango with this one. Maybe Kagome.

Raise Hell- I feel Inuyasha with this one, lmao

Old Number Seven- INUYASHA it could not be anything else

Cheshire Kitten- Definitely Kagome. Or Kikyo, maybe.

Wolf like me- Not really a character unless you want to throw Kouga in there. I just love the tune of it.

I’ve been Down before- (skip to :50 for the actual song, I couldnt find another version) The ultimate Sango theme song.

As Angels Do- Miroku-ish?

The Man Comes Around- I just. Miroku, honestly. It seems like a good representation of the views he would have.But it’s also kind of overall.

The Devil had a hold of me- Sango. That is all. (also forgive the irrelevance of the video)

Marked Man- even the title is freaking Miroku.

Blood on My Name- Inuyasha.

Maneater- Not really a specific character song, I just find it hilarious and disturbing. Maybe Kagura or Kikyo lmao

If I think of anymore I’ll throw them out there. Also, if anyone wants to add a song idea, feel free!

@inusmasha Here it is!

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Hello~ I am weary about the 19 days live action as well...however I think I can be okay with it as long as the acting is good. I don't really care too much about the looks tbh, but i can understand why some do. Well, the manhua is being recognized :)

Hm I have to disagree. tbh i think looks plays a huge part in this. If they end up looking nothing like the characters i will be livid, it would just be some chinese show with a similar-ish storyline (since they’re changing it anyway) and not the 19 days we know and love. Accurate casting should be the first thing you think of. 

Do you know how mad everyone was when they made katara and sokka white?? and zuko indian?!? When everyone in the whole show is chinese/japanese/tibetan !?!? It sure was a big deal to everyone who saw the movie! They couldn’t even make them LOOK right! The second everyone saw them, they couldnt give a rats ass about the acting- they weren’t the characters they knew and loved. 

‘Oh yeah lets swap out the skin colours and make them look nothing like the cartoon, cause thats a good idea’ - some fuckwit named M. Night Shyamalan

We can’t leave out the attack on titan movie-  sweet baby jesus, who gave ‘Humanity’s Strongest’ a pedo moustache!?!?!?! And how hard is it to even comb his hair the same way!?

An example of accurate casting would be asuma kousuke, who portrays oikawa tooru in haikyuu, who looks so stunningly perfect for the role they don’t even give him a wig

External image

plus he’s a setter who just graduated from high school and LOVES oikawa, the same height and has the same personality as him!!! and also as gay with iwa-chan as he is in the series! 

So i guarantee you i will Lose My Shit if they dont even get the VISUALS right- (the plot is already sorted out for you!) and it better look as good as the cosplay below. I won’t compromise on this, cause its the bare MINIMUM requirement of ANY live adaption. If it was a book to film, appearances wouldn’t matter so much- but since their iconic appearances have already been established, it really matters. 

Once upon a time, Tyranny and Justice fell in love.

Tyranny was powerful and didnt care about what people could think about her actions, at the other hand, Justice was always worried about people, and even when she was very powerful as well, her strenght was always dependent of how many people supported her. It seemed, unfortunately for Justice, that people didnt want  to act following her, and even when they said over and over that they hate Tyranny, they were always missing the purposes of equality and love. 

Deep inside, Tyranny thought Justice was admirable, since she knew that support equality and caring about people was difficult as well, but always thought that Justice hated her, for being like she was. 

At the other hand, Justice was afraid of Tyranny, and thought she will never respect her and appreciate her efforts toward people, so she kept herself hidden from Tyranny.

Anyways, they couldnt help to see each other at some point, since people always were fighting over which side they would support. At some point, Justice ended up working for Tyranny, and that made people think there wouldnt exist hope for them in the future since all Justice actions would be influenced by Tyranny, and that wouldnt be true equality. 

People were angry and wanted Tyranny dead, they thought wishing her death made them good people and convinced with this, they started talking in the name of Justice to kill Tyranny. But Justice didnt think like that, she believed Tyranny had a soul as well and was able to feel towards people. She was different, she made mistakes, but she couldnt hate her, in fact, she only wanted to help her, to protect her from the mortal rage of her own supporters, after all, she believed she made mistakes as well in the past.

One day, she went to see her opposite, and understood she loved her, that even when she made people suffer and made wrong decisions, from her point of view, she was strong, and was willing to fight for her beliefs. She told Tyranny about her feelings, and left her unable to react for some time, since Tyranny wasnt used to people loving her, quite the opposite. “It feels warm, right?”, said Justice smiling, and Tyranny understood her feelings were not completely defeated by the high amount of power and hate, and promised to protect Justice as well, even when they were completely different. 

They loved each other in secret, enjoying their moments together and discovering a new kind of love that didnt relate on their beliefs, it was beyond that, beyond everything, a bond that was so strong, that they knew they would probably die together at some point. One day, a rebellion took place and all people were looking for Tyranny to kill her. When they found her, Justice was with her and people couldnt understand why. They were more angry now after finding out Justice wanted to protect Tyranny and called her traitor, murderer, and other kind of names. Justice said she didnt want to fight, and Tyranny wont fight either, in fact, Justice gave her weapon to people, and Tyranny wasnt holding hers either. Justice told people they loved each other, and wanted to live together to make a new balace between the two powers.

But people wouldnt listen to that kind of excuses.

In that moment, people stopped believing in Justice, and at the end, used her own weapon to try to kill Tyranny. However, Justice placed herself between the weapon and her lover to protect her, trying to help her escape the cold touch of death. It was impossible though, the lenght of the weapon was enough to stab both bodies. People left them dying slowly. Tyranny smiled softly, and told Justice she loved her a last time. Justice said the same and soon both were dead, under the red shadow of the equality people supported, and made them go in a rage searching for blood, doing the same they hated when Tyranny ruled over them.

Knight of the Dinner | Taran&Anna

Anna found herself getting more and more excited at the concept of going to get food with Taran. She wasn’t quite sure why though, it wasn’t the same kind of excited as when she went to hang out with Scar. It was different. She didn’t understand it, and she wasn’t sure if she ever would. Arriving at the Knights tent, Anna took a seat near the front and found herself screaming and cheering for them as they went about their performance.

It was exhilarated, and she was almost disappointed that it was over. At the end of the performance, the winner circled the tent before pulling a rose out of nowhere. He gave it to her, and Anna clapped with the rest of the crowd. Things began to file out, and Anna rushed down the steps to the bottom so she could look for Taran.

okay i get it, i dont know how he felt at that moment. i wasnt there, i didnt hear the people saying it but that doesnt mean i dont have the right to be angry,pissed or worried. can people telling me to get over, chill just stop? its my feelings. if you dont think that exo members werent uncomfortable, they were enjoying it, very happily and there was a no problem and im just making big deal out of it then good for you. if you didnt see zyx was not giving his all, he wasn’t happy to be there but smiled for the sake of the camera then good on you keep being ignorant. but i caught them and it made very anxious i was kept thinking if anything was wrong and after i read that fan account i just couldnt hold it in okay. like who are you to tell me chill when i just discovered bratty kids were calling my bias chinese in very unpleasant tone, he has a name ya know and his stage name is just three letters, its shorter than ‘chinese’, so i can only assume they called him ‘chinese’ to mock him. isnt calling someone by their real name a common human decency? why do i hear people saying ‘its not that racist because they are koreans and they cant be racist to their same race’ ok fine they werent being racist but they were disrespectful and rude, and im having none of that shit. not now not ever.