couldn't think of anything else for y so

  • Luke: Luke was waiting for you at the airport, finally getting to see each other after two months. Flashes of the cameras from paparazzis and fans were at his face, but he couldn't careless - missing you way too much to think about anything else. You dropped your bags once you saw him, both running towards each other and wrapping your arms around each other, tears streaming down your face. "I missed you so much", you whispered before giving him a kiss. "I missed you too", he sighed, putting his head on your neck. The next day pictures of you kissing passionately and hugging each other were in a gossip magazine: "Luke and (Y/N) reunited!" was the name of the article.
  • Ashton: You were both a little dizzy as you left the club, showing a lot more PDA than necessary. You were so caught up in each other, that you barely noticed the cameras flashing - too worried about getting home. "You just wait to see what I'll do to you", Ashton whispered in your ear smirking, hand squeezing your bum, "You won't be able to walk for a week". And that was the picture that made front page on many magazines the other day, along with 'So, (Y/N), do drummers actually do it harder?'.
  • Michael: Michael was trying to teach you how to play video games while at the tour bus, but you weren't really interested. You were on his lap, head resting on his shoulder while the control was in your hand, but it was Michael who was using it, who had your hands on his, only moving your fingers. "Aww, look at you two", Ashton cooed, taking his phone out and snapping a picture, "That one is going to instagram". "Ashton, no!", you and Michael exclaimed simultaneously, dropping the control. "Oops, too late", he shrugged, "It was time for you to tell the world. "Oh shit", you sighed. The next day, 'Michael Clifford and the mysterious girl' were front page everywhere, the photo Ashton had taken attached.
  • Calum: You and Calum were enjoying the nice weather to go to the beach. The one problem was that you forgot that going out with Calum meant going out with paparazzis, and you really didn't want the world to see you in a bikini. "C'mon, (Y/N), it was your idea to come to the beach and now you don't want to go to the sea?", he questioned. "Yeah, I'm just kind of cold", you shrugged. "It's like a fucking oven right now!", he exclaimed and you shrugged, not moving. "Oh wait", he began, "You're not embarrassed of your body are you?". "Well", you shrugged. "Oh no, you're going into the sea right now", he started to walk closer to you. "Wait, Calum", you stood up and started to run away, only to have him chasing you. You couldn't go very far, seeing as his long legs caught up to you quite quickly. "Now we're going to the sea", he smiled proudly of himself and put on on his shoulder. "Calum! Put me down!", you started to laugh, hand in fists and hitting his back. "No way", he laughed as well. The picture of that moment was the one on The Sun the next day: 'Calum and girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) enjoy a nice day on the beach.'.