couldnt stay away

marvel: were raising up the inhumans to be a marginalised group within the marvel universe in which we can write stories dealing with issues of prejudice and hate while also being able to create a cast of uniquely powered individuals stuck on the fringes of society. The concept is new and edgy and relatable to todays modern problems and we’re really proud of ourselves for finally addressing these issues within comics

the x-men: we’re literally standing right here

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i was in the brazil concert in the soundcheck yoongi kept on following seokjin and staying by his side or at his back and in the concert he seems to gravitate around him what i noticed is that yoongi kept on hyping hoseok too ^^ but sometimes he'll look around subtly to find seokjin and walk towards him slightly im not a yoonjin shipper but it was something easily noticed yoongi couldnt stay away from seokjin not that i cant relate

oh my god ;;;;;;;;;;

i dont need to prove anything

Relationship with food is the hardest to build up.
When I over-eat i need to find a reason to forgive myself. I always have mini binges on nuts,nut butters, cheese, chocolate and cookies. Yes i know unhealthy both mentally and physically. When I get finished with devouring them, I need to calm myself down. I feel like eating is a privilege and I need to convince myself to let my body eat what I want, when I want.

I hate justifying to my parents. Its tiring and waste of time. Trying to justify that i eat at school by calling them at lunch break, trying to justify that I really have breakfast before they wake up by leaving my dishes, trying to justify that I eat when i’m home alone by eating a lot more than normal so they notice it. Its like the most explicit reason for binging.

“would you just come here”, michael begs you after a heated argument. you stand in the bathroom stalling by brushing your hair and putting it up in to a bun. “seriously i know you’re mad but can you please just get in to bed please. i already said i was sorry, and you know i clearly love you.” michael begs sitting up as he stares at you. you groan and walk over to the bed and cuddle up to him, throwing your arm around his waist. “see i knew you couldnt stay away,” michael said, kissing the top of your head. “no you fuck its bc the coach is uncomfortable…and bc i love you” you say while getting quieter as you drew the sentence to a close. “i knew you did, and i fucking love you too” michael whispered while pulling you closer to him, and then spending all night whispering how much he loved you and how beautiful you were to him.