as everybody seems to be doing these, i’m making a summer edition of my own too. all these blogs are fab and not in any particular order, i just really like them all and they make my dash amazing and i really love these blogs and wanna say a big thankyou to everyone! (also sorry for the shitty edit haha)       

latenightwithmefukugregjamescouldnotspeakasloudasmyheart quirknarryloudonsbieberisveryswagbreezylovesfudgelarrynuggetgohardorgohomosmyperriecomehomelouisjustlourryhazzstopperriezscheshiremalikjushdevene fckunarry heartofbraverygoldmurs paynoodan-phil-finn-jackbritinmestylesoftheshire

+ my broll bc i honestly just love all the blogs i follow and i might just have forgotten someone from this post oops

thank you for making my dash amazing! ily all!