as much as understandable as Pearl’s reason for re-repairing the communications hub, and Amethyst’s jealousy is

neither will come anywhere near as close to why Garnet was so angry at Pearl.

Pearl didn’t just manipulate her. That seems to be a common pattern with Pearl when she’s grieving or craving attention. The Crystal Gems have to have been used to this. It’s probably been happening since before Steven was born.

Pearl took the one thing Garnet cared about and stompt on it.


Fusion is Garnet’s entire world. Up until her arrival on Earth, she couldnever truly be herself.

When people insult who she is, she doesn’t just ignore it. You wanna what happens?

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It hurts her. It breaks her.

Pearl took it and used it for her own wants. She didn’t consider what would happen as a result. She didn’t consider what she was doing. Who she was using. Who she was hurting.

That’s why Garnet was so mad at her. Pearl’s known Garnet for over 1,000 years. Maybe even longer.She should know better. But she used her. She manipulated her.

While Pearl has the right to do what she did, Garnet has more of a right. It isn’t fusion. It isn’t right.