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man i dont want to be annoying but like. despite how much i love love love dear white people, i cant get over the fact that the writers idea of lesbian representation is a “lesbian” who cheats on her fiancee with a man
(they never call her bi, just ‘lesbian’ or 'gay’ so..) (also she cheats on her fiancee with her student?? thats double gross. how about wlw characters that aren’t pieces of shit)


hey guess whos gonna use her own gifset as an excuse to talk about Ichabod and Calamity? thats right, I am!

and honestly its just cause both Ichy and Calamity definitely lived through the transition of traditional Hollow to industrialized Hollow. which means that, when they were much younger, they spent their childhood running their streets, probably changing forms at will! and they were simply accepted along with the other children. there might have even been other child spirits living there at the time. but then the Industrial Men came and all that changed. Being a spirit was taboo, and dangerous, probably. And i think a lot of the strain we see among the family (Calamity, Ichabod, and their parents) comes from that, and the different ways Calamity and Ichabod adapted to survive. 

Obviously, Ichy conformed. Hard. I would bet that he spent all of his time after the ‘IM arrival’ in human form. and i mean he didn’t go crane for solid years, depending on how long Calamity and him stayed in Hollow after things kinda went to hell. Like, that was how Ichabod survived. He eschewed spirit hood. He wore a wig, kept to his human form, and blended with the rest of society. That guy who knew him in school has no idea that Ichabod is a spirit! and tbh this was probs hard for Calamity to watch, just as her rebellious spirit was hard for Ichabod to see.

Cause let’s be real here guys, Calamity went in the opposite direction. she would go human to avoid being grabbed up and tossed in the asylum, but only as a way to keep herself outta there. otherwise, she was lizard as often as she possibly could be. she made friends with the kids of the traditionalists, probably skipped a helluva lotta school, and ignored the society that had grown to hate her. tbh she probs had a lot of near misses, times that scared her family half to death, but Calamity rebelled against the changes brought by ‘the IM’ by being herself twice as hard as before!

So Ichabod looked at Calamity, and he saw her putting herself in danger and being reckless, while he viewed his way as the smart way. The way to survive until things changed, or they left, bc being targeted by a whole town wasn’t something he thought they could survive. and Calamity looked at Ichabod and saw him stifling himself, slowly suffocating who he truly was just to fit in. As far as she could see, to lose sight of who they were was a worse fate than Hollow turning against them.

and im not saying either way was right or wrong. they were both kids who had to deal with the fact that their hometown was turned against them, and they both adapted in the best way they could. its just that their ways were very very different. 

one last time-m

Justin POV. Justin just couldnt stay away from Y/N no matter how much he tried. warnings; mature/smut. enjoy!

I groan out in frustration. 

“Fuckkk” i mutter to myself. 

“Should i open the door or should i just walk the fuck away. Does Y/N even want to see me, i mean-“ 


I snap my head up to her voice. She opens the door fully, revealing the sweet rose scent of her room. God, i remember that scent all to well. 

“It’s late, what are you doing here?” 

She sounded confused but her voice didn’t sound annoyed at the fact someone would rudely show up at her door step at 1am.

“I wanted to see you.” I say, instantly regretting it as i sounded like a fucking creep. 

Who says that?! I mentally face palm myself. 

She giggles. “yea come in then.”

I think she knew what I came here for, i mean what else would you want when you show up at a girls apartment at 1 in the morning. I knew this was bad and that i should control myself but I would go even fucking crazier than i was now if i didn’t see her a minute longer. I quickly grip her curved waist, dipping underneath her shirt. I feel her soft skin. She wraps her arms around my neck, giggling cutely in my ear. 


“mhmm,” i say as I reach my hands up further up her back. 

“Why hadn’t you called or texted me in the past week?” 

“I was busy,” I mutter. 

That was a bit fat lie. I was actually busy from trying to ignore you. 

“Well, I’ve missed you,” She whined out, caressing my neck with her soft fingers. 

