couldnt tag them all


havin trouble w/ commissions so spent all night tryin to get the shitty art out feat. fancy beasts without refs bc just kill me ive been listenin to [this] on repeat for 4 goddamn hours let me die


i literally like everyone?? i have too many feelings for my smol body ;((

due to Life this one took a bit longer, but i finished another request from @miraculoussparrow , look at the kids!!! Jake definitely has a thing for overalls or something lmao, and also they look so cute in these outfits!!! thanks for the request.

(also my hands somehow forgot how to draw tobias so this has been good practice lmao)

send me a character and an outfit!!

when the king is away the lovely princess kenny is tended to her by her favorite (and only) maidservant, the lady marjorine


I dont use miitomo anymore but I remembered that since making this post a long time ago I had bought new clothes for my miis… so here’s a repost

Rhythm of Love

An AU where Danny’s a singer and Jack is a drummer, and they just happen to be in the same band. Also, in love. What can you do, though?

None of these pictures are mine (except the screenshots lmao) and credit goes to the rightful owners.


It doesn’t have to be this way.



I moved Granix to Strawberry Acres and into a new house. Cape Garner was starting to annoy me but also I just don’t have any patience for it anymore.. but tbh it’s not shocking coming from me and how many times I hop around..

anywayssss.. I was planning on relocating the twins there after Uni since they’re already in Bridgewood but w.e… head starttt.

okay so Kira’s gonna have

  • kira cousland
  • kira shepard
  • kira holloway
  • kira (still for general stuff, or if i couldnt delete the tag without deleting them all)
  • kira yi for the book version
  • and there’s one #kira until dawn

im so tired



do not repost or use

  • me: nash grier and his friends are ok
  • nash: hay look at my eyes
  • taylor: hi I wear bandanas and look attractive
  • jake: wassup i have a deep voice and somehow look good with this chinstrap beard
  • cameron: i have a beautiful body...yah know im just beautiful
  • matt: helo im just cute
  • carter: hei thur im asian and amazing
  • j gilinsky: ...i am sex on legs
  • j johnson: im also cute
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...well fuck

         ↳ @osnes asked: aaron tveit in les mis or catch me if you can

I’m not afraid of stopping / This end could be my start / I wanna live a life / And not just play a part / I’ll walk into the sunset / I’ll sail across the sea / The final word, the last you’ll hear of me / Is goodbye, goodbye to every night alone / Goodbye to lives I don’t own / I’m tired of living on the stage / A life that’s only on the page / The empty lives are in the past / I’ve tried before, but here’s the last / Goodbye

let us fall - a juhaku mix

i. eyes on fire - blue foundation
ii. jdnt - glass animals
iii. hazey - glass animals
iv. the only one - the black keys
v. i would do anything for you - foster the people
vi. pornostartrek - ubiquitous synergy seeker
vii. let the flames begin - paramore
viii. fucked my way up to the top - lana del rey
ix. hunger of the pine - alt-j
x. pools - glass animals