couldn't think of anything else woops love me pls

                                     MISS N O T H I N G                                                                             a norkio ashida fanmix Listen

01 SAVE ME | NICKI MINAJ  (It’s not your fault I’m a bitch, I’m a monster, This time won’t you save me, Baby I can feel myself givin up’, Givin up’ )

02 GIRLS | MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS Look like a girl but I think like a guy,Not ladylike to behave like a slime,Easy to be sleazy when you’ve got a filthy mind,You stick to your yogurts,I’ll stick to my apple pie)

03 HOLD YOUR HEAD UP | MACKLEMORE  (Do I give in, give up, or get up and live right now?,With a split gut, pick myself up and spit my style,This is the only thing that can holds my ground. You’re born into this world alone and alone you’ll go out, All I have is myself and everyone else I doubt.)

04 KILL YOUR HEROES | AWOLNATION  (Well, I met an old man, Dying on a train.No more destination,No more pain. Well he said,“One thing, before I graduate Never let your fear decide your fate.”)

05 EVERYBODY’S GOING TO WAR | NERINA PALLOT  (If love is a drug, I guess we’re all sober, If hope is a song, I guess it’s all over How to have faith, when faith is a crime?I don’t want to die)

06 DAVID | NOAH GUNDERSEN  (i want to hunt like David,i want to kill me a giant man,i want to slay my demons,but i’ve got lots of them, i’ve got lots of them.)

07 YOUNG BLOOD | THE NAKED AND FAMOUS (We lie beneath the stars at night,Our hands gripping each other tight,You keep my secrets hope to die, Promises, swear them to the sky,The bittersweet between my teeth)

08 WEIGHT OF LIVING PT 1| BASTILLE  (Stepping forward out into the day,Shrugging off the dust and memory,Though it’s soaring still above your head, It is out of sight and none shall see)