She pulls away from my neck. She stares at me with those gorgeous eyes. She flashes me a small smile before clashing her soft lips onto mine. I feel the her lips. I feel myself getting lured back into her arms again. I work my mouth with hers. She tugs at my hair softly. I feel myself unable to control myself any longer as I feel her smaller body against mine. I could feel her nipples through her shirt against my chest. I grab her by the waist and chuck her down onto her bed. She had officially ruined me the first time i saw her, today was not going to be any different. She quickly removes her large t-shirt off her body, revealing her bare upper body. 

“Fuck” i mutter, feeling my member harden at the sight. 

I had seen her body many times but i guess being one week away from her really did take a toll on me. I stand there, looking down at the fucking goddess below me, sprawled out on the bed, all ready for me, how could i fucking decline that. I lunge at her like a lion to its prey, kissing her stomach. 

“t-hatt tickles!” 

god her laugh sounded like music to my ears. She did not know how much i missed her and I was about to show her this was not all fun and games. I lean down to her heat, only covered by her flimsy panties. I could already imagine how sweet she would taste. I lick my lips. I spread her legs with my hands, forcing her legs apart. I grip on her thighs. She looks down at my every move.  I place my tongue along her covered heat, feeling her clit through the fabric. She bites down at her lips, that action making my shaft twitch in my jeans. I was suppose to tease her but this was toruting myself more than i had expected. I feel myself start to sweat as i continue to mouth her over her panties. I could get off easily by just staring at her facials, god she was sexy. I pull away from her, just for a second as I tug my white t-shirt over my head, leaving me in my ripped knee jeans that was now tight and rescriting, especially at my crotch area. 

“Don’t fucking yank your dick out yet!” i repeat in my head. 

I groan out at the feeling as I brush my hand over my hard shaft. I wouldn’t be surprised if I yank it out and if Y/N touches it, i’ll cum just like that. I glance back to her, i see her staring at me with those seductive eyes. 

“Justin, baby,” she murmurs, “take me how you want.” 

Fuck. This was it. Fuck self control. 

I quickly tug my jeans and boxers in one go, stepping out of them as I climb on the bed, hovering over her glistening body. She hooks her fingers around her panties, shimmering them off her bare legs. She then wraps her legs around me waist, rubbing her wet core against my lower abs, lightly brushing my sensitive tip. I could see my precum already leaking out, that was how much this girl below me turned me on. 

“Baby. You are the biggest tease I’ve meet.” I say truthfully. 

I was getting slight annoyed at how she was able to make me loose control like this. She had a smug smile sprawled over her face. I was fucking determined to fuck her so hard, she’ll not be able to look at me like that ever again. I slam her legs back until her knees hit the bed, exposing her core to my hungry eyes. I twitch at the sight, imaginging how good i’ll feel, imagining how her wet walls will feel aorund me. I alline my aching member at her entrance. I slowly push into her, feeling how wet she was around the tip of my shaft. 

“F-f-fuck,” I curse out uncontrollbly. 

I bite down on my lip, unable to keep myself steady. I push into her, groaning when i feel how tight she felt. I pull out slowly, keep my pace steady. I grip her thighs tigther, using them to support myself. 

“faster,” she breathes out. 

I glance up to see her eyes closed. She looked as if she needed this as much i as i did. I hope she did. 

“Justin,” she call out again, “fuck me harder. That guy i had sex with yesterday had a way better dick game than you grandpa!” 

She opens her eyes to see my reaction. I feel rage all over my body at her statement. I slam into her at a fucking crazy speed. I feel the friction of her walls, perfecting rubbing my shaft. I was moving her whole body at this point. I feel the bed moving along with my thrust. I see her with nothing but her sweet little lips open, panting out. 

“Thats it baby, cum for justin.” 

I grin as i say those words, not stopping as i continue to drill myself into her core. I see her lips turning white, probably from how hard she was biting down on it.

 “Baby,” I coo, “let me hear your moans.” 

I softly speak to her, hoping she’ll let me know how good i was fucking her. She doesn’t reply or open her mouth, still gripping onto the sheets. I leave a hand from her thigh, using it to squeeze her cheeks together, forcing her sweet lips apart. She lets out a moan, then a groan of pleasure. I loved hearing her make those kind of sounds, it’ll forever be the biggest turn on. 

