couldn't wear him at am though

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So I saw this youmakemesoangry/tumblr/com/post/136071002719/kynimdraws-draw-your-otp-in-these and I couldn't help but think yea obviously stiles would be in the sin shirt, leaving Derek to be in the black shirt which I couldn't help but think it could be Stiles saying "Listen, you're gonna wear this until you get it through your think skull" and even though Derek's giving him the look (the one thats just a strained "Stiles") his eyes have such a fond look to it like thanks wow ok UGH the feelsss


Oh my god, I am so sorry, my brain just went in entirely different direction with this and I APOLOGISE but I need to get it out now. 

Imagine some sort of college party that’s held at the beginning of every year for people to go to and hook up at. Like, this is held for people who just want to let go and fool around and get laid who maybe find it really difficult to meet new people. There are just two rules: you can pressure anyone into sex if they don’t want it, and two, you have to wear a t-shirt telling everyone if you are a virgin/inexperienced/find it hard to meet people, or if you are there to help people have a good time. The “sin” t-shirts are for those who want to help people have a good time, bring them out of their shell. The “not guilty” t-shirts are for everyone else. 

Okay, so enter Stiles wearing the “sin” t-shirt. He loves sex, but what he loves even more is helping people feel comfortable in their bodies. Stiles still isn’t the most secure of people, he still kind of hates his body and suffers from low self esteem, but it’s gotten better since college and if he can help anyone feel better about themselves, he is going to do it. He may be an asshole a lot of the time, but he gets feeling insecure. He gets the need to be loved and liked. He gets wanting to be wanted. 

And then enter Derek, wearing a “not guilty” t-shirt. Everyone thinks when Derek turns up at the party he’s going to be wearing a “sin” t-shirt because this is Derek-bad-boy-Hale. Derek has a reputation. He wears leather jackets and doesn’t hang out with anyone except a select group of people and generally glares at anyone who tries to talk to him. There is also something to do with a fire in his story, but there are so many rumours about that people just make up their own minds about it.  

Everyone is actually kind of afraid to approach Derek, and the ones who try just get glared at. Stiles knows about Derek, of course he does, they used to live in the same town. He knows about the fire, hates the way people talk about it like it’s some super cool mystery and maybe now and again starts arguments with people who talk shit about Derek. Because he knows Derek, okay? He knows what kind of guy he used to be, what kind of guy he is now, and Stiles likes both. Far more than he would like to admit. And maybe Stiles goes up to Derek, just to say hi, not thinking it’s going to go anywhere, but then Derek…he just kind of melts and gets really shy??? Stiles smiles and he ducks his head, frowning slightly, but Stiles is close enough to see the blush on his cheeks and…well…somehow they end up back at Stiles’ apartment. 

And at first there is kissing, there is touching and panting…but then Derek notices Stiles’ collection of DVDS. He notices his Hitchcock collection and gets really excited because Derek loves Hitchcock, okay?, He’s seen very single movie and even though his movies are famous, he’s never met anyone before who loves him too. And maybe they get to talking about their favourites and end up watching all the Jimmy Stewart ones because they both really love Jimmy Stewart.

And instead of sex, cuddling happens and popcorn and blankets. And that’s how they fall asleep half way through watching Rear Window and it’s perfect. And then they somehow just start…dating, and Derek makes Stiles feel good about himself for a change, and Stiles makes sure Derek is treated right and still gives hell to anyone who tries to touch or bad mouth his boyfriend. 

And of course Derek gets Stiles to wear the “sin” t-shirt sometimes because he gets stupidly adorably turned on by it, especially when it’s wet. Stiles ends up doing one of those cheesy water bottle strip teases - he only ends up choking a little bit- and Derek laughs but not in a mean way. His erection doesn’t even flag as Stiles walks towards him, eyes stinging a little- he probably shouldn’t have used flavoured water- and, yeah, just this, forever. Easy, happy, being good for each other in all the right ways. Always. 

Just happy.