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havin trouble w/ commissions so spent all night tryin to get the shitty art out feat. fancy beasts without refs bc just kill me ive been listenin to [this] on repeat for 4 goddamn hours let me die


i literally like everyone?? i have too many feelings for my smol body ;((

Rhythm of Love

An AU where Danny’s a singer and Jack is a drummer, and they just happen to be in the same band. Also, in love. What can you do, though?

None of these pictures are mine (except the screenshots lmao) and credit goes to the rightful owners.

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list five things you like about yourself:

1. I’m in college! Less than a year ago I never thought I’d get to college or live to see it, and now I’m already in my second semester. ; w ; I haven’t been perfect but I’m trying my best, and now I even somewhat have an idea of where I want to go in my sorry life! 

2. My art is okay! I’m always learning and always changing my style, but I think I have a pretty solid base. I have a good understanding of anatomy, I think. Sometimes I’ll draw something and really surprise myself like “wow, this is really good! for you anyways” and I’m gonna keep honing my skill and keep improving. :>

3. I’m a good listener! Or at least I try to be, I encourage others to speak to me as much as they like because I know that it feels good to be listened to! Especially in the self insert community, or even just letting someone vent to me and offering any advice that I can.

4. uhhhhhh…

5. sorry I couldn’t finish these! ; w ; three out of five is pretty good I think.

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due to Life this one took a bit longer, but i finished another request from @miraculoussparrow , look at the kids!!! Jake definitely has a thing for overalls or something lmao, and also they look so cute in these outfits!!! thanks for the request.

(also my hands somehow forgot how to draw tobias so this has been good practice lmao)

send me a character and an outfit!!

what about a christmas plot kind of based on the grinch?? like ,, muse a has never had a good holiday season and has a lot of pent up feelings about the holidays/their family issues and just HATES the holiday season doesn’t do anything christmas-y but then they somehow meet muse b who is head over heels in love with christmas time and is APPALLED that muse a doesn’t like christmas bc it’s so much more than dwelling on stupid family shit and drags muse a around to see christmas lights and makes them wrap presents and volunteer at soup kitchens and watch christmas movies and all of this cute holiday shit and muse a does it bc muse b just looks SO CUTE when their face lights up at the sight of anything christmas-y and eventually when it actually gets to christmas eve muse a is like ok bye and muse b is like ?? where are u going ur spending christmas with me and my family and muse a actually gets a bit excited and yeah it’s all cute and fluffy but it’s also ANGSTY bc stupid muse a has so many family issues and somehow throughout all of this they’re both becoming super into each other and i need this in my life


I dont use miitomo anymore but I remembered that since making this post a long time ago I had bought new clothes for my miis… so here’s a repost


It doesn’t have to be this way.


Headcanon or just something I think would be cute or whatever, but not really a fic:
Tango and Whiskey, my boys, being physically affectionate bffs or bfs.

But like, more in private. In public, they’re not much more physical with each other than they are with the others (maybe a few extra shoulder pats or something, but nothing too Noticeable).

When they’re alone together, however, they’re close. They sit with their shoulders pressed together and maybe watch a movie. Whiskey rests his head on Tango’s shoulder. His forearm lays on Tango’s leg, and Tango will reach over to intertwine their fingers- this gives him something to do with his hands as he fidgets. He lightly squeezes Whiskey’s hand and absentmindedly fiddles with fingers as he chatters about the movie or whatever they’re doing. Whiskey sits and listens, just enjoying the contact.

Sometimes one will lay his head in the other’s lap and have his hair stroked while they vent about their days together. Maybe they both lay down together after a particularly rough day and just enjoy the feeling of being in each others’ arms. They each feel a strong sense of comfort in the other.

Sometimes Whiskey’s really frustrated. He’s more quiet than usual during practice and ices out the rest of his teammates (no pun intended ;p). But, afterwards, he goes to Tango. He doesn’t need to say a word as the two of them leave together to find a quiet place where they can be a lone. Whiskey vents while Tango rubs his back supportively and asks about the problems, asks if there’s anything he can do to help. This helps Whiskey feel like someone’s listening, and helps him think through things. 

Other times, it’s Tango with the problems. Perhaps he’s more chatty than usual, or maybe he’s unusually quieter as he wrings his hands and nervously heads into practice. Whiskey puts a supportive hand on his shoulder and is met with a sheepish smile from Tango. When they get to their quiet place, Whiskey immediately allows Tango to take hold of his hands to hold onto and fidget with while he spills his worries. Whiskey doesn’t say much, but does offer advice or at least a few sympathetic lines of “that sounds really shitty.” Sometimes after, he’ll lean forward and press a chaste kiss to Tango’s forehead (the nature of the kiss depending on their relationship with each other). It works for them.

They’re fine, as long as they have each other.


I moved Granix to Strawberry Acres and into a new house. Cape Garner was starting to annoy me but also I just don’t have any patience for it anymore.. but tbh it’s not shocking coming from me and how many times I hop around..

anywayssss.. I was planning on relocating the twins there after Uni since they’re already in Bridgewood but w.e… head starttt.


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I’m not afraid of stopping / This end could be my start / I wanna live a life / And not just play a part / I’ll walk into the sunset / I’ll sail across the sea / The final word, the last you’ll hear of me / Is goodbye, goodbye to every night alone / Goodbye to lives I don’t own / I’m tired of living on the stage / A life that’s only on the page / The empty lives are in the past / I’ve tried before, but here’s the last / Goodbye



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