“I’m gonna cum,” her whines travel straight to my ears.

I nod, panting like a just ran a marathon, unable to say a word back to her. I was so close to spilling into her. She then clenches around my shaft, gripping and rubbing me even more. I glance down to where our bodies were, seeing the erotic sight of our bodies moving and how our juices were dripping down the insdies of her thighs. 

“Ughh,” she whines out, the sounds edging me even more. 

I quickly focus my eyes on her face, not wanting to miss out on how she looked when she’ll let go for me. I see how her eyes were shut. before i could tell her to open them, I feel her body shake, letting me know she was finishing off her orgasm. I feel my body let go, unable to keep myself from spilling any longer. I place both of my hands at the sides of her head, thrusting sloppily. I pull out of her, laying on my back on her soft bed sheets. Y/n doesn’t say i word. I definitely won’t say a word. I already know i won’t be able to resist Y/N anymore. I knew this girl would be in my life a lot even if didn’t want her to be.

marvel: were raising up the inhumans to be a marginalised group within the marvel universe in which we can write stories dealing with issues of prejudice and hate while also being able to create a cast of uniquely powered individuals stuck on the fringes of society. The concept is new and edgy and relatable to todays modern problems and we’re really proud of ourselves for finally addressing these issues within comics

the x-men: we’re literally standing right here

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i was in the brazil concert in the soundcheck yoongi kept on following seokjin and staying by his side or at his back and in the concert he seems to gravitate around him what i noticed is that yoongi kept on hyping hoseok too ^^ but sometimes he'll look around subtly to find seokjin and walk towards him slightly im not a yoonjin shipper but it was something easily noticed yoongi couldnt stay away from seokjin not that i cant relate

oh my god ;;;;;;;;;;

Weekly Fanfic Recommendations 142

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THIS AESTHETIC !!!! can we all please appreciate this ahHHHHHHHHH because again!!!! aesthetics!!! its been a few fic recs already, but im not over this!!! 

anyway im back again so hellOOOOO

do check out my selling post with #fafsells 

lets start~

1) I dont want you to leave 

by @jiminniethemarshmallow

a jimin x  y/n fic 


jimin usually goes to work early, often leaving you alone in bed, maybe its because you miss him even more that one day you decided to do everything you can to make him stay 

2) Majesty

by @tayegi

a jimin x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

royalty au 

you were the bride of the crown prince and one of your top responsibilities is to bear him a child 

3) Wildest Moments

by @rapmonluv

a yoongi x y/n fic 

ongoing series with 3 parts out 

you knew you shouldn’t have continued, especially when you know that he has a girlfriend yet the both of you couldnt stay away from each other 

4) Love, love the stars

by @tahyungs

a yoongi x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out 

soulmate au 

everyone will have a name on their wrist when its time for them to meet their soulmates, thats just how it works but yet everyone around you seemed to get theirs but you and so you did the most logical thing which is to get a tattoo to make it seem as if you met your soulmate

5) Voice Note

by @kpopfanfictrash

a taehyung x y/n fic 


what happens when taehyung decides to leave you a voice note?

6) Second Chances

by @siranghae

a yoongi x y/n fic


you sent a text by accident to yoongi, someone you met for a hookup in the past but it seemed like he wanted to have a go at it again, and well you decided to give him second chances

7) I am you, you are me 

by @rapmonluv

a taehyung x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out

finally after a few years, you finally met taehyung, your childhood sweetheart in the city, what now?


8) I want you

by @moonnightyoongi

a taehyung x y/n fic 

ongoing series with part one out

taehyung knew you wanted him, but you also knew he wanted you 

this is all for this fic rec, another one up soon~

PLL 7B: Some THOUGHTS & What if it turns out...

that all the liars are children of mary’s and all were adopted. some of the major clues lie with hanna , now that we know mary is indeed spencers mother, (remember how spencer said to aria “ can your family adopt me please?)  this could very well be the same scenario for hanna, hence all the clues that she is apart of the dilaurentis family in some way, remember when hanna said to ashley “im glad i have all of your dna” that was a red flag imo that hanna doesnt have ashleys dna. lets be real, ashley always treated hanna like an adopted daughter that she had to protect at all costs. alot of the time ashley didnt act like a genuine mother.

