couldnt save him


How Namjoon became Eggmon

(Jackson will literally throw hands @ everyone for Joon. The last page is loosely based on this :’) related comic: x)


some sketches i made thinking about a situation where the heroes dont make it in time to rescue eri, but instead of overhaul getting away with eri, shigaraki kills him and takes her instead. also was thinking about how the battle wouldnt end at midoriya and shigaraki, but instead kouta will train under midoriya while eri goes under shigaraki.

Jack decided that Timmy needs to have the same brand on the face too and Tim needed some help to cope with the pain and the only ones who never fail to help him would be the DigiJacks

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything. Tim knows he need to let it scar unless he want Jack to personally off him (or worse, brand him again). 

At least the DigiJacks would only need to be programmed to have the same scar, right? That comforted Timtams a bit.

hc tho: Besides being manually called, the DigiJacks automatically appears whenever Timtams is in terrible pain. But somehow the programming got messed up a bit and they’ll also appear whenever Timtam is in distress or if he’s emotionally hurt instead of just physically.

It makes me happy to think that Prince Adam looked at himself in the mirror and said that he was hot and ready for the party that evening.

Face powdered to oblivion? Check

The colors of France’s flag haphazardly painted on his eyelids? Check

Mole!?!?! Check

Ego buffed and shined as his high heeled shoes? Checked since birth


i just want to draw my boyfriend in peace and yet sai, and my computer in general, are just NOT having it.

a little screencap redraw to try and make myself feel better

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(confession: i wnat laurens 2 give ham a cute tiny animal and see how he reacts bc BOY HOWDY JUST IMAGINE THE)

HAM: So, this one time, we were walking around the mall, and they have this little pet shop in there, and…

LAURENS: Alex, look, it’s the puppy store! We gotta go in there. Now.

HAM: Oh, do you want to? You can’t bring food, though… Here, go ahead inside, I’ll hold your coffee.

LAURENS: Are you sure?

HAM: Yeah, it’s no big deal. I’m not much of an animal person, y’know?

LAURENS: You’re the best.

LAURENS: (runs off)

HAM: I was sitting in some chair for a while, but then I realized John prooobably wasn’t actually gonna finish his coffee. I decided to throw it away and walk into the store, just out of boredom.

HAM: … I swear, my heart stopped. 

LAURENS: Oh, Alex, hey! Come look at this puppy - (laughs) he’s so excited!!

LAURENS: Hey, why don’t you hold him?

LAURENS: Don’t be shy! I mean, he certainly isn’t. (laughs)

HAM: … Long story short, we bought a dog that day. He’s nearly two years old now. And he is the best dog in the universe, period.

LAURENS: Damn straight!

  • N: Hongbin, get in the water, we're doing water exercises. The water is like three feet deep, you'll be fine.
  • Hongbin: You know I cant swim.
  • Hyuk: I hear saving yourself from drowning is great cardio.

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Can I just say star feelings are strong ? If for no other reason then flags . Star cared for no one in that game except Marco even her dad couldnt be saved she threw him down the mountain . To me I was like yup I approve of this ship .

It’s not like she didn’t care
That’s just how the game works.
Then again, Star and Marco’s teamwork is always a joy to look at.

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I'm not adjusting well to being a Jongdae stan I can't believe it still, what are your five favorite fancams of him, I need a starting point

it takes times dont worry friend :) and ok ok this is hard there are so many good jongdae’ fancams but im gonna try to give you some of the best:

My lady (Chen Focus): this is a classic i dont even know how to describe it just watch it you wont regret it

Jongdae before his first stage: this video is so important and id like to thank whoever took it, it’s the minute right before Jongdae and his fedora were introduced to the public, his first stage as a singer!!!! 

Jongdae jamming to Stevie Wonder during the MAMAs 2013: he just looks so happy like you can see how much fun he is having and that he loves Stevie Wonder because he is singing along and the way he just stops and looks at the screen @0:26 just makes me ;;;;; (also this one is nice, he is singing along and smiling throughout the whole thing and his reactions @0:35 and @052 are precious)

Jongdae’s reaction when he sees his aunt during a fansign: punch me in the face this is the most adorable thing ive ever seen

Jongdae giving a fan a flower: the fan had brought 2 flowers and she gave him one and he just gives her one back and i cry

bonus: jongdumb strikes again, fans chanting his name during exo’luxion, jongdae’s fanboy, mama era jongdae+ eye contact, just jongdae smiling, Uprising

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I just realized that luffy probably has those moments where he's going through with his day and then suddenly, randomly he remembers ace died right in front of him and he couldnt save him. I bet it happens with Marco, sabo and the rest too

oh no but why would you say that?!


He hits the water and immediately goes stiff. He kinda likes water, really, just not the way it makes him feel, all solid and pointy, stuck in the shape he’s in. He doesn’t try to swim because he doesn’t need to; there’s already a huge noise above.

He grabs his hat when Zoro grabs him, and as soon as they break the surface he’s laughing. “Shishishi, that was fun!”

“Don’t jump from the crow’s nest!” Nami shrieks from the deck, and a ladder of hands sprouts from the wood. Zoro shoves him upwards, and they grasp and raise and carry him back onto the Thousand Sunny. Usopp’s right there to pat his back and Luffy grins, bright and proud.

“But I saw a fish!” he tells her. She doesn’t seem impressed, but drapes a towel over his head anyway. He gets his hat off while leaving it in place, and on habit his fingers run along the brim, over the crown, then dip in behind the ribbon–

–there’s nothing there, and he looks down at his hat.

Right. There wouldn’t be. No more vivre card.


A hand rubs the towel into his hair, and he startles and looks up at Sanji. “You okay?” Sanji asks, and Luffy nods.

“I like the water,” he says, rubbing that spot where the ribbon of his hat lies smooth.

“Don’t be stupid,” Zoro says, passing behind him and stealing the towel.

“Hey, give that back!” Sanji yells at him. “Hey, shitty marimo! Are you listening!”

And Luffy smiles, because of course he does. He’s not alone, after all. “Hey Sanji!” he says, interrupting the two. “Sanji! Meat!”

Sanji sighs at him and says, “It’s not dinner time yet,” but it’s not a no and Luffy knows how to turn that into a yes.

“Meat!” he cheers, and puts Hat back on his head. It feels just as heavy as it ever did, and he goes to badger Sanji into making him a snack.


i could have spared you, and you might have warned me

that glory is fleeting for birds in flight

now i am sinking, weighed down by regrets

i see clearly in this dying light

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more with the hospital fire: alex barely making it out and being just conscious enough to know that the face looking down at him, asking him if he's ok is jefferson. his body feels like it's on fire, burns on his body are stinging, and he can't stop coughing and assumes that someone's putting an oxygen mask on his face but he doesn't care bc thomas is here and okay and that's all that matters. meanwhile, tjeffs freaking out bc oh my god his boyfriend his dying and he can't do anything

Originally, I wanted Alex to die in a house fire and Jefferson couldnt save him but @exadorlion told me no 😅