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Some filler shit

idk I haven’t written in a while so here have this quick piece of shit that I wrote in ten minutes. 

I used some prompts from this list, feel free to send me some requests. 


“If you pull out my earphone, i will pull out your lungs.” you warn and grin when your friend cautiously retracts her hand from where it was hovering near your face.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out a triple chocolate brownie. “He’s talking about you again, you know” she says as she breaks a chunk of brownie off and holds it above your waiting hand. “You don’t get brownie points unless you respond.”

You roll your eyes at her because what a surprise, you had been Shawn’s favourite subject to talk about ever since you bumped into him. “Do i get bonus points if i act like i care?” you ask, voice dripping with contempt.

“Yes, actually,” She responds, dropping the chunk into your palm, “I don’t get his obsession with you, like what’s his problem?”

“Me either,” you mutter nibbling on the edge of the brownie and checking across the field to find shawn and co walking towards you. Hardly surprising considering you both had gym last period.

“Speak of the devil” his friend hollers, gesturing to where you and your friend were sat at a picnic bench. “What have i told you about calling her the devil?” You hear shawn reply, “Its offensive to the devil.”

You sigh pulling out your earphones, if you can hear them with music blaring in the background then your sure half the school can hear them too. “Excuse me, i have to go make a scene” Throwing your bag over your shoulder you turn to catch up with the group of boys who had walked past.

She looks up at you, throwing a thumbs up. “Knock his teeth down his throat” She calls to your disappearing figure.

“Shes crazy, like just when you think you’ve got to the bottom of the crazy, you find a fucking underground garage.” “What’s wrong shawn, afraid you cant handle it?” his friend teases causing Shawn to snort.

“You couldnt handle me even if i came with instructions.” you retort from behind them, watching them freeze for a split second before a chorus of ‘ooooohhh’ spreads round the group

“Y/n, always a pleasure” shawn murmurs, turning to face you with a smirk. His friends nudging each other as if this is the best entertainment they’ve had all day. Considering their attention span you wouldn’t be surprised.

“Wish i could say the same” you reply icily, adjusting your bag strap on your shoulder.

The smirk falls off his face and you watch him clench his jaw at you, “What do you want?” he deadpans, features dark.

“Stop talking about me.” His friends laugh, throwing off handed remarks and bumping into each other like a collection of bouncy balls, but not shawn.

He doesn’t laugh, eyes flicking over your small form squinting slightly, as if he can’t work out why you are choosing now to call him out. “And why would i do that” he muses, stepping towards you until his entire frame is hovering over you, forcing you to have to look up to see his face.

From this angle you can see every single eyelash framing his eyes, they are surprisingly delicate considering his hostile personality. You stare up at him, ignoring the crowd gathering behind you. “Why wouldn’t you?” you breathe, eyes darting between his as you register the shock displayed on his face, he opens his mouth to respond.

“Dont look in her eyes, she may steal your soul.” the comment comes from behind him, drawing a laugh from deep within his chest, hitting you in the face as he looms over you. Whatever tenuous connection you thought you had made severs, bringing you crashing back down to reality.

“As if he has a soul to steal in the first place.” You mutter glaring into his copper eyes, watching them flash in something that looks very much like hurt, before spinning on your heel and walking back to your picnic bench.


Feelin’ how I feel about you
So ultra baba I just wanna be around you
You know how I feel inside too
I really, really, really, really like you

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B4 1 // 2

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i just remembered that one of the spawn places for the wrench is boris' chest and boy, imagine hatim bendy having to get the wrench from there

oh my god this poor boy

i dont even know if i have the heart or the guts to draw that cuz im pretty sure bendy would actually hurl if he had to do that cuz he almost did just by looking at Boris ….. my god… 

nitethekitten  asked:

Listen do not feel bad about drawing Kel cartoony so much of his fan art is serious and edgy and while there's nothing wrong w that it(he's a villain after all!) was so refreshing to see a goofier cartoon version of him I love it so much god bless u

thank u!! i love the little quirks they added to his personality in wow and hearthstone, really makes you forget how much of a bad guy he actually is

  • THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING, an intellectual: Tom and Huck paint a fence for four hours, after which Jim helps them and they finish two hours later. If Jim had not helped them, it would have taken them five more hours to paint the fence. How long would it take for Jim to paint the fence alone?
  • THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING, an intellectual: checkmate atheists.
cute jaehyun imagine

he disappears off the face of earth and i live peacefully

being the self-indulgent shit i am, i made a diakko love child

her name’s amelia

(((feel free to drop hate messages bc that already happened to me and im pretty much immune to it now lmao lemme know what yall think)))