-i theorized about this in the past how byron and ashleys relationship was so weird back in the early seasons, remember when byron brough an envelope of money to ashley, supposedly it was for something else, but what if it was child support money? i know at the time i posed this theory it sounded a little cray but now that we know intertwined families is a real thing in rosewood, its not so far fetched now to start thinking about which of the lairs families are keeping dirty secrets. but it was weird clues like that that make you wonder. peter and byron are the only 2 dads on the show that have cheated. i think that is a huge clue, and i think there is more to byron that we dont know. heck we now know peter couldnt stay away from jessica and ended up having a baby with mary.

i found it telling how spencer questioned veronica as to why she stayed with peter after he cheated twice, why did veronica stay. i still find it strange ella n byron are married again, this doesnt sit right with me, did byron get scared? is a secret about to come out about byron? once again, byron and ashley connected again at the radley hotel the night of charlottes death? the belltower, and ian are both once again connected to byron, why is that? ians “suicide note” strangely is connected with how byrons brother died. again, why did ella and byron go to ians funeral and no other families went? what is going on?? is byron somehow related to ian? 

also, why was wilden so set on knowing hannas blood type, the same blood that was on that anklet, the same anklet peter seemed interested in when he saw jason n spence at that shop where they found the anklet? was wilden trying to find out if hanna was his kid? wilden was digging hard at ashley n hanna what was he really searching for and wanted from ashley?

do we really believe rollands is the father of alis baby? i seriously doubting it, there must be a twist with who the reall father is, cmon its ali, rolands is a nobody to have the honor of being alis baby daddy, not in this crazy screwed up town. the father of alis baby is going to be someone shocking imo, i have a theory coming as to who that could be.

i still think something crazy will come out about ali, for some reason i dont think she is the age we think she, some clues suggested this, hence her arrest record profile had some question marks as to what her age was and who her father was from what i can remember, but ali could be an imposter, hence all the book clues about imposters.

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Can you recommend some jikook fics? The ones you think every jikook shipper must read :)

i hv been Waiting for this ask 2 arrive. thnk u
these things take forever (i especially am slow) by bookworm1805; jimin’s sweater paws….think abt it
- connection by novilunar; office au where jimin is an IT nd bends over 2 fix things a lot
- and back again by novilunar; fwb au….kind of sad but not at the same time
more golden than a golden snitch by aborescent; hp au. jimin makes a rlly good hufflepuff 
doubt thou the stars are fire by iwillalwaysbelieve; high school au..where jungkook is a badboy but not rlly
- all the king’s men by annafeu; this one is vmin/jikook but it’s g r e a t
loverboy by gangbang; vminkook but also so Great
a few strings attached by yassan; non au; i think this fic has the greatest characterization for jungkook ive ever witnessed
- blow me like your french horn by ohdizzy; college au where taegi plays matchmaker nd jungkook is as dense as a titanium wall..frustrating and hilarious pls read
- take a bite of my heart tonight by motionlessmuse; vampire au. like this is more than jus a lot of mutual biting it’s got a great plot
- hold tight; hold me down by leegaae; idol x fan, mpreg; i usually stay away from mpreg but i couldnt stay away from this one it’s That good
strip you, dip you, flip you by fatal; non au obligatory backstage sexy times
- the petty criminal discount by kingkiwi; obligatory coffee shop au wit a fantastic twist 
underdressed and oversexed by gangbang and shywall; the jikook fic. tht pornstar au tht every1s gotta read….chapter 2 is so lit

ok i could literally go on forever but ill stop here. if u want more u can check out my tag on btfr i recd lots more over there :-)


Not even4 hours later Haruka found himself walking back to his house. He sighs softly. No matter how much he wanted to, he couldnt stay away from Eiri. He opens the door to his house and walks in, grabbing his phone and sitting down, checking for the angry messages that he is sure Eiri has